Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Post-National Contest Winner

Wow! I've never had so many entries to a blog contest before. I was so impressed by the sheer number that I added a runner-up prize: a hardback copy of Christina Dodd's Some Enchanted Evening.

I was also very impressed by the creative bribery, outright pleading, shamless mention of a CP relationship with a Playfriend, and upscale flattery. None of those things, however, affected my impartiality. ;-) Everyone's name went on its own piece of paper and into my little yellow bucket. Amazing Child drew the winners before she went to bed.


The 3-book grand prize goes to Maureen Emmons!

The runner-up prize goes to Cheryl Strange!

Congrats to you both. (Maureen, you'll need to send me your mailing address.)

Stay tuned for more contests to come. Thanks for playing, everyone!!



Cheryl said...

Congratulations Maureen! And thanks for my prize!

Lori Borrill said...

Well, I may have lost the contest, but at least I got a mention on the site as "shameless", which to my dismay (or sometimes pleasure) is a pretty accurate description. ;-)

Congrats to the winners!!