Sunday, April 02, 2006

Monthly Forecast

It's that time again.

Check out your April forecast here.



Instigator said...

Not much happening in April for me - but June looks to be pretty interesting ;-)

Oh and since we were discussing good writing moments earlier this week I just had to share.
I'm in deep edit mode, have been emersed for the past couple days (poor DH, he's basically had the kids to himself all weekend. He's exhausted). Anyway, I finally hit the point in my story where everything falls into place - the point where everything picks up steam for the sprint to the end. My process is pretty nasty (I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless this is just the way you have to do it - which is the case with me) But anyway, I write out of order and then put all the puzzle pieces together during editing. It makes for a very laborous first edit but I also take the time to layer so that when I get done with that all I really have to do is polish one last run through.
But that first edit is a doozy. I often end up rewriting entire scenes and chapters. This time I've found myself doing that more than usual. But today I finally hit the point where everything blends. I was actually giddy :-)


Problem Child said...

Well, if I was looking for a new love or wanting to redecorate my house, April would be a banner month. Other than that...


Playground Monitor said...

Your career should be an area of excitement, especially near April 5 (plus or minus four days), thanks to the change of Saturn's orbit to direct mode. My birthday's the 10th. Woohoo for me!

Your home will also be a huge focus in April, so you may find that you're busy choosing swatches and paint chips or carrying a tool kit as you aim to create a more attractive space. I'm in mid-stream of a decorating project. And just today I decided to be bold and ask for a chair for my office as my birthday present.

If you have no need to move or redecorate, then entertain! Spooky. Deb and Kim are coming to lunch on Wednesday.

The month should end on a terrific note. You'll have the opportunity to make lots more money, thanks to the appearance of a once-a-year new moon in your earned income sector, April 27. From that day and continuing for two weeks (into early May), be sure to make your presentation for a raise to your boss or client.
I love terrific notes whether it's at the beginning, middle or end.

This is just supposed to be a great month all around for me. I sure hope so.