Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beware and Be Aware

Alabama's governor has declared this week as Severe Weather Awareness Week, and all citizens were encouraged to conduct their own tornado safety drill today. After the events of last April, I'm very attuned to the weather and take the threat of tornadoes very seriously. I still shudder when I think of my first encounter with a tornado warning in Alabama. I stood at the window and wondered if I could see it. OMG! What was I thinking?

Now I run for my safe place, which is my bathroom. It's in the very interior of my apartment building and backs up to three other bathrooms. I think that's about as interior as one can get and all that plumbing has to be good support. I have a plastic tote under the sink with a flashlight and extra batteries, some small candles and matches and the emergency radio my granddaughter gave me for Christmas. It's run by batteries, solar power or you can crank it for power. I can even give my cell phone a brief charge with it -- enough power to make a short emergency call.

You can download an Alabama All Hazards Awareness booklet and get other good information here.

Do you have a severe weather plan? Don't think it can't happen to you.


Cheryl C. said...

I head to the basement when there is a warning. We keep flashlights and battery-powered radios there in case something happens. The one thing I had not considered in the time we have lived here was that we needed to be near the back door to the basement. After all of the tornadoes that hit this area last year, the one thing I kept seeing was that people got trapped in their basements. Now I want to be near an escape route to the outside.

Jean Hovey said...

Oh, yes. I have a severe weather plan. It's just dumb not to. Mine got better a couple of months ago when The Guy's office moved five blocks from our house. It has a basement and he has a key and the authority go go in the building any time he wants.

My mother was irrationally afraid of tornadoes. (Which I understand. I have my share of things I am irrational about.)I am not terrified, but I am respectful. Very very respectful.

Maven Linda said...

A motorcycle helmet is a good idea, protecting your head from flying debris. And not many people are able to handle pulling a mattress over the tub for protection (mattresses are HEAVY), so a dog bed is a good option.

When there's a tornado watch, I move my laptop, financial and insurance papers, and precious photos into the storm shelter ahead of time. We also have bottled water and a battery operated fan, as well as lights. Also any medications, dog food, and doggy medications go in the shelter. And purse! My purse goes as well.

And when we're in the storm shelter, I spend my time mentally designing a new house, in case ours gets splintered.

PM's Mother said...

It is not tornado preparation where I live -- it's prepare to evacuate for a hurricane! I keep a good supply of bottled water during "hurricane season" and have a list of important things to pack in the car (including my flat silverware ;-) ) in case I do have to leave the island. At least we have plenty of warning and can escape the chance of personal injury.

Why are there two silly words to type?

Instigator said...

I need to get the girls new helmets to put into the closet. It's easy to get complacent where bad weather is concerned. Around here we get warnings all the time. And I've always paid attention to them...but was rarely ever worried. Last April definitely changed that.

Thanks for the reminder to check our emergency supplies, PM!


Playground Monitor said...

I forgot about the new suggestion about wearing a helmet. It's a good idea and I need to shop for a helmet. Too bad I left my motorcycle helmet with the ex. Ah well.

Blogger changed their verification system so now we have to decipher two scribbly words instead of one. &%$#$@!

PM's Mother said...

Yes, &%$#$@!

Andrea Laurence AKA Smarty Pants said...

No. No, no, no. I do not have time for severe weather. I will not allow it.

I need to get with DB and gather up all our stuff in the pantry. The safest spot in our house is under the stairs where the litterbox is, so we try to avoid going in unless we have to. I should move the litter box in the spring...

Angel said...

I, too, looked at the weather alerts around here with a jaundiced eye. When the alarms went off, they never seemed to be for tornados right near us.

Until April.

My children and I rode one out at their elementary school. Then many more later that day at the inlaws house (it has a shelter underneath). I'll never forget getting text message warnings from my sister about tornadoes heading our way because the radio/tv stations went down.

Now they tend to make me panic. :(