Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, Verse Two

I've made progress since last week. The tree is up, it's decorated and there's even one wrapped package under it. Yay me!

My shopping is done also. It's all piled on the futon in my office, waiting to be wrapped. Some of it will have to be mailed and the rest will be hand delivered at various and sundry times.

I've made my Christmas card list and two partial boxes of cards are on the dining room table waiting to be signed and addressed. I don't expect that to happen quite yet. I still have to compose my annual Christmas letter, complete with photo of the granddaughter. Or maybe it will be family photos from my mother's visit in the fall and from Thanksgiving.

The rest of the apartment is decorated too. The wreath's on the front door, the bar has red mesh garland with some hurricane candles and a poinsettia. The wire basket that usually holds fake apples now has Christmas balls in it.

The Nativity set is in place. I got it in Bethlehem so it's very special. I visited Israel in August 1980 and our tour of the walled city was so fast I tell people that I ran where Jesus walked.

The stocking is hung by the bookcase with care. No fireplace, so this has to do. I also got a new stocking hanger this year. Some certain individuals I know complained about my small stocking and flimsy hanger last year. Okay, problem rectified. ;-)

And here's the tree. I like how it turned out. It's traditional like me and has a few old ornaments on it, but mostly it reflects my new life.

And one of my favorite ornaments is this. Of course it stands for my first name -- Marilyn. But I also like to think it stands for Me or Mine because I don't have to argue about whether or not to put tinsel or garland on the tree, whether I'll open gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, whether I eat turkey or ham or a Healthy Choice dinner on Christmas.

It's my life now and different as it may be, I can make what I want of it. In our divorce group, we call it "creating a new normal."

There's still lots to do and a couple of Christmas parties to attend. But also, I have a couple of Christmas romances I want to read. They caught my eye on the shelf and I bought them last month. I told myself I couldn't read them until I'd finished NaNoWriMo. I started reading the first book last night. I was crying by the end of the acknowledgements. I'm such a sap. I also have Christmas movies on my DVR and I need to watch them or it'll fill up and dump them off.

So... are YOU ready for Christmas? Or at least on the way to being ready? Are you like me and it's just not quite the Christmas season until you've heard Bing sing "White Christmas," watched at least one Christmas movie and read a Christmas romance?


Smarty Pants said...

I'm doing okay so far. Got the cards mailed, the cookies and candy made, the tree up and the presents wrapped. The tree is still naked, but DB is sick and isn't interested in helping me. (If I do it without him, he'll get irritated, so I have to wait).

I need one or two last gifts (that DB is supposed to buy) then I have to hit the post office to mail a couple packages. Then, I think just maybe, I'll have this holiday whipped.

I'm not big on Christmas movies or books, but I'm a nut for Christmas cartoons and music. Watched the Glee Christmas episode last night (which was opposite Charlie Brown, boo!) but I'll whip out all my DVDs and force my family to watch all the Christmas cartoons I love.

Problem Child said...

Not ready. Not ready at all.

Pardon me while I panic...

Lynn Raye Harris said...

I'm not ready. Y'all have panicked me with the cards, btw. Got the first one of the season last week (Andrea!). And I'm on a deadline extension, so not exactly swimming in time here. You may get cards handed to you at the party. :)

Marilyn, your decor is lovely. I have a wreath and two trees by the doorway. Nothing inside yet!

PM's Mother said...


I always get this attitude until two weeks before Christmas and then I get my a## in gear and get things done -- except for last year when I was admitted to the hospital on December 5 and was released on December 17. That should have taught me a lesson -- to get things done early -- but I am a consummate procrastinator!

I DO have a wreath on the front door, my Christmas cards and address book on the dining room table and 4 gifts in hand. Well, that is a start!

Linda Winstead Jones said...

I'm almost ready! I'm perpetually *almost* ready. I run around trying to do everything, then hit a wall, look around, and say, "Good enough." I'm in good shape when it comes to presents. Not completely finished, but close. The house is about as decorated as it's going to get. Cards? Uh, haven't even started, except for a few that are going in with presents to be hand delivered. I don't guess that counts. And those I bought for the sentiment on the outside without reading the inside, which I really should NOT do. I need to go out and buy more cards . . . So, HoHoHo, or as I prefer to say OhOhOh. :-)

Angel said...

House is as done as its going to get. I'd like some outside lights but that is dependent on hubby. Inside is done.

Finished all but a few odds and ends for presents today. Thank goodness. Still have a couple that I'm making waiting for me to find some time.

No Christmas cards this year, as I don't have money for mailing. One year won't hurt. So that leaves me pretty close to done. Feels good. :)


Katherine Bone said...

Wow, your apartment looks fabulous, Marilyn! Great job getting everything done so quick. Now you can do your cards while basking in the holiday glow. ;)

I've got lighted wreaths up outside and my banister swags put up, but that's all. I'm so behind. Oddly, I don't mind. What's with that? LOL!

gigi said...

I was very late getting the tree up. I finally got it put up yesterday. I usually get it put up the day after Thanksgiving but I just wasn't feeling the Christmas spirit. The kids being gone must have something to so with it. thank goodness I have 95% of my shopping done.
Like you I had to have the holiday music on to help get me in the mood. I have watched a couple of holiday specials and that helped too.
Your place looks lovely and festive, Marilyn.