Monday, March 02, 2009

MOANday-Hugh Jackman

After seeing Hugh Jackman host the Oscars, I couldn’t resist revisiting this sexy Aussie for March’s MoanDay. Join me in drooling over this built hunk with all his fabulous qualities. Starting with those striking muscles. Just enough definition without being over-the-top.

He’s definitely a man. One to make you look twice, if not a third time. I don’t know about you, but I happen to love a little scruffiness around the edges.

He also has a sense of humor. Though I don’t find gold lame pants sexy (and thus didn’t post them), I do appreciate a man who can dance in them without belittling his masculinity.

I mean, look at that grin. He’s just luscious, if you ask me.

He even fits the paranormal profile, with his exceptional performances in the Xmen movies as Wolverine.


Can you slip that towel just a little bit lower? Yum!


So let’s talk about our favorite hunky qualities today, whether from film or your favorite reads. What makes heroes lovable? Sexy? Stand out from the rest? What makes your favorite hunk a “keeper”?
I found these calendars celebrating sexy men at the store the other day and couldn’t resist grabbing a few for our readers. Two commenters will be chosen to enjoy one sexy man per month for the rest of the year! Just comment to enter.




P.S. Join us tomorrow with special blogger Heidi Rice, author for Modern Heat!

PPS: housemouse88 is the winner from last week's blog with Kate Hardy. Contact PC at with your snail mail addy. Prizes not claimed after seven days will be claimed by PC -- um, given to someone else...


Anonymous said...

oh very nice i need a hot calender count me in laide s love his tease for barbar


Playground Monitor said...

I had to clean the drool off the keyboard before I could comment. I adore Hugh and not just for his good looks, but for who he is as a man. I saw his pre-Oscar interview with Barbara Walters and he appears to be solidly grounded as a family man with a very self-deprecating sense of humor. I love that he's so in love with is wife. They weren't able to have biological children and when they learned that mixed race children were the hardest to place, they decided to adopt mixed race kids.

The gold lame pants are from his role in "The Boy from Oz" which is the story of singer/songwriter Peter Allen. Hugh won a Tony for that role and it just shows how versatile he is as a performer. I posted a YouTube video of him on the blog a while back. He sang, he danced and he even joined the kick line with the Rockettes.

"Australia" comes out on DVD this week and even though the critics panned it, I want to see it. And I can't wait for the new Wolverine movie.

Christine said...

Hugh Jackman is the template for my latest hero in my fourth book. I LOVE HIM. I did a collage for the book and he's in it -- yummy yummy yummy. I loved the interview with Babs... the lapdance was priceless. And the fact that he loves his wife, adores his children, and has a solid core make him a hero for all.

Thanks for the fabu post!!

Problem Child said...


Lynn Raye Harris said...

Um, what? I'm supposed to have a coherent comment after viewing the gorgeousness that is Hugh?

I agree with others: the fact he's so in love with his wife makes him that much more sexy, IMO. Lucky, lucky woman. Hugh is a true hero.

Linda Winstead Jones said...

Love Hugh. I Am glad you didn't post the picture of him in the gold lame pants. Talented as he is in the musical department (and man, he really can dance) the high kick don't fit with the ideal image of my fantasy Jackman. :-)

Great pictures! He's the template for my newest hero, so they're timely. Thanks!


Instigator said...

Sigh. He's just yummy. I am I supposed to concentrate on coherent thought?
But the thing that strikes me about him is he's so down to earth and just...real. He doesn't seem to have that Hollywood veneer that so many other leading men have. It's sexy as hell because he's just being himself.


Kathy said...

(sigh) Gazes longingly at the computer. (sighs again) ;)

Ah, Hugh! Wolverine, Kate & Leopold, X-Men, Van Helsing, Someone Like You, The Prestige and Paperback Hero...

I'm all for watching Hugh dance around in gold lame pants, in any pants, for that matter. How can you not like all things that are, Hugh? Well, Swordfish didn't sit well with me but Hugh put in a great performance!

His dark looks, that accent, his towering frame but gentle touch... what a man!

CrystalGB said...

Love Hugh. He is gorgeous. :)

Sherry Werth said...

I do not need to be looking at this during work hours! (LOL) That is one fine looking man.
I wonder if my boss would have a problem with Hugh being my screen saver? ;O

Angel said...

I think everyone has touched on something intrinsically sexy about out heroes--they are at they're sexiest when they are in love. Those feelings and dedication to the woman they love enhances any outer shell, doesn't it? :)


Verification: speend--what I did buying presents for DQ's birthday this morning. :)

Anonymous said...

I really needed that pick me up today. I have had quiet a few days that have left me depressed to say the least.
What some eye candy and that he's in love and caring about his wife makes him even more attractive. Love the scruffy look and I appreciate a man who can have a sense of humor and honor.
word verification - flower v

tetewa said...

I'd love to have one of these hanging in my computer room!

Anonymous said...

thanks for pkicking me