Thursday, December 02, 2010

Favorite Fictional Character

Right about now I should be standing in the middle of Disney World. Zilla the girls and I have been here for the last week. I've been planning this trip with my family for months now. We're mainly here to unwind, enjoy the Christmas decorations and get into the spirit of the season.

However, this got me to thinking. One of our favorite things to do at Disney (well, at least mine - Zilla could care less) is to get a hug from my favorite characters. Mickey, princesses, fairies, captain list goes on forever. I'm even hoping to find Thumper this time! I've heard a rumor that he's lurking somewhere in the Animal Kingdom.

In discussing this with my family it started a rather heated debate about who is the best/favorite fictional character. To my dismay Sponge Bob made the list at my house. But so did Black Beauty, Anne of Green Gables and some fictional mouse detective that I'd never heard of. So, who is yours? Could be a cartoon character you've since you were a kid. Your favorite character from a book and/or movie. Anything fictional...who's your favorite?

I'll bring back a surprise from the happiest place on earth for one poster along with a copy of my Jan 1st release, Caught Off Guard.



gigi said...

Hey, I would love from Captain Jack too.
Gosh, for a Disney character my choices would have to be Cinderella and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) When I grew up they were the only princesses I knew of. I love Mickey I teared up when I hugged him years ago. i have never seen Prince Charming but if he was ther I would love a hug and a photo op with him.
Non Disney would be Wolverine over at Universal Studios.

Have fun at the happiest place on earth.

Smarty Pants said...

The Great Mouse Detective? Disney did a movie of that. Not one of their better ones, really. I didn't even bother seeing it, so you know that's bad.

My favorites to meet... that's funny cause they're not necessarily my favorite characters. Yes, meeting Captain Jack would be nice but a lot of my favorite characters usually aren't out for meet and greets because I have weird tastes - Robin Hood and Sword in the Stone were always my favorites. Instead, I like the meet the ones that look like the most fun to hug. That's why I made a beeline for Sully from Monsters Inc (he's just so big and furry) and Lotso from TS3 (super fluffy and soft to hug). Maybe the giant furry ones make me feel small like a kid. I don't know.

Favorite fictional characters ever? That's too hard to narrow down. At least this early.

Laurie said...

Favorite fictional character:

Winnie the Pooh -gotta love the cuddly, cute,hungry,
"Rumbly in my tumbly" bear!
All of the characters are great!
Christopher Robin, Roo, Eeyore, Wise Owl

Playground Monitor said...

I guess my favorite fictional character of all time would be Superman. He stands for everything that's right. And then my next would be Joan Wilder from Romancing the Stone because I would like to be her (minus the bad guys and bullets).

And did y'all read that my boyfriend Hugh Jackman was the first choice for Captain Jack? Interesting, huh?

Problem Child said...

Any fictional character? One that I'd really like to, ahem, borrow. Then I want Mr. Knightly from Austen's _Emma_. Or Tony Mallory from Lindsay's Mallory family series.

Although I am kinda crushing on Eugene from the new Tangled movie.

In a platonic sense... sigh. I guess Sebastien?

CrystalGB said...

My favorite cartoon fictional character is Mickey Mouse. Favorite character from a Disney movie is Captain Jack Sparrow.

robynl said...

my favorite fictional character is Cinderella.

wow, what a place to unwind; I have never been there. Have loads of fun.

Linda Henderson said...

Okay, I'm going to totally get away from Disney characters and say my favorite fictional character is Roarke from J.D. Robb's In Death series. Disney character would be Sleeping Beauty.

Marcy said...

Fav Disney character...Ariel! Love the spunk. If we're talking books...Anna from My Sister's Keeper.

susanwilson44 said...

Unfortnately Spongebob is on the list in my house too!
My favourite would have to be Jimmy Stewarts character in Its A Wonderful Life. I love the fact he goes from total despair to total joy!

chey said...

My favourite disney character is Mickey Mouse.

catslady said...

This is really weird but the first thing that came to mind was Golum from LOTR. He was such a tortured soul. I'm afraid Disney wouldn't want to have anything to do with him lol.

PM's Mother said...

No question about it-- my favorite fictional character is Scarlett O'Hara. She was a survivor! My next favorite is Pollyanna -- she was the eternal optimist.

runner10 said...

Love Scooby-Doo! Makes me smile just thinking about him.

traveler said...

My ultimate favorite fictional character is Heathcliff.

petite said...

My favorite fictional character is Anne in Anne of Green Gables. Adventurous, principled, intelligent and unique.