Monday, August 14, 2006

More winners!

Boy, we've got a lot of winners lately :-) Can you tell the playfriends love to give stuff away? I had several entries from my impromptu contest last Thursday. Let me just say that you guys are expert beggars and name droppers. I honestly couldn't chose so everyone will be getting an email from me in the next several days with a list of book choices. But there were a few that need a specific mention.

Kim W wins for sending in the last email at exactly 8:59 PM :-) Great timing.

Zara wins for shear flattery and a tug at my heart strings since her daughter also started Kindergarten last week.

And Lis wins for furthest away and the best - and most appropriate - joke:

You Know You're a Romance Writer When ...
1. You make out your grocery list with chapter headings.
2. Instead of P.S. you use epilogue.
3. You start editing yourself while you speak.
4. You correct emails and send them back with suggestions on how to make the ending stronger. 5. You reject the family photos because the hero doesn't look strong enough.
6. You send back the family Christmas letter with a statement that you don't do straight Science Fiction. Add a titillating piece between the captain of the ship and the terrestrial hunter and you might be interested.
7. You re-name your children after romance characters.
8. In your "real" job, your annual report to the board begins "Her nipples peaked at the very thought of him."
9. You're in the middle of a make-out session and you stop to take notes.
10. You refer to your friends as "secondary characters".

Thanks everyone for entering! You have no idea how much reading your emails cheered me up. And last week I really needed it :-) If you entered be watching for an email from me sometime later this week.



KimW said...

Yay!!!!!!!! Thank you!

Congrats to everyone else.

Lis said...

Woohoo, thankie thankie :o) Congratulations to all the other winners!

bamabelle said...

Wow, thank you so much! Congrats to all the other winners!

Hugs, Zara