Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reading is fundamental...

I hope y’all aren’t expecting a play-by-play rundown of the weekend…I’m too pooped to think. (And, thanks to my chaptermate Mary—a closet sadist—I’m unable to walk after a simple 25-minute workout. Mercy, am I out of shape!)

But the weekend was a complete blast—fun dinners, much laughter, a great luncheon, and a special party celebrating my first sale. Plus, it was my first appearance as a published author—definitely something to remember.

And I will—as soon as I get some sleep.

In the midst of all that’s been happening, I’ve been doing some reading. One of the things I love about being a writer is that I can read rafts of books and call it work. I have a reason to get snippy when folks interrupt my reading—after all, I need to do this. It’s tax-deductible and part of the job.

Right now, I’m devouring the line I sold to—pretty much to the exclusion of all else. (Yeah, Jennifer LaBrecque’s book is still listed in the sidebar, even though I finished it. Two thumbs up!! Loved it!! Highly recommended—and the gondola scene is hot.) Of course, I’m reading with the intention of learning more about what I can and can’t do (or say) in the line, how the other authors handle certain things, and, of course, hoping something will spark for me and my next book.

Now, without gushing, I can honestly say I’m flummoxed as to how or why I ended up selling to this line. These ladies can write circles around me and not even break a sweat!

Even though I’m reading with a greater purpose in mind, I haven’t’ lost the enjoyment of reading. I’m still swept up by the story and haven’t begun to mark up the books as craft research or analyze every last word and sentence choice. Reading is still fun. It’s still an escape. I look up and a couple of hours have passed. All I can do is hope I can provide the same enjoyment to someone else.

What are you reading? Are you reading for fun or knowledge? Or can it be both?

~~BTW, while I don’t have a title yet, I do have a January 2009 UK release date!~~

UPDATE: I just got my new title moments ago--- The Secret Mistress Arrangement. Squee!!


M.V.Freeman said...

Yes, I do have evil tendencies..*Snicker* Glad you liked the work out.

As for what I am reading; it is two pronged. I just finished Charlaine Harris's "From Dead To Worse" for fun. Nothing like a bit of southern vampire adventure.

For work; I am reading another Blaze book (Gotta love Kelley St. John's Sexth Sense series!). She is fun, sexy, and well, humbling.

Still I keep writing on....

CONGRATS again Kim! :)I can hardly wait to hear the title. And your release date in Jan--time for more partying!

Anonymous said...

WOW! January '09 is just around the corner. I'm reading Veil of Roses by Laura Fitzgerald. And many thanks for the two thumbs up! Most appreciated. ;)

Playground Monitor said...

I'm reading an ARC of HOW TO KNIT A WILD BIKINI by Christie Ridgway, who is our guest blogger next week. It's flirty and fun and a great summer read, especially now that summer has come back.

PM - who is going to steer a wide berth around sadistic Mary ::grin::

Kira Sinclair - AKA Instigator said...

I'm not reading anything at the moment...I'm working my butt off :-)


Andrea Laurence AKA Smarty Pants said...

Reading...what's that? Is that the thing I do when I'm stuck on a plane? I don't get to do it very often otherwise.

PC, a release date and a title? Your book is on Ludicrous Speed. It's gone to plaid! (Forgive the Spaceballs reference.)

Barbara Vey said...

I just finished Blood Noir by Laurell K. Hamilton and just started Bobbie Faye's Very (very,very,very) Bad Day. Obviously I can swing from dark to light in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

I read for the most part for fun! Latest great read was by Kate Angell - Strike Zone. Congratulations on your book title and the book itself.

mslizalou said...

I just started reading Nobody Does It Better by Jennifer LaBrecque and just finished The Loner by Rhonda Nelson. As I'm not a writer, I read purely for fun.

Congrats on the title and release date!

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Hmm, my majordomo isn't as tough as Mary. Probably because she's me. :) A couple miles on the treadmill, some situps and pushups, I'm done. :) Mary sounds like she's running the East German swimteam....

Congrats on the title! We were betting there'd be a mistress in there, weren't we? :)

I have been working on my book, but last night, for a little change of pace before bed, I thought I'd read. So I picked up PRIVATE ARRANGEMENTS by Sherry Thomas. Big, big, big mistake.

I couldn't put it DOWN! At 12:30, exhausted and struggling to read just ONE. MORE. PAGE. I closed it. And I can't let myself at it again until this evening. But, whoa, it's simply amazing! I love these characters. I love their dilemma and journey -- and a lot is told in flashback which I tend to hate -- and it works so well.

Anyway, if you like historicals, read this book!

Sherry Werth said...

I just finished reading Rhonda Nelson's latest 'The Loner'. If you haven't read it - do - it is good stuff. I couldn't put the thing down.
I try really hard to read from a writing standpoint, but it just doesn't happen. I get sucked in the moment and I'm right there with the characters. But I guess that's the whole purpose, huh?