Saturday, April 22, 2006

A game for the weekend

I'm shamelessly borrowing this game from Miss Snark's blog, who shamelessly borrowed it from someone else...

I think it's called "1-2-3"

Here's how it works:

Grab the nearest book (really, the one closest to you at the moment. Don't go looking for a 'cool' one)

Turn to page 123.

Find the 5th sentence.

Post it here in the comments tail.

Amazing what some sentences look like out of context...

Here's mine:

Down then fell the hall and Gawain fell as well,
Falling in the ground where both his arms were broken,
So with my left hand I clutched my beloved sword
And struck off Modred's head and it went rolling over the ground,
And I sliced the queen into pieces with my beloved sword,
And after that I dropped her into a dingy pit.

Of course, the closest book to me was The Norton Anthology of English Literature because I was making out my class's final exam. This is from Layamon's Brut (ca. 1190). No wonder I don't teach this story in my class...ick.

Surely you can come up with something better...


Instigator said...

Mystifyingly, four cardinals were absent from the chapel.

From Angels and Demons
Dan Brown

It's been on the TBR pile for forever. I thought I'd give it a whirl before the DaVinci Code movie comes out.


Jennifer Y. said...

"Breeze had been good for makeup, sneaking out and French kissing, which the girls had been forced to practice on each other since there weren't any boys around."

-from The Lonely Girls Club by Suzanne Forster

This hardcover book was sitting next to my computer. Very interesting sentence. I hope I did it right.

Problem Child said...

Points off to Dan Brown for actually using the word "mystifyingly."

Jennifer--that's the kind of sentence that makes me want to read the book!

A Candle Burns said...

"Was she willing to allow him greater liberties?"

Bertrice Small

KimW said...

"Since you're close to the Bay Bridge, why don't you just come to my Place in Oakland".

Afternoon Delight - Mia Zachary

Now aren't you wondering what happens next. haha!

Carla Swafford said...

"Anita, we woulda told you if we'd known, gratis."

From Laurell K. Hamilton's GUILTY PLEASURES.

I have about thirty books around my computer in shelves, so I picked up the one "laying" on my desk. Been using it for reseach - how to write in first person and be interesting at the same time. ::g::

The research never ends...

Loribelle Hunt said...

"They aren't accompanied by the tone of your voice, your facial expressions, or hand gestures--nothing that in a face-to-face communication can drastically affect the message being communicated."

from The Novel Writer's Toolkit by Bob Mayer

There's a pile of craft books sitting on my desk. This one is on top. :)

J.B. Thompson said...

Daniel liked this sister too; he liked her smile, her laughter, the way she could easily tease Marie out of feeling nervous, and he liked the fact she enjoyed talking casually about so many topics that he got a lot of information about his cousins just by tagging along with the flow.

- The Witness (Dee Henderson)

I like this game!

=) JB

Smarty Pants said...

"I know."

Wouldn't you know that the nearest book to me wouldn't have a good line. Great book - Crescent Moon by Lori Handeland - just now a fun line.

I like Jennifer Y's line. Intriguing...


Kathy said...

"Yes, that clod."

North and South by John Jakes.

Sabrah said...

Here's mine:

"You said you'd seen a marriage of obligation and one of love."

The book lying nearest my desk is:
Diana Gabaldon's
THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION, In Which Much Is Revealed Regarding Claire and Jamie Fraser, their Lives and Times, Antecedents, Adventures, Companions, and Progeny, with Learned Commentary (and Many Footnotes) by their Humble Creator

Who would have guessed that the title would be longer than the 5th sentence on page 123. LOL

Instigator said...


I love DG's series but never got the companion. Is it worth it? Does it add anything to the story?


Rhonda said...

"Ariane wrapped her legs tighter around Renard, pressing her heels against his hard, flat buttocks, using them like sprirs to drive him on."

THE COURTESAN by Susan Carroll.

Great series!

Rhonda said...

Crap! That was supposed to be "spurs"

I've been working too long!

Angel said...

"Roanna's going to get him and bring him home, and that's that."

Shades of Twilight by Linda Howard

One of my favorite books, and it happened to be sitting on my desk because I looked in it to answer a question for Problem Child the other day.

Now back to putting together Mom's wedding flowers.


Linda Winstead Jones said...

OK, I feel cheated. I picked up the closest book, and on page 123 there was a part of a test. No sentences at all, and the fifth line was BLUE-VIOLET. So I reached for another book, and opened it to find it only has 96 pages. The only interesting thing a bout this is that one book is on how to develop your psychic powers, and the other is How to read palms. :-)


Anonymous said...

On top of that, he picked on little kids. From Sullivan's Island A Low Country Tale by Dorothea Benton Frank