Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Back to real life, sigh.

Yikes; the real world sucks. I spent last week in a cocoon where I did nothing but eat, drink, and talk about writing. It is cruel to expect me to face the piles of mail and laundry (even if Darling Geek did sort the mail into “possibly important” and “definitely junk” piles).

But Darling Geek and Amazing Child did quite well in my absence, even if AC now sports quite a large bruise from a slide incident. But when one of us is away from home (for work, travel, whatever), the other one only has one job: keep everyone alive. DG and AC were both breathing upon my return, so DG was successful with his only task. The fact that my house wasn’t flooded this year upon my return was just a bonus.

But I had a great time in Atlanta, even if I didn’t attend that many workshops or meet a couple of the people I’d hoped to meet. The stress level was definitely lower this year since I wasn’t pitching, and I met some other really neat people.

The neatest person I met was my fabu CP. We’ve been critting each other on-line for over a year, yet this was the first time we ever met. She is as fabu in person as she is on-line, and I adore her even more now.

Other high points included meeting some really great authors, who not only gave me great advice and stories about the business, but also agreed to be interviewed for the Playground in 2007. Very cool. The Harlequin party was also a blast (many thanks to the Maven who let me be her “date” and didn’t mind that I danced with someone else…). Hanging with our Mavens is always fun, as was having six people in two connecting hotel rooms (and no, I’m not being sarcastic…it felt like college).

Low points included slicing my finger with Instigator’s knife while trying to make the entry box for the Goody Room (I think, in retrospect, we really should have opted for emergency room over Georgia Aquarium. But it wouldn’t have been half as fun. And my finger will heal…eventually.) Let’s not forget the horrible hair tragedy of paying money to have a woman turn me into Medusa two hours before the Harlequin party. Kathy, I owe you one, honey. Oh, and my poor Linda Howard shoes…I’m still bummed and won’t be happy until they are repaired and ready to go again.

But all in all, two thumbs up for the Playfriends Go To RWA Atlanta. You know I had a good time if almost 36 hours after returning home, I’m still positively pooped and need to go to bed for a nice long nap.

Once I’ve sorted through the accumulated emails, tidied the house, restocked the fridge, etc, etc, I’ll figure out how to get the photos off my camera and try to post a few here as well.

Wanna play “Highs and Lows”? Tell us your high point and low point of the conference.



Linda Winstead Jones said...

High points and low points? Hmm. There are so many. This year there were more high points than low, which is wonderful. Breaking a tooth was the low point, but it wasn't as horrible as it sounds. Back tooth, small break. I left my curling iron at home, but PC is generous to a fault and loaned me hers, so I cannot ever again call you a "Problem." :-)

High points -- I got to see so many friends, and I danced, and I had wonderful business meetings and even made it to a couple of workshops. The Rita/GH ceremony was hilarious and very well done.

Another high point, which actually came before the conference began, was finding Macy's. :-)


Angel said...

High point: Long days filled with discussions about writing and just life in general, though my voice was very weak by the time we came home. :)

Low point: Falling down. Until this point, I didn't have one of those embarrassing stories where I fell down in front of people. Now I do!
Although it actually turned out to be a blessing, because a very nice lady made some very gracious comments to me at the time. Later that night I met her again. She's the mother of one of my authors in my section at the Literacy Signing. Meeting them again and getting to know them better was really fun. They were the sweetest people!


Smarty Pants said...

My high points? I'd say maybe having Linda introduce me to Susan Elizabeth Phillips and getting to see pictures of her new grandbaby. She didn't treat me like an unpubbed nuisance. The RITAs and the HQ party were great too.

Low Points...falling at the HQ party and very nearly whacking my head on the table. (At least I didn't spill much of my drink.)Realizing I hadn't packed half of what I'd planned. Realizing my stuff might not fit the line I'm targeting.

Kathy said...

This was my first conference and I was very nervous. Now that I've been initiated, I'm hooked!

High points were getting to pal around with the playfriends, visiting the Aquarium, getting to meet all the wonderful authors I've been reading for so many years at the Literacy Signing where I volunteered or at the various book signings throughout the conference, sitting 5 feet away from Julie Garwood***, the spectacular Rita ceremony, and being able to put a spark back in PC's eyes (thanks for liking my work, PC!).

Low points were tripping Angel (sorry Angel you and I were both trying to see Nora Roberts at the same time and didn't know it and I will be forever mortified that I embarrassed you so), seeing PC's dispair (but we handled that crisis, right PC?), missing the chance to get a picture with Julie Garwood (my idol), and having it all end too soon.

Thanks for including me playfriends! And thanks for helping guide me along the way.


PCCP said...

This was my first RWA conference and the list of high points is long. But ranking as the #1 high point was getting to meet my fantastic cp----Problem Child. What a fun, vivacious, loveable, down-to-earth person she is. We've been critting for over a year now and have gotten to know each other pretty well. And though I was anxious to meet her, there was that nagging "first-date" fear of "what if she doesn't like the real me?" After the OMG-exciting initial moment came the first hour of together time and I was worried. Would we have anything to talk about other than writing? My fretting was needless. PC is one of the easiest people to talk to I've ever met. She's never met a stranger. In spite of our age difference (she's between two of my kids in age), there was a gazillion things to talk about. She introduced me to the Playfriends and the Mavens--an eclectic and interesting blend of Southern charm and wit. They were gracious enough to include me in so many things. I'm very grateful for their warm hospitality.
Okay, I'm gushing here so I'll move on. Just suffice it to say that I'm very blessed to have been on the right loop at the right time to find PC.

My low point came ten hours after an editor requested my full ms. I woke up at 1:00 AM worried that she'll think it sucks when she gets it.

All in all, life is good.

((hugs to the Playfriends and Maven))
{{big hug to PC}}


Playground Monitor said...

High points: The Harlequin party and dancing the night away with people I admire and have come to love. Seeing all the old friends again and making new ones. I'm ashamed to admit this, but it was wonderful to have so many people tell me how good I looked now that the braces are off. That made the 28 months of treatment worthwhile. Moderating my first workshop was actually a high point too. I proved I could stand up in front of a crowd of people and not drool and/or stammer. Of course, it helped that I had a script. *gg*

Low points: Quite honestly other than achy feet after the party on Friday night I did't have any low points. But when I saw PC's Medusa hair, I felt her pain, as well as when she sliced her finger open. Those elevators are something else so I could understand Angel's discomfort in them. I didn't see any of the falls, but it sounds as if you recovered nicely.

I didn't forget anything for once thanks to PC's constant nagging... er... reminding about making lists.

Now to finish the laundry and unpack and sort all those books. Where am I going to store them all???

Problem Child said...

PC is blushing at all the nice things said above.

Maybe I'm not such a problem after all...


Loribelle Hunt said...

High points...getting to meet a lot of online friends who have been uber supportive and my good friend winning the Passionate Ink Stroke of Midnight contest. That was very cool. :) I met the Playground Monitor too which was great. Another Alabama writer!

Low point...there were a ton of people I wanted to meet and was never able to hook up with.