Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ice & Snow Days

This past week the weather has been playing havoc with things in North Alabama. During the last week of school for the year, the school systems has canceled one day, let the girls out early on another day and is having them make up the first day tomorrow. It's sorta hard to make plans when I wake up each morning wondering if I have to scramble to find childcare.

The first day they were out was a complete bust. We didn't have anything. Yesterday, however, ended up being a mess. There were accidents all over the state thanks to icy road conditions. Our local radio station has even gone national with this video showing the conditions in their parking lot.

Doesn't look like there's anything on the ground does it?

You'd think I'd be rejoicing for the extra time off of work...yeah, not so much. If this time off had come in January (like it normally does) instead of two weeks before Christmas I might have been. But I've got things to do! I did end up cuddling with Zilla, Sweet Pea and Baby Girl as we watched the Sorcerer's Apprentice late yesterday afternoon though. Was really nice to spend some time warm and snuggly with them. Just wish I hadn't been making mental lists the entire time. Oh well.

The biggest issue with all of this weather is that it's early. Really early. We normally don't see snow and ice until sometime in Jan and then again in March. I'm worried that this means were in for many more days and weeks like this. I honestly wouldn't mind...if we ever got enough snow to actually play in. It's been years though and my Michigan roots miss the powdery white stuff.

How's the weather where you are? Is it colder than normal? More/less snow and ice? Are you ready for summer yet?


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Virginia said...

So ready for summer. It has been really cold here this year and we have had a lot of snow for the time of the year. We got up to ice this morning so everything is coated with ice today. Not even sure if I can get in my car today. I would reather have snow over the ice any day.

catslady said...

Global warming?? We haven't got out of the teens for our highs and it's not even winter yet or so they say. I don't mind some snow but bitter cold and ice really get to me and driving is so dangerous. My daughter goes to Edinboro and they are over 4 feet and got 3 in just a couple a days. Yes, I'm ready for summer lol.

PM's Mother said...

I am supposed to be living in a sub-tropical climate, but it has been below freezing here for the last 4 nights. My camelia bushes are loaded with blooms and buds, but the cold got to them and now the lovely pink blossoms have turned a horrid brown. Br-r-r-r-r-r

Word verification - laste -- I hope this is the laste of the cold weather!

Angel said...

Sorry I'm late today! Computer issues.

I'm pretty good at holing up in the house when it is that cold. The biggest problem is that I have an old car and the doors freeze shut really easily. I'll be outside at the break of dawn banging on the doors so I can warm up the car for school run. Ugh!!!

Funny video.