Friday, February 27, 2009

It's A Question of Weight Ratio...

Oh, come on. You knew I would do this. Last Saturday, a group of us got tickets to see Spamalot here in town. I was the only one who had seen it (see prior post) and was very excited to drag everyone down there, including DB. Monty Python is not his thing. Even remotely. They start bantering about sparrows and he leaves the room. This time, he was a captive audience member. (Mwhahaha!) I was pleased. He only squirmed a little, but in the end, I think he enjoyed it. First and last musical, he said, so he was glad it was a good one.

Everyone seemed to have a good time, actually. I don't know how someone couldn't like it, to be honest. It's silly, yes, but a good silly. Sometimes I just need something like this to get my overanalyzing brain to rest for a while.

In the last post, I did this big goal oriented take based off of finding your "grail." Very motivational. This time... not so much. I'm going to talk about coconuts. Yes, coconuts. For those of you unfamiliar, they play a fairly large role in the movie and the play. At the show, they had a booth of items for sale. In NYC, I picked up a grail shirt and magnet, so this time, I wanted something different. I was tempted by the cow catapult set, but settled on coconuts. I paid $15 for two hollowed out coconut halves so I could click them together and dance around like I'm riding a horse. I know... but I did it in Scotland and I just needed them.

So now, my coconuts are going on my desk with all my other toys and motivational whatnot. (Are my coconuts a tax deduction if I use them to brainstorm?) My desk is covered with things. I have the "CREATE" sign Queen Rhonda bought me. The salt lamp and votives the Playfriends got me for my birthday. Picture frames and a motivational sign from Angel. My pirate ears from Disneyworld. A lava lamp. A chocolate RITA from the Reno conference that is probably very gross inside the silver foil. A vampire rubber duck. A couple plastic figures - Stewie from Family Guy, Pinky from Animaniacs, Strawberry Shortcake, Wish Bear... My office is a pop culture explosion. One day it will be clean enough for me to post a picture of it. Today is not that day.

So, do you keep special items on your desk? To motivate? To entertain? To procrastinate? I'm curious what you surround yourself with in your work or home office, if anything? Also interested in those of you who have to keep a clean desk to work. Baffling concept, but I hear some visual learners can't think with the clutter. As a kinestheic learner, I do better with toys...



Angel said...

As a visual learner, I keep lots of things in front of me to motivate me. And I try to keep the clutter under control, relegated to one pile. Otherwise, I get depressed and unmotivated.

But on my desk right now I have several motivational sayings, my Circle of 5 list (currently full, btw), The Writer's Prayer by author Debby Giusti, and pictures of my family and Playfriends.

My fave sayings at the moment are:

Life isn't about finding yourself... life is about creating yourself.

"Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits." Henry Ford


Angel said...

BTW, I LOVED!!! Spamalot. It was hilarious. And I enjoyed taking my hubby to something he actually enjoyed watching, rather than just tolerating the theater for my sake. :)


Problem Child said...

I hope all of those things aren't ON your desk...

I too have a CREATE sign and a nasty chocolate RITA!

I'm not visual enough to be overly bothered by stuff -- which is probably a good thing considering the condition of my office as a whole.

And Spamalot was fun!

Linda Winstead Jones said...

I have lots of stuff on my desk. A Magic 8 Ball, a couple of awards, pictures of friends all dressed up, a couple of small stuffed animals, chimes, stones, a woven basket one of my kids made many years ago, a small Captain Jack Sparrow figure that came off of someone's birthday cake (not mine), and now a Firefly Ornament, Inara's shuttle. It's new and I didn't want to leave it in a box until I put up the Christmas Space tree. Besides, it comes with a nifty stand. (Thanks DG!)

Sadly, there's more. My office is definitely NOT picture worthy at the moment.


Linda Winstead Jones said...

Oh -- and a sign that says, "She believed she could, and she did." A gift from number 1 son. :-)


Smarty Pants said...

Yes, its ALL on my desk. But, I do have a big L desk with a hutch/bookcase thing on one side, so there's lots of room. Most the stuff is on top of the hutch and out of my way. Unfortunately, at eye level, there is just a sea of paper and well, cats.

Kathy said...

I'm surrounded by Captain Jack Sparrow EVERYTHING (lunch box, figurines (both speak various Jack sayings), photos, a ship in a bottle, a large ship, and stuffed Teddie bears). I also have a wooden shark, a ceramic skull with pirate bandana, Debby Giusti's Writer's Prayer, my first request for a partial, inspirational quotes, and tons of research.

The first, a friend made for me.
Courage does not always roar.
Sometimes, it is the quiet voice
at the end of the day saying,
"I will try again tomorrow."

The second a quote by Teddy Roosevelt.
"Never, never, never give up."

The third,
"Desire! Determination! Dedication! Discipline!

Anonymous said...

I'm somewher in between - not clean not filthy. I have a picture of my son and family around my office that helps me.

PM's Mother said...

Many, many years ago when I was a working woman I had a sign over my cluttered desk that proclaimed

I also had another sign that read "A CLEAN DESK IS THE SIGN OF A SICK MIND".

My desk was pretty cluttered with stuff...but I could put my hand on any item when I needed it. That was my filing system!

housemouse88 said...

As a neat freak, you can guess what my desk looks like. I do have a stack of bibles on my desk and a angel whatnot. I have candles and pictures. I'm not a writer but an avid reader so I don't need things to motivate me just everyone's books. Have a great day.

Playground Monitor said...

I can't remember what kind of learner I am. I guess I'm somewhat kinesthetic because if my office is too hot or too cold I can't concentrate.

I have a salt candle, some fragranced candles, my mystical mojo beads from NaNo, I-ching coins hung in the prosperity corner of my desk, the carved stone PC gave us from San Francisco plus small mementoes from the city of each RWA conference I've been to (the I-ching coins are my SF one).

Right now I have tax files piled on top of my filing cabinet. Those need to be sorted and given to the accountant AKA the husband. And just last night I was thinking my office needed a good cleaning. That might be part of my refilling the well process. I know one author who cleans her office thoroughly after she finishes writing every book.

Instigator said...

Yep, I have several special things on my desk...quite a few of them from the Playfriends, conferences or other writing experiences. Unfortunately, I dont' usually write at my desk so I don't always get to look at them. But if I need a reminder of how much support I have I go look at everything.


Lynn Raye Harris said...

Spamalot was so much fun! Hubby and I had a good time. Would definitely see it again. :)

I have a few things on the desk, but I'm on the couch at the moment so can't remember what. I have a small ceramic Buddha (odd, because I'm Christian, but he came from a Chinese restaurant in Italy and is special to me). I have my "writes books" rock from PC, a Golden Gate bridge replica, my armadillo from Dallas, a picture of several of us in front of the GG bridge, and a few other odds and ends I can't think of at the moment. I have a create sign, a dream sign, and a big poster about passion.

My desk is definitely not clean. :)

Christine said...

We first saw Spamalot in DC... such a funny show. Watched it again here last weekend. Sooo funny.

On my desk and in my office: cat singing statuette from my dad, picture of DH and I 23 years ago when first married, computer.

Around me: collage for latest book, done in BIAW, with lovely Hugh Jackman in it; inside closet door my special lists to inspire me and a quote; above my desk a billion post-its about the books and the national conference; my latest book in the bookshelves, ready to read and dissect; pictures of my daughter, my BFs and my dad.

Next to my comfy chair, a table with a scented candle.

And yet it is all strangely neat.