Sunday, May 11, 2008

PM 2

We caught another one, and I've learned a few things.

1. My traps are too small. They'll only catch the baby ones. The man at the feed store should have known that and I plan to tell them nicely they sold me the wrong traps.

2. I discovered where the nest is and very nicely told my new neighbor he has a rabbit family under his outdoor furnace unit. I expressed concern they might get into the working parts and mess it up (don't know if they can or can't but it seemed a better ploy than ranting about how the things were eatting my flowers).

3. Mother's Day is a great day to catch a rabbit. The DH took it out and released it instead of me having to. :-)

Hope everyone is having a great day!


MaryF said...

Happy Mother's Day to one and all.
It's been interesting to say the least.

But in the spirit of your having to hunt rabbits; here is a little joke:
How do you catch a Unique Rabbit? Unique up on them.....

Well, I didn't say it was terribly funny. Ah well

Have a wonderful day all.

Liza said...

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Congrats on catching another rabbit.

Problem Child said...

And how do you catch a tame one?

Tame way.

MaryF said...

Good one PB
Now I don't feel so bad....;-)