Thursday, May 08, 2008

Add Another Ass

I came home last night to 2 asses in the back pasture - DH and a brand new donkey. DH because he's supposed to be on animal restriction. The donkey because, well, he's a donkey.

Sigh. One more mouth to feed. DH claims he'll just eat the grass. We'll see. He also claims the thing is worth $2000 but he only paid $50. I find that hard to believe (even though the people were selling because they just didn't have the space to keep him healthy). At the moment we're having problems with coyotes which is why DH says he got him in the first place. I think he just wanted a donkey. :-)

The girls have named him Eeyore. We have a cartoon theme going with our animals so I suppose it's appropriate. He doesn't look like an Eeyore to me though. He's too brown. I will tell you that one of the funniest things I've ever seen was Eeyore chasing Jack across the back pasture. Serves the dog right for annoying the snot out of the poor thing while he's getting used to his new home. Boy can both of them run though.

The goats currently won't come out of the barn. I don't think they know what to make of Eeyore. Both Pokey Joe and Billy could take him - they probably weigh the same - but they haven't gone there yet. We'll see how long it takes.

The first thing Sweet Pea said to me was that Eeyore is used to being ridden. I think we'll keep the saddle off him and just let him scare away they coyotes for now.

Instigator - who is scared to find out what will be waiting today when I get home.

P.S. Congratulations to Nicki, the winner from Kelley St. John's blog last Thursday.


Angel said...

Hmmm.... didn't you allow him to get some baby turkeys or something? I don't think he believes you'll enforce the restrictions... :)

Growing up, we always raised goats. Then we added a horse into the mix. She was over twice as tall as the largest nanny goat, but you'd have thought she was one the way they played together. Animals are really funny to watch when they interact with each other.


Jen said...

Too funny, Instigator!! My DH is notorious for bringing home vehicles. "But it just needs (blah, blah, blah) for (double this amount to even come close to the money it'll actually take)to a) be a classic, b) I can sell it for three times that much or c) I've always wanted one. We currently have a...heck, I don't know the year model, Pontiac Ventura II sitting around. I'd rather have an ass. :)

Problem Child said...

E-I-E-I-Oooooh, no.

I thought peacocks were next...

Ally Kendall said...

LOL! I'm sorry, but your post just make me laugh! I can't imagine Eeyore anything but adorable.

Hope things work out for you. :)

Smarty Pants said...

Just say no to animals that scream "help me" in the night. Its very disconcerting.

I thought you were getting a llama to protect the animals? Oops, I shouldn't have reminded BZ...

Playground Monitor said...

Want some wascally wabbits? ::grin::


Lynn Raye Harris said...

Um, ROFL! Sorry. Loved the opening about two asses. I take it the DH is in the doghouse? ;)

We never had a donkey. When I was growing up we had about 20 horses (too many), chickens, a goat, and a pig. And of course dogs and waaaay too many cats. It's no wonder I'm a confirmed suburbia girl now. The horrors!

birdzilla said...

True story...I could not turn down the gentlemans offer.

He has 4 grandchildren. The kids are not around much and the poor ass was living in about a 30 x 30 pen. On top of that, the man can barely walk.

I have been woke in the night 2-3 times each night. Coyotes are taking over the mountain. Had to do something to protect everyone.

SP - LLama comes next spring :)

Liza said...

I bet Eeyore is cute...for a donkey. Hope he keeps the coyotes away.

Betina Krahn said...

Critters! I LOVE critters! Please don't be too hard on the DH. Men with such good and compassionate hearts aren't easy to find. :)

That said, I know how frustrating it can be to find time and resources and attention stretched by a newcomer. I have a feeling you'll make it work. . . because that's what we women do. We make it all work.

Maven Linda said...

instigator, be careful with Jack; the donkey will kill him. Being an ass, he doesn't know the difference between a pet dog and a coyote. If he just plays with Jack and doesn't try to hurt him, then he won't go after a coyote, either. Same with llamas. Though I like llamas and am rather fond of our three (Llorenzo LLama is so beautiful), i have to be very careful with Sugar and Molly. Y'all know about the great llama escape.

Both Llana Llama and Dollie Llama are pregnant. I figure it won't be much longer before we have baby llamas.

My advice? Bring the four-legged ass in, and put the two-legged one out in the pasture to guard against coyotes.

Sherry W. said...

Oh Instigator, I feel your pain. My dad was a critter keeper and my entire childhood was spent helping take care of some breed of animal. But my hubby on the other hand loves home construction...of any kind. I once came home from work to find an entire wall being torn down to accomodate a 65 gallon fish aquarium. You can imagine THAT conversation. Right now he is building a storage barn. It will soon rival Biltmore Castle.

Anonymous said...

Funny, good luck with your "ass". I can't keep any pets alive at my house, which isn't necessarily a bad thing to me. Right now I am doing good to take care of me!

terrio said...

Oh my. I'm not sure how y'all handle this stuff. I'm starting to think just coming home to an empty apartment isn't that bad.

Love the name. You could always paint him blue. I never knew donkeys were a defense against coyotes. Interesting. I hope it works better than PM's owl against the wabbits.

Sherry - I LOVE Biltmore. That must be a cool shed.

Instigator said...

Yeah, somehow animal restriction has lost it's teeth.

You say that, Jen, until it shows up in your backyard :-)

Shhhh! Don't remind him about the peacocks or the llamas!

Maven Linda, Yep, I can already tell we're going to have to be careful with them together. Luckily Jack doesn't go in the fence very often (and he's in the house when we're not there so at least he can't get into trouble when we're not there).

Sherry, oh my lord! I wan't exactly thrilled about Eeyore but I'd be livid to come home and find a wall knocked out of my house =:-o