Monday, February 06, 2012

MOANday: Tom Hardy

I chose this month's MOANday inspiration because he's currently starring in the Valentine's movie This Means War. This movie looks like some guy tried to make a Valentine's movie interesting for both the guys and the girls (although I think girls still win, because we get 2 hunky hotties to check out and not just one), just so the men wouldn't be completely bored on their Valentine's dates.

Tom Hardy is an English actor who's been around quite a while, having performed in Band of Brothers, Black Hawk Down, and as the villain in Star Trek: Nemesis. More recently he was part of the cast for Inception. Maybe he'll also be inspiration for your very own Valentine hero!




Happy Love Month!


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Playground Monitor said...

I've seen the previews on TV for that movie. Looks cute. So does Tom Hardy. ::grin::

Instigator said...

I love Moanday. Have I mentioned that lately? :-)


Buttnugget said...

Who the fuck wrote this trash?