Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just a bystander. Honestly.

I didn’t plan to go to Disney World this year. I certainly didn’t mean to. After all, I did the Disney thing last year. I’m still trying to erase the memory of “It’s a Small World” from my mind.

But a couple of months ago, I was calming eating my grits at the monthly Playfriend breakfast, and the next thing I knew, I was swept up into the Disney plan.

The upside is that I’ve had to do nothing to plan this trip other than write SP a couple of checks and pack a bag. Insti and SP are travel agents on speed with an agenda and a plan and a timetable. Do not stand in their way. Smile and nod. Write a check. Do not question the vision.

I’m blown away with their attention to detail and their plan to squeeze every drop of coolness out of Disney possible. They’ve planned an amazing trip that the Playkids are going to be talking about for years to come.

(DG is a bit disappointed he can’t go – after all, when we went last year, he was recuperating from the flu and survived on toast and blue PowerAde. We’ll miss him, that’s for sure.)

The Control Freak has been out-Freaked this time. My clipboard and color-coding hang their heads in shame when stared down by the spreadsheets and matching t-shirts. But AC is going to think I’m the bestest mom EVAH for taking her on such an amazing trip – for which I will happily take credit, even if I didn’t plan a single thing.

Because I didn’t mean to go to Disney this year. Honestly, it just happened.


Amuse Marilyn with your stories of being swept up into something without meaning to be and her favorite story will get a PC Disney prize pack!


Instigator said...

Morning everyone! :-) We're having a blast. Aside from my aching feet that is. Today all the girls get made into princesses (and Little Man gets to be a cool dude). We're about to have a bunch of divas on our hands. Please pray for us. ;-D

We miss you guys!


Laurie said...

My daughter will be in her sister-in-laws wedding on Oct 24th. Somehow, she has gotten me involved with planning her shower Sept 26th, arranging flowers, making food etc. I didn't even volunteer! She just swept me along!!

Playground Monitor said...

Feet DO take a beating at Disney World, but glad to hear the gang's having a great time. My granddaughter is all about princesses now so I hope to take her to Disney World one day and feed her princess-mania.

Swept away by something? Hmmm. I'll have to think about that one.

Minna said...

I can't think of anything where I would have been swept up into something without meaning to. Usually when I have been swept up into something it's been something I've wanted to do anyway -like go to Canada, something that everyone in my family had to do anyway, liked it or not -like plant trees on our land (just thinking about makes me hurt all over), or then I have been one of those, who have talked someone into doing something they might not have done otherwise -like when me and my dad talked mom into going to one our cousins' wedding to Helsinki with us.

catslady said...

Usually it's because I start out doing what should be a simple thing that turns into a huge project. I like to keep my books in order but I'm out of room so they are triple stacked and in various rooms and shelves. To put just one away means moving tons of books. I usually wait a while but then can't stand it and it takes days to get them organized and of course it's never ending lol.

Jane said...

I usually try to avoid being swept into something I have no interest in. I do occasionally get dragged by family or friends to a party or wedding and I end up having to spend money on an outfit and shell out for a gift to someone I don't even know.

LA said...

Wow, PC! I just want you and my amazing Great-niece to have a fab time! Disney is always fun, and I can only imagine Princess time! Oh my!

Kathy said...

Hey Instigator!! Glad to hear you guys are having fun. Geez, your feet finally recouperate from Nationals and then you have to go and abuse them. LOL!!

There is definitely a lot of walking to be done at Disney. Hang in there and put your tootsies up whenever you can. :)

traveler said...

I sometimes have to become involved with the preparations for an elabroate dinner since my culinary expertise is needed. I enjoy this since it is not often and everyone appreciates the effort and the end result is worth it.

Lois said...

Ah, well. . . I can't think of any time that I was swept into something which I wasn't setting out to be involved in. Guess that just means my life is really boring! LOL :)


Virginia said...

I am always getting I call it getting sucked into making a lot of dishes for different dinners and things. I just can't seem to say no when I am asked to do things. I also got swept into making a quilt for my home town festival and didn't even get a thank you afterwards. Sad thing is I don't even live there now.

gigi said...

Sounds like all the playground friends are having a grand old time in Mickey's World.

One thing that I got swept up in a few years ago was my girls dance recitals. Started out just helping a little bit watching the younger kids and trying to keep some order. Someway or another I wound up being the big helper. Making all the bows for the tap shoes, standing at the stage door and lining up the little darlings. I finally got smart after a few years and brought walkie talkies to communicate with other helpers instead of running up and down to flights of stairs to get the kids when it was their time to perform.
Taking money for the videos settling accounts. Your kid couldn't dance unless her account was paid in full by recital. It usually took me a week to wine down after a week of rehearsals and two night of recital.

I also helped at some weddings where I was supposed to be a small helper ( you know serve punch) and suddenly you turn into one of the waitresses for a sit down meal you didn't even know they were serving.

Misty Wright said...

I've been swept up in many things but I'd say this past summer I was swept up with last minute trips to the beach. It was a BLAST with the kids and I become very good at throwing our things in the van and heading to the beach. :) Who wouldn't love that? LOL.