Monday, December 27, 2010

Holy Snowstorm, Batman!

For those of you not in the south or the east, you may not be aware of the freakish weather we're having. Snow. Lots of snow (for us at least). Over four inches at my house, which is a little higher in elevation than the city, which had an official measurement of 2 inches or so. We had a white Christmas, which apparently has not occurred in Huntsville since the late sixties. The county has no snowplows, no real system in place for dealing with weather aside from closing overpasses and sending a couple dudes out with shovels and some salt.
Suffice to say, Christmas went awry for several of us. On top of blizzards, slick roads, cancelled plans, sick kids and stomach viruses, we just couldn't muster much of a blog for today. So here's a picture of my neighborhood, as taken Christmas morning.

What's the weather like in your neck of the woods? Feeling the East Coast's pain... heard there's 15 inches in Virginia...


susanwilson44 said...

Scotland has been covered in snow for the last two weeks, my husband has spent days and nights (!!) fixing broken boilers which just aren't designed for temps of -20. Today we finally have a temp of +4 and things are starting to melt, relief!

Maven Linda said...

We had a white Christmas for the first time in my lifetime! Supposedly the last one was in the 1930s, so it's safe to say this doesn't happen very often. Snow, yes, but not so early in the season.

After one day, though, it was boring.

Playground Monitor said...

There was about 4 inches of it at my apartment too. I woke up Christmas morning, stumbled to the living room and opened the vertical blinds on my sliding doors as usual and then said a four letter word. I was competely taken aback. They predict snow all the time but it never happens. This time they were not only right, they under-predicted.

I enjoyed a walk around the complex and took a bunch of photos to remember our white Christmas. For me it was rather nice to be able to think of it not as the Christmas I spent alone, but as the Christmas it snowed.

Of course the road situation yesterday kept me from going to see my granddaughter. But #2 son managed to navigate the county roads where he was staying with his dad and he got to my place yesterday afternoon. And we're heading to the grandbaby's today! YAY!

Stephanie Jones said...

The snow was GREAT!!! Like PM and SP I uttered both Holy and another four letter word. I hadn't known they were prediciting snow until Christmas night.

It was beautiful and yet didn't keep me from getting to Panster's so it worked out for me.

It snowed again in Jasper most of the day on Sunday and was great to watch from my cozy living room!

catslady said...

The weather patterns are a changing lol. I live in Pittsburgh and we have snow but we're not getting slammed like those around us. Winter started about a month early for us so we've already had a couple of good storms but what I think is worse, it's been way colder than normal for longer periods of time. Congrats for the first timers lol.

PM's Mother said...

Does Al Gore know about this?!!!

We have had a hard freeze here on our Golden Isles for the past 2 nights -- but no snow. It snowed on St. Simons Island Christmas of 1989 -- I wasn't living here then. (I was visiting PM in Huntsville.)

Angel said...

So many thanks, SP, for blogging for me! I was felled by a stomach virus and deeply appreciative of the fill in.

So cool to catch up on everyone's winter excitement. The kids and I built snowmen and had a snowball fight, before Drama Queen and I got too sick to do more than look out the windows.