Thursday, December 09, 2010

Hit the Ground Running

We're home. :-) We had a fantastic time spending Thanksgiving with my family and a wonderful time soaking up the Christmas atmosphere at Disney. The only problem is I came home and hit the ground running. Somehow in my preparations for the trip and being gone from home and work for 12 days, I forgot that Christmas was only a couple weeks away when we got home. Yeah, *points to self*, not the world's greatest planner.

I was behind at work and had to catch up. I'm behind in my Christmas shopping. I have 2 parties this weekend and I don't have the ingredients for the dishes I'm bringing or the presents that I need to exchange. Oh, I know what I need to's just getting there to actually purchase that's the issue.

I went out at lunch yesterday for a quick stop at Toys-R-Us...2 hours later I returned back to the office. I figured middle of the week, middle of the day, shouldn't be bad. I was wrong. The place was a zoo and to top it off, they were out of almost everything I wanted. Leaving there, I vowed I wouldn't return again until after Christmas and then promptly had to eat my words when I realized I needed to return something I bought. I'm tempted just to wait until after Christmas but am afraid I'll totally forget about it and miss the return window.

At this rate, I'm afraid I'm going to come skidding into Christmas with my hair all a wreck, an insane look in my eye and a permanent snarl on my face for all the nasty people who make Christmas shopping a nightmare. If I survive we're going to have a lovely Christmas...I just have to get there first.

How are you Christmas preparations coming?



Playground Monitor said...

You'd hate me if I told you. ::grin::

Just take a deep breath, make a list and start at the top.

Problem Child said...

Ask me if I'm ready to *host* said parties this weekend. Ha. Hope y'all don't mind the clutter...

I can see the light at the end of the shopping tunnel, but the rest of the to-do list... not so pretty.