Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Here we go again

Remember in the movie "Groundhog Day" how the day kept repeating? I don't have it quite that bad, but remember this? Foot? Short leg walking cast? Six weeks of hobbling around?

Well, folks, I don't have it quite as bad as Bill Murray, but I have a cast again. Same kind. Same color. Same foot. Remember that wreck I told you about? It seems I have a fracture after all.

The red arrow points to a red spot and that's what's cracked off my big toe bone near the arch. The doctor wanted to know how I'd been walking around on it for three and a half weeks. Well, I had to. And they kept telling me it was just bruised. But the orthopedic doctor has super-duper digital x-ray equipment and can enlarge x-rays so your foot looks a yard long. And that's how he found the fracture.

So I'm back in a cast for six weeks. But this time I have to use crutches for at least the first three weeks to keep weight off the fracture so it can heal.


Everything takes twice as long and twice as much effort when crutches are involved. I carry everything either in a backpack or a cross-body bag. My employer has been terrific about accomodating for my special needs. But I'm already counting the days til March 5 and this thing comes off.

Meanwhile, to put a positive spin on things, it's a new month. And it's a leap year, so all those February 29th-ers can celebrate a birthday. And what else?

* One for the Money hit theaters last week. I haven't been yet but I hope to go this weekend.

* Super Bowl Sunday is February 5th. I have no clue who is playing. But it's time for great new commercials!

* It's American Heart Month, and National Time Management Month. Watch your fats and cholesterols and get yourself a good desk calendar.

* Groundhog Day is tomorrow. Phil will let us know about the state of our winter. It's also Crepe Day, Marmot Day and Sled Dog Day. Go hug a husky.

* February 3rd is The Day the Music Died, when Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J. P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson were killed in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa.

* Solo Diner's Eat Out Week is February 1 - 7.

* Jello Week is February 12 - 18.

* Random Acts of Kindness Week is February 13 - 19.

* Get a Different Name Day is February 13. I think I'll get Katherine Hepburn. Or maybe Audrey Hepburn. Or maybe Audrey Meadows. Or Jayne Meadows. Or Jayne Mansfield.

* International Sword Swallowing Day is February 25th. I think I'll skip that one.

* And here's my absolute favorite: February 20th is Northern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day. Folks, I had to look this one up. At noon local time, you are supposed to go outdoors and and yell "Hoodie-Hoo" to chase away winter and get ready for the first day of spring, which is a month later. Let's all do this, okay?????

And one last bright spot, we're a little bit closer to new episodes of Bones and The Closer. I cannot wait for Brennan to go into labor and to watch Booth's reaction. We know it's a girl. I'm thinking maybe they'll name her after Brennan's mother. Or maybe Joy, which was Brennan's name before she was Temperance. Just wild guesses.

Any bets on what they're gonna name the little tyke?


PM's Mother said...

Here in Georgia we listen to what Gwinnet county's groundhog, Beauregard E. Lee, has to say about spring on Feb. 2.

Cheryl C. said...

Awww, Marilyn! Sorry about your foot! It must be agony to have been walking around on that break! Take care of yourself.

I didn't know about all those special days this month. But I am hoping the ground hog doesn't see his shadow. I like warm weather.

EllenToo said...

Sorry to hear you are back in a gotta quit kicking things/people :)
I just really wonder sometimes about the people who come up with national days....
February 28th is Public Sleeping Day
February 9 is … Toothache Day
February 16 is … Do A Grouch A Favor Day

Kristi said...

Hugs again on the cast, M. Spring has already sprung here in Texas. Birds singing, grass growing, squirrels eating my patio furniture cushions. Of course, I'm sure we're only being teased and we'll wake up to an ice storm at some point this month. Haven't watched Bones in a while now, but I might have to tune in for the birth. I can always use another distraction.:)

Instigator said...

Ugh! Sorry about the foot. :-( Take care of it so you can recover quickly! :-)


robertsonreads said...

Good luck with the cast Marilyn. Hang in there. I had one when I was 29, my son 2 and the great thing about it, if you consider a cast a great thing, is my glowed in the dark and my son loved it. Kept Kyle entertained.

Word verification: appropriate

Angel said...

Hugs, girl! Those feet are giving you no end of trouble. And I absolutely HATE crutches. I'd rather have anything but crutches. Ugh!!

Prop it up and enjoy Bones!