Sunday, December 03, 2006

Act of Unconscious Stupidity

Yesterday my family went to get their Christmas tree, something I look forward to every holiday season. We come home to string lights and reminisce over where each ornament came from. So I set off in an especially good mood, excited by the prospect of tromping through the cold air for the perfect tree.

Everything was going fine. My daughter actually made the final decision on the tree, which made her stand a little straighter with pride. She was also quite taken with the real mistletoe they had, so I told her we would buy some to take home. She wanted to pick out her own, but couldn't reach it, so I just lifted her to it.

The wrenching pain in my back was the first sign I'd made a mistake, followed by my husband's words: "You should have known better. She's almost as big as you are."

Yep. My six-year-old already comes up to my chest. Of course, I'm only 5 foot tall, but she takes after her Daddy, who's 6'4". I should have known better. But she's still my baby, you know?

I forced myself to get through the day, because I'm not making myself or my family wait to decorate the tree. Under the bathroom cabinet I found one of those heating pads you can strap around you, so I used that on and off. It's a little better, though only when I sit. Standing hurts some and bending over is excruciating. Guess I should have thought sooner, huh?

So I cancelled the part-time cleaning job I normally tackle on Mondays. Don't think I'll be mopping or vacuuming for several days (what a shame!). I've set up a chiropractor's appointment. Looks like tomorrow will be a quiet one with lots of sitting. My only errands my chiropractor visit and taking Drama Queen to dance class.

I'm so excited! Why? Because sitting isn't a problem, so I'll be able to work on my revisions with few distractions. That may sound sad, but I can't wait. The only time I usually get to lie in bed or sit on the couch all day is when I'm really sick or have a really sick child in my lap. My brain doesn't function during those times. But if I'm just resting a strained muscle (one that doesn't affect my typing abilities), then I'll be able to revise just fine. Yay!!!

Yes, I know I'm very sad. But you have to take advantage of opportunities when they come along, right?

Have you ever had what looked like a setback that actually turned into a blessing in disguise? :)



Smarty Pants said...

I have enjoyed the times I had minor surgery - gall bladder out, lasik, wisdom teeth taken out... I know, it's weird. Yes, there's pain and stiches or whatever, but I get to sleep without guilt. I get to not cook or clean without guilt. DB gets to fawn over me for a few days. Not all bad. :)


Rhonda said...

Sorry about your back, Angel! But at least you've found a silver lining. :-)

Great seeing you last Friday night!

Instigator said...

Angel, I'm so sorry you hurt yourself! What is with the playfriends lately and personal injury :-) I hope you feel better soon. And absolutely take advantage of the situation.


Kathy said...

Chiming in to wish you immediate healing, Angel. Back injuries are no walk in the park. Enjoy giving yourself permission to do the things you WANT to do today.


Smarty Pants said...

So...Angel can't lift. PC can't be around anything sharp. Instigator needs to avoid infectious diseases and should wear one of those Michael Jackson masks everywhere she goes. I have to stay out of the sun... We're just falling apart. :)


Instigator said...

Yeah, and don't forget that I'm not allowed around liquids.


Angel said...

Update: Chiropractor says I'm having muscle spasms in my lower back. I spent an hour getting traction, adjustment, therapy, and heat. And back to the chiro tomorrow morning.

No lifting today. Lots of rest and heat treatment. Sounds good, but is a little complicated with a 2 year old.

Problem Child said...

Any time when I'm told to sit and do nothing is a blessing.

Gotta look for the silver lining in everything!

Beth said...

Yes I have I had applied for other jobs because I was unhappy, I went on interviews but nothing ever jelled then on Christmas eve in 2004 I had a kidney stone that put me in the hospital and I was thankful that I still have my old job with my insurance. It turns out that I had 11 out patient surgeries in 2005 get rid of that sucker but and can with a very big smile that its gone!!!

Sheryl M said...

My day job as an auditor requires alot of bending, stooping, and actually knee pads to help out on the tile floors. Bad news is Friday, said knee pad shifted on one leg while counting a cooler. Noticed a small burn above my knee at the time, but seeing as how i was practically numb from the cold when I got done, I didn't notice the pain until much later that night. Did I mention that we are in the process of moving our home and spent Saturday and Sunday clearing land with a bad knee? Can you say my new best friend is those patches you stick to yourself that get hot all on their own for 10 hours? And of course my boss wasnt too happy that I didn't do an accident report the minute it happened either........sigh....

Playground Monitor said...

I'm sure I've had one of those serendipitous setbacks but right off hand I can't think of specifics.

Sorry to hear about your back. But glad to hear you're going to have time for writing. :-) Take advantage of it any way you can get it.


Problem Child said...

Beth, that is good luck (not about the 11 procedures, but the insurance thing).