Thursday, August 24, 2006

Crazy Cat Lady

Seriously, when did I become the crazy cat lady? I'm only 30, way too young for that title. But apparently, the three cats living at my house right now did not get the memo.

They fight over who gets to sleep with me (cause you know, the bed just isn't big enough for me, DH, and 3 cats). They follow me around the house. I turn around, there's a line of cats three deep. I can't tell you how many times I've tripped over one. I guess I need to start signaling when I change direction. If I'm ignoring them they plop their furry rears right in front of my computer monitor so I can't see a bloody thing. They jump into my lap at inappropriate times, not to mention stick their wet noses in my face. The cats don't bother my husband. Oh no, not the man who started this whole thing by taking our girls to visit a friend and coming home with a cat - but that's another post all together.

They don't even do this to Sweet Pea, who would love it. Nope, they only do it to me. I seriously think it's because they know I'm allergic. I never had a problem with one cat. I guess adding 2 just overloaded my system.

The funny part is our cat (we're babysitting the other 2 while my brother and his wife are in Alaska for several months) has suddenly developed allergies. Seriously, the vet thinks it's to the other cats since it didn't start until after we got them.

I used to like cats and don't get me wrong I still love ours (and my brother's aren't really bad either :-) But I want my life back! I feel like I've gained several children instead of cats. My girls leave me alone more than these things do. I can't even take a shower in peace. If I close the door they sit outside the bathroom yowling. If I let them in they wait right outside the shower which just creeps me out.

We'll only have them through the end of Sept (and if I needed to keep them longer I would. I love my brother and his wife.). But I'm looking forward to regaining my life. And to the day when my darling, angel of a husband stops calling me the crazy cat lady!!


The picture is of Alex our wonder cat. His hobbies include killing rabbits and birds and fighting with snakes in my front yard. Looks likes a killer doesn't he?


Playground Monitor said...

Sounds like our older cat's obsession with my husband. Spook sleeps in the bed with us. To be exact, she sleeps draped over my husband. And if he rolls onto his back, she crawls onto his chest, drools on him and nibbles his nose. Try sleeping with that!

The other cat has a head fetish. He'll crawl up in the bed and wrap himself around your head and do that little kneading thing in your scalp. He isn't declawed and it's not a comfortable feeling.

I'm getting tired of dustmopping cat hair, cleaning coughed-up hairballs and scooping kitty litter. The older cat is getting up in years and we only have temporary custody of the younger one. When they're gone, that's it. Mama will have retired from the feline business.


Smarty Pants said...

Instigator, I could've warned you about all this. My two - well, they're a handful. The small, furry one (Jell-o) would be an international terrorist or a jewel thief if she could just get out of the house. The other one (Knight)is dumb as a post and always seems to be the fall guy for the other's evil schemes. I can just hear Jell-o whisper to her "hey, they left some chicken on their plate while they went to check their email. Hope up there and get you one. Sucker!"

There is no peace. If I'm typing, one is either asleep on top on the monitor, on my lap or batting at the screen trying to catch the mouse pointer. If I'm in the kitchen, they're circling, meowing like crazy at the sound of a can opener or the cheese drawer opening. A girl can't go to the bathroom alone. They don't sleep on my head, but I've been known to wake up with one on my chest and the other pinning down my feet. Add DB snoring and you've got a great night ahead.

We won't talk about my puppy...


Kathy said...

Isn't the definition of a Cat Lady, an old woman who lives all alone in a trailer with 15 cats?
Instigator, that's not you. Your young, surrounded by DH and children, and remember your situation is only temporary.

Keep your chin up and stay light on your feet.


Maven Linda Howard said...

Cats have an instinct for those who have allergies :-). I'm lucky not to have any pet-related allergies, because I've had cats and dogs all my life. As most of you know, my life is now dominated by two Golden Retrievers who may well be the two most spoiled dogs in the state. Yes, they're a lot of trouble, but I honestly can't see me ever living without a Golden in my life. They've spoiled me, too. At least they're not on top of my monitor! Well, even a cat would have a hard time lying on my monitor, since it's less than two inches thick. But if I need to get up from my office chair, I usually have to make both dogs move so I can slide the chair back. And, no, I almost never have a private moment in the bathroom, because both of them are right there.

Victoria said...

Shoo, my house is a zoo! One standard poodle the size of a small horse, one pomeranian that sits on my shoulder ( i think shes part squirrel), two crazy psycho cats and a turtle the size of my head. At night they all end up in my bed with the exception of houdini the turtle. So if you are the "crazy cat lady" i guess im the "zookeeper", but i do love them all and sometimes prefer them to my husband and kids!!

Smarty Pants said...

Yeah, I don't think you qualify for "crazy cat lady" status until kids start daring one another to ring your doorbell. :)


Angel said...

Unfortunately I had to move my 3 cats outside when I got pregnant with Little Man. I couldn't handle cleaning up throw up anymore. Plus Matt was never happy when he had to clean out the litter box during my pregnancies.

I kind of miss having a cat inside, but I don't miss the litter, cat hair, smell, no privacy, or middle of the night noises. I get most of that from my kids. :)

catslady said...

roflmao - that's my name but with an "s". I have 5 cats (working up to that 15 and the trailer as soon as hubby isn't in the picture any more lol) and at the moment I'm babysitting my grandkitty - honestly my daughter named her Kitty. To put it mildly, things are always jumping around here.

Anonymous said...

You should feel honored that they love you. Not everyone is worthy!