Thursday, September 03, 2009

Mommy the Drug Dealer - UPDATED

For a very long time we've expected to find a note from the teacher in Sweet Pea or Baby Girl's backpacks with a question concerning 'Daddy and his drugs'*. I find it somewhat ironic that it turns out I'm the drug pusher in our family.

Baby Girl has recently been struggling with a nasty cough. Nothing else, just a cough. Not enough to keep her home or skip any scheduled events. The same weekend this cough began she started a new Sunday school program. On top of the stress of starting a new school recently, she was a little overwhelmed and high strung. So I wasn't entirely surprised on Monday morning when she came to me crying and out of sorts. I gave her some medicine thinking that her cough was probably contributing to her overall feeling of blah. When I handed it to her my exactly words were, "This should make you feel better."

This is where the miscommunication occurs. The funny thing is, I had no clue what-so-ever that it had happened.

Each morning for the rest of the week she asked for her medicine and since she still had the cough I gave her some. I figured it couldn't hurt and might make her school day more pleasant. She wasn't bad enough to be taking it around the clock...just in the morning before school. Well, yesterday morning she looked up at me with that angelic smile on her face and said, "Time for my medicine, mommy." My reply was, "I don't think you need it anymore, sweetheart."

She promptly dissolved into tears. Crocodile tears. Huge drops that ran down her face and splashed onto the kitchen floor tears. (Note the immediate 180 degree turn in her emotions. If this girl doesn't end up on the stage somewhere her talents are completely wasted). Needless to say, I was shocked. It took me several minutes to drill down to the realization that this whole time she'd thought this medicine was her own version of a happy pill. I have no earthly idea where she came up with this idea. All I can figure is that I had made a comment about her out of sorts attitude the first morning before mentioning that I'd give her medicine. I'd also mentioned her cough though so...

We had a nice discussion about what the medicine was for and how we were in charge of making our own happiness. How if we look at things with a positive attitude we'll often find the good in a situation. It was a nice time for what I like to call Life Lessons. But those are kinda hard to impart when you're struggling to keep a straight face. She was very concerned that she was going to spend the rest of the day sad and upset because I wouldn't give her Triaminic.

The crocodile tears dried up and I gave her the medicine one last time as all the crying had made her start coughing again. Everything was right with the world once more. Although, I still have a problem with the idea that I'm the family drug dealer.

What miscommunications have taken you by surprise? How have they complicated your life? Do you have a drama queen in your life?


*Zilla is a pharmaceutical chemist and to simplify things we've always told the girls that daddy makes drugs.

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Jane said...

My little niece is fast becoming a drama queen. She pretends she can't hear or understand when we tell her to stop doing something. At least she stopped throwing herself to the floor while crying hysterically.

Playground Monitor said...

I'm not sure the grandbaby is a full-fledged drama queen, but my DIL said one day she would not go to daycare until she had on her clip-on earrings, her rainbow necklace, her raincoat and rainboots. And once she got there, she stood in the doorway and posed until her best little friend took notice. She sure does love sparkly things.

Problem Child said...

I obviously talk about my WIPS too much, as AC is always picking up plot points and asking me about them. I'm awaiting investigation for arson at any minute...

word verif: banter. Hey, that's an actual word!

Liza said...

All 3 of my nieces are drama queens. Youngest is the biggest drama queen of the 3, but then again she is 5.

Smarty Pants said...

Come here, little girl. I got something that will make it all better. *snicker*

I wish Triamenic could do that. Anti-depressants make me itch.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

LOL!!!! Love the drama queen bit. And Daddy makes drugs. Around here, that could mean any number of things. Lucky you don't have a SWAT team busting through the door.

Word verif: boned

ROFL! This has been an amusing visit to the playground this morning!

jennifer said...

surpisingly its not my daughters that are the drama queen its my son. he 4 and omg there r days when he gets mad n he sticks he little lip out so far that i just die laughing.
Its so hard 2 keep a serious face when trying 2 reason with him