Thursday, February 02, 2012

Pin Everything!

I've got a new obsession. Yeah, I know, y'all are surprised. I've recently discovered Pinterest. And it's sooooo bad and soooo good. I'd heard about it, but had been avoiding adding one more site to visit on my daily rounds. I mean the idea of it sounded interesting - a place where you could pin pictures so you could easily access websites that you want to remember - but how much would I really use something like that?


And to be honest, so far I haven't done much outside pinning of my own. I tend to repin things that are already on the site. Recipes I want to try (and will probably never make since I don't cook). Crafts that I'd love to make (but will probably never do because I don't have the time). Organization ideas for our house (which I desperately need - and I have used one of these already!). Shoes I'll never buy. Clothes that would probably look terrible if I actually tried them on. Rooms and furniture I'll never own because I can't afford them. I even have an entire board dedicated to the tattoo I've been talking about getting for years.

You're probably asking yourself what Pinterest could possibly have to do with writing. I mean it isn't like I can promote my books on the site (although I did pin them). Research! It's a fantastic site for setting information. I can find pictures for hero and heroine inspiration. And clothing suggestions. And house plans and room layouts. I have to admit that I've never done an inspiration board like some of the other Playfriends...mostly because it just felt like so much work. But Pinterest is easy! Maybe a little too easy. I've only been on the site for a couple weeks and I already have 17 boards and have had to reorganize twice.

Have you discovered Pinterest? If not, you should! Are you as addicted as I am? Have you found a pin for something cool/helpful that you've used?


P.S. I'm guest blogging over at the pink heart society today. Stop by for a chance to win a book!


Playground Monitor said...

I've heard about it and resisted. I have enough vices thank you very much. ;-)

robertsonreads said...

I believe that is what a coworker mentioned earlier today but I haven't a clue what is actually is. Maybe, and I mean maybe I can check it out tomorrow, so much work to do, so much work to do...

Maria from 'gaelikaa's diary' said...

The name 'Instigator' intrigued me, Kira, just had to come over and check you out. Love your blog and will be back again!

Instigator said...

Robertson, it's a site that allows you to 'pin' picture to virtual bulletin boards. It's a way to save websites (because the picture links back to the original site) and share things you find interesting. I have a bulletin boards for recipes, another one for crafts, one for tips and tricks around the house, organizational ideas...there's so much good informatoin on the site. But it can be addicting. :-)

Maria, welcome to the Playground! We're glad you stopped by. :-)