Monday, September 14, 2009

Playfriend Family Invasion Is On!!!

We’ve gone and done it! Saturday all the Playfriends except the Playground Monitor hit the Magic Kingdom for the Playfriend Family Invasion. Drama Queen has been waiting for Little Man to get old enough for us to go to Disney World and now the time if finally here. I just hope this trip lives up to expectations. How could it not? 6 kids, 6 adults, 9 costumes for the Magic Kingdom Halloween party (some of us refused to dress up), and matching t-shirts. What more could we ask for?

My own experience with Disney World involves my only trip there at 15. Other than a few rides in the Magic Kingdom, most of my memories revolve around Epcot. I loved all the different countries there! As a matter of fact, tonight the Playfriends plan to leave the kiddios with the 2 hubbies that accompanied us and “drink around the world.” I’d tell you all about it, but I’m not sure if I’ll remember. :)

For the most part, though, I’m enjoying the break from home. I found out how precious this was last fall when we went as a family to the mountains during fall break. That was the first real vacation we’d had since having children. There is nothing better than running away from the overload at home. Getting away from the house, the pressure to cook, clean, and keep up. All that stuff can be exhausting. In the middle of it all, we forget how truly wonderful our families really are. How hysterical my hubby’s sarcastic sense of humor is. How much of a young woman my daughter is becoming. How beautiful my son’s big grin is. These are the things I hope to reconnect with in the Magic Kingdom – the magic of my family. (Hopefully I'll remember the magic during that 12 hour drive home on Saturday. Yikes!)

Where do you like to get away from it all (for just a few hours or a couple of days)?


Remember, we’re running a “Keep Marilyn Company” giveaway this week. Commenters will be selected from each day to win prizes we bring back from Disney and books. A complete list will be posted on Saturday!!!


Jane said...

How exciting. I've never been to Disney World. Sometimes I like heading to the library for a few hours or go for stroll. If I really want to get away for a few days, I take the Friday off and go visit my cousin in Michigan for the weekend.

Linda Winstead Jones said...

Hope y'all are having a great time! We've started going to Disney every couple of years, with kids and grandkids. It's a blast. Exhausting, but so much fun.


Playground Monitor said...

After spending last Saturday with the grandbaby and seeing her princess obsession up close and personal, I'm hoping to take her to Disney World as soon as she's old enough to really enjoy and remember it.

I love the Smoky Mountains as a getaway. It's so peaceful there. And at least until December #2 son is in grad school there.

PM's Mother said...

Since I live "at the beach" my idea of a perfect vacation is a trip to my beloved North Carolina mountains...especially the Blue Ridge Parkway. I never get tired of seeing the spring and fall colors.

The most restful vacation I've had in a while was a 7-day river barge trip on the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. Unfortunately the economy has closed the company that did those trips so I cannot enjoy another vacation like that.

LeaannS said...

Have fun! I would say have a drink for all of us, but I imagine you are already planning on that!

catslady said...

We waited 15 years for kids so we took all kinds of fantastic vacations - then the kids came lol. Actually we all liked going to Cedar Point (roller coaster capital of the world lol) for a few days and still do.

Minna said...

As I live in the countryside and I don't have a car, getting away is a bit tricky, but I can always go to ride by bicycle, walk in the forest or just get lost in a book.

I would love to visit Disney World one day!

Misty Wright said...

I hope to take the kids to Disney World in the next few years. I want them all to be able to enjoy and not sit out while everyone else are riding the rides. :)

I just got back from the beach and diving. I have to say that the beach is becoming my favorite place. I love the sound of the waves and now getting under the water to see what is going on. ;)

I still love the mountains as well and hope to get there this year. I try to go at least once a year and didn't make it last year. My favorite time in the mountains is when the leaves are changing colors. It is beautiful!

Virginia said...

I went to Disney World many years ago and have always wanted to go back, but never got to.

I just got back from a get away yesterday. My older sister, niece and I went to spend the weekend at my younger sisters house and had a ball. No husbands,no kids just us girls and it was heaven! I don't get to do this often but we really enjoy it.

Kathy said...

SQUEEE! Have fun with Mickey and Minnie. I love going to Disney World!! :)

Hey, PM! I love staying at home, sitting around the pool, writing in my study, watching movies. But, if I could go anywhere, I'd enjoy restful days at the beach. For entertainment getaways, always, always, battlefields and museums.

Lois said...

I've been to Disney World, but it was back in 1990. So, well, been a tiny while ago. ;) Well, you can say last week I got a few days away, went to a really nice hotel for a couple days. . . but, well, it's because we have a few plumbers and workers doing our bathroom. They tore up the walls and stuff last week. Tomorrow they come back for more stuff, but we aren't going back to the hotel. Good thing in a way, half the time I was dead tired because my sleep schedule was messed up and had to get up really early since I'm back to college after a few years taking a class and had to get to the school and all this stuff. But nice room though. And could use the bathroom anytime I wanted too! ;)


flchen1 said...

Wow, hope you're all having a terrific time! There's nothing like spending vacation time with friends--that's a hoot!

And my favorite getaway? Someplace quiet where I can read and enjoy some chocolate ;) Ah... books, here I come!

Laurie said...

I went to Disney Worls in 1995 when my youngest was 5. We had a great time but froze it was only 50 during the daytime and we brought only shorts and T-shirts along with us from Wisconsin! (December)
Escape can only manage a few hours at a time...I walk, or swim or sit outside and read!

traveler said...

How fun. I love the beach so for me the yearly trip to the seashore is a totally differrent environment filled with fun, excitement and the beauty of the ocean.