Monday, December 18, 2006

It's Monday!

It has finally happened! I've run out of blogging topics. As of 7 am this morning, I still didn't have anything I was enamored of. Oh, well, at least it waited until the end of the year before it happened. :)

I've spent the last week trying to work on my revisions in between errands, wrapping, cooking, and various Christmas fun. This was my second Sunday in a row to spend making goodies, this time for my husband's business Christmas party. Since he's the owner, I'm completely in charge.

I've made some small progress on the wip. May be a snail's pace, but at least I'm moving. This coming week was supposed to be a little slower. Now I've got plans four out of five weekdays. Yikes! Here's hoping I can stay sane until Christmas weekend.

But it will all get done somehow. I've already done a few Christmas things I enjoy. Sitting 45 minutes in line to see the Galaxy of Lights wasn't one of them, but we enjoyed it once we actually got in.

So, totally random thoughts this morning. Don't you hate it when your brain doesn't cooperate like you want it to? As I mentioned earlier, my family toured the Galaxy of Lights (a Christmas lights show at the local Botanical Gardens) after dinner with the Playfriends. What did everyone else do this weekend?



Kathy said...

#2 came home late Friday night and I got to sleep in for the first Saturday in a long time. :-) Did some laundry and watched some movies. Sunday was spent at church, watching King Arthur and returning to church for our Christmas Choir performance. All in all, a very relaxing weekend. One I greatly needed.


Linda Winstead Jones said...

I spent the whole weekend getting ready for next weekend. I decorated, polished silver (what was I thinking?????), made a grocery list, worked on menus for several holiday meals, revised my grocery lists, wrapped presents, got therapy on my bad back (having a sister who's a physical therapist is wonderful), and worked on the page proofs which arrived at a most inopportune time. My entire week looks like this, except for the silver and the therapy, but I also have to add baking to the list.

oHoHoH. Wait, I mean
HoHoHo. :-)


Smarty Pants said...

Friday, of course, was my baking extravaganza. I didn't finish everything, so there will be more as time goes on. Went to dinner with the Playfamilies (everyone was there!) and a party Saturday night. Sunday, I got my Christmas tree! Although I didn't wait long enough to get it for $5, I did get it for half price. :) Procrastination pays off. I got it up and decorated (yes, DB DID fall asleep on the couch watching football while I did it). I also bought myself an awesome new desk chair at Staples and put it together.

Here it is, I'm so proud:

Problem Child said...

I had an insanely busy weekend. This morning isn't going much better.


Meljprincess said...

Spent the weekend Christmas shopping. I always wait 'til the last minute but I'm done! I'm done!
OH, except for that CD I have to get my!

Angel said...

Just remembered that I need to buy something for my husband's grandfather. We drew his name, then his wife went out and bought what I'd planned, so I've been trying to decide what to get. There goes that one free morning this week.


Lois said...

Oh, the brain not cooperating like I would like it too. . . that's all the time!! :)


krissyinva said...

Ahh, my weekend was very crazy. Friday night my daughters had dance, presents for dance teachers and pollyanna. Then came home and did laundry till 1 am because I shopped all week and didn't do laundry. Saturday woke up at 6, packed clothes up for all 6 of us and presents and such and drove down to the Outer Banks. My nephew had his birthday party in Nags Head and my family, my parents, my brothers family and my sisters family(18 people)stayed the night at my sisters house and opened presents from each other, we also had a pool tournament and many games of poker till about 3 am. We had a traditional "Christmas" dinner and played more cards. I got home about 4pm yesterday and unloaded my van, looked like we went to disneyland or something instead of one night at my sisters. Today I have been cleaning y house and scrubbing floors, joy! I'm going to take a nap now.

Playground Monitor said...

I worked on a short story all day Saturday and Sunday. Saturday evening we had the Playfriends Family dinner, which was a ton of fun! It should be a yearly event. Last night the DH and I watched the Survivor finale (I'm so sad Ozzy didn't win) and then I continued with a proof-reading job I got last week.

I also boxed up #2 son's Christmas gifts so I could mail them today since I found out last night he can't get off work to come home for Christmas. Color me blue. :-(

Is it not bad enough that my baby won't be home for Christmas? My verification word is nzunqzjv.

catslady said...

Oh, I had my tree trimming/dinner party this weekend. And shopped all day today so I'm exhausted lol.

Angel said...

Wow!!! Everyone had some packed weekends.
krissyinva: I'm jealous of your nap! :)
Surely things have to slow down some time...right?