Monday, May 12, 2008

A Hunting We Will Go...

The Playfriend's spent Saturday shopping in nearby Scottsboro, AL, at the world famous Unclaimed Baggage Center. Three of us had never been before-including me-so it was quite an experience.

After many dressing room visits and much wandering, purchases were made. We came home with everything from a formal dress and designer shoes to capri and workout pants loaded into the back of the Playmobile. Not to mention the bags full of travel pillows (long story).

One thing I came home without—a nice shirt to wear with my skirt to our chapter's Readers' Luncheon next weekend. I even hit the mall after we got home and still couldn't find one.

You see, my problem area when it comes to clothes is my chest. I'm well-endowed, to say the least. Though I'm not skinny by any stretch of the imagination, my top is a whole size bigger than any other part of my body. It is a source of constant shopping anxiety.

This time around, I'm just irritated. I need a cute, form-fitting shirt to pair with an A-line skirt. The few I could find were too small. Everything else was loose (what's with all those bubble shirts?) or fit only for an 80-year-old. Not a happy-making experience.

So, I'm off this morning to once again search for a pretty shirt, although my list of stores is dwindling rapidly. I'll let you know if I find anything. If not, I may be forced to wear my dress pants. Again.

So, what's your biggest clothing beef?



Barbara Vey said...

Everything is always too long on me. Pants, skirts and especially arm length. I really should have paid attention in sewing class. :)

Problem Child said...

Hey, the travel pillows were the bargain of the day! Anyone else need one? Or three?

I love my dress and purse--I'm set for the Rita's now. AC got a scooter and a DVD of High School Musical (what on earth was I thinking with those purchases?!?!?! She'll end up in the ER and I'll be insane...)

Jen said...

That sounds like such a fun thing to do. Angel, anything with a fitted waist is enough to drive me insane. I'm about a size larger through the middle than the hips or busts. Argh!!!

Smarty Pants said...

I have lots of clothing issues. You might wonder why jeans and t-shirts are the SP standard and this is why...

Mainly, my trouble is my hip to waist ratio. My waist is small and it does not taper out nicely to my hips, it shoots out. Because of this, things that might fit my waist don't fit up over my hips and if it does, my waist is swimming. Add my flat butt and skinny (proportionally) legs, and my pants are superbaggy everywhere but my hips.

Add to that my legs are super long and my waist is very high. Sleeves and average pants are usually slightly too short but the long pants pool around my feet and drag the ground. My top is 1 - 2 sizes smaller than my bottom, so if I have a long shirt that is supposed to go over my hips, it has to be way too big on the top or get tucked in. Tops that fit gap at the bust and we won't even begin to talk about disguising my lumpy fat parts...

Ugh - my verification word was fatqcs. Even blogger thinks I'm fat!

Anonymous said...

Well, I try to mix my pieces, so that it looks as if I have more clothing than I actully do. And I am overweight and just try to work with my body. I shop all around getting pieces here and there, such as Target, Cato's, Goody's, Peebles, Kmart, Walmart, whereever. I just mix and match.

Playground Monitor said...

I feel like I'm caught in an in-between state -- too old for "young" clothes but not old enough for the "granny" clothes even though I am a grandma. I struggled over that top I had on Saturday, worrying it made me look like one of those women who try to look hip yet simply look ridiculous. And it's compounded by being petite. Sure, they have petite clothes now, but some designers confuse short with young.

I'm off to Curves -- wearing my new workout capris.


Liza said...

The sizing of women's pants drives me crazy. To fit my hips, the waist is too big. I'm walking at the gym and working out with a trainer and weights, but it is a very slow process.

Instigator said...

Yeah, I hate my hips. They're just too big. My tummy isn't all that much to look at either but I can camouflage that...big hips are hard to hide.

I came home with a new camera and some leather pants that the playfriends talked me into :-)


Lynn Raye Harris said...

Tops are my problem too. I need them fitted to taper from bust to waist or I look pregnant. I need a hint of a gather beneath the bust, you know? My biggest problem right now is the 25 extra pounds I'm carrying. Horrible!!!

If I don't ramp up this SF diet program, I'm going to be buying a new dress for the GH. And that will tick me off. I'm jogging on the treadmill -- 4 to 6 miles a week now -- but I need to be more strict about the food.

Kathy said...

My trouble area is definitely my hips! I haven't been exercising, part of my problem since knee surgery, but I have focused on my food consumption. I've lost 8 pounds but need to lose at least 15 more.

Nothing in my closet fits! Ugh! I will have to buy clothes soon, if I don't start walking or exercising again. :-p

terrio said...

I. Hate. Clothes. Shopping.

I'm short and chubby which puts me at that go-between size. I can't find stuff that fits everywhere on the regular size side of the store, but the plus size stuff is too big. Very annoying.

My problem is my arms. I have huge upper arms and even with a large bust, I can't find clothes that fit right. It's worse now that I put on 15lbs over the winter. I'm with everyone else who wants to lose weight by Nationals. It's never going to happen if I don't find a way to move my butt. Stupid willpower.

Angel said...

I'm right there with you, Terrio! That is exactly the dilemma I find myself in.

But I did have some luck today. I found 2 shirts, one for each skirt. And a dress (which is almost unheard of for me). Plus a couple of t-shirts. I'm waiting on the hubby to get home to let me know what he thinks. I have an extremely unusual hubby, in the fact that he enjoys shopping and his opinion is pretty much spot on for clothes. He even buys clothes for me without me being with him and they fit 99% of the time.

So at least I know I'll have SOMETHING to wear next weekend. Yay!


Instigator said...

Not next weekend, THIS weekend. May is going by way too fast!

I'm so glad you found something!


Anonymous said...

The clothes issue I have is the styles. They lack it. Have you tried to shop for a nice dress lately that doesn't look like it came out of a Victoria's Secret store.
Another issue I have is the cost of a pair of Levis. Geez, they are the same style year after year, the same fabrics but the price keeps going up.

limecello said...

Angel - I have the same problem! I just say I'll have to get my clothes tailored when I grow up. I think my butt is too big too :P. But clothes? Like, I have a size 8-10 chest... and a size 4 body. And I'm sort, so it's hard to find pants. Le sigh - but hey, it's a good reason to spend extra shopping time, right?

MaryF said...

I just hate shopping.
And clothes shopping is the worst.
Either it's too form fitting, or too loose or a really sucky color.

But at least you found a few things! :)