Saturday, September 05, 2009

September 2009 News

Check out what’s new on the Writing Playground Website for September:

Our new contest kicks off this month! Smarty Pants is in charge and she's planned a Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Contest, in honor of the Playfriend Family Invasion of Disney World mid-month. Great prizes to be had! Remember, we start over with each contest to give everyone a shot at the prize, so you'll need to enter this one, even if you've entered before! More on what's happening on the blog while we're gone in a moment.

Diane O'Brien Kelly takes over School with the first in a series of tax articles for writers. This month, she walks us through "Commonly Missed Deductions."

Desire author Kathie DeNosky joins PM in the Sandbox for a chat.

Instigator will review THE MILLIONAIRE'S MISBEHAVING MISTRESS by KimberlyLang.

Don’t forget! During the week of September 14-18, we'll be doing a "Keep Marilyn Company" contest on the blog while the rest of the Playfriends invade Disney World. (I can't blame her for not wanting to go.) We'll be bringing home fun stuff from Disney, so post comments to keep Marilyn entertained in our absence and you'll be eligible to win!

The Blog has also been nominated again for a DivineCaroline "Love! This Site" Award. Click on the spiffy picture in the blog sidebar and show us some love with your vote!

As the Playground closes in on its 4th birthday, we have some big projects underway to make the Playground even more fabulous and fun. The first of these changes will be launched on the Blog in October, so stay tuned!

Check out our appearances!!!

Instigator and Problem Child will be presenting workshops at the Heart of Dixie Writers' Workshop on September 26th in Huntsville.

Playground Monitor takes over with her famous "Airing Dirty Laundry" class on writing for the Confessions market. The class runs Oct 1-30. Registration is open.

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Y’all have a wonderful and relaxing Labor Day!

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