Monday, March 23, 2009

Calgon, Take Me Away!

It’s that time of the year again. The Playfriends are gearing up for our local RWA chapter’s 12th annual Romance Readers Luncheon. We’re really excited this year because the guest speaker is Vicki Lewis Thompson from over on the Soapbox Queens. And, well, we just have a good time with this “ladies’ day out” every year.

Most of us have a hand in either coordinating something for the luncheon or helping out in some way. You know we can’t just sit back and not be involved! I, myself, take on the task each year of creating the baskets and goodies that are raffled off to the participants. Last year, I ended up creating 25 of these raffle prizes that had to be coordinated and schlepped down to the Luncheon space.

This leads me to my blog topic today: my office. You see, in order to create these baskets in May, I have to start collecting filler items and books in January. We get lots of donations from chapter members and authors that have to be stored somewhere until assembly begins. As of last week, I couldn’t see the carpet in my office from all the stuff stacked in there. There was one little pathway leading from the doorway to the office chair.

Here is the now cleaned-up version. Just a little extra floor space.



Now, don’t get me wrong. This is actually great, because it means I’ve been given lots of basket items and will be able to create some pretty incredible giveaways. On the other hand, my out-of-control office is making me antsy. It is hard to work with all the visual clutter, and I’m distracted by the desire to start organizing. Problem is, if I get started, I may not be able to stop. Won’t get a lot of writing done that way.

Do you have a hard time working with lots of clutter around? Does it make it hard for you to focus or can you pretty much tune it out?

The Playfriends would love for you to join us at Heart of Dixie’s 12th Annual Romance Readers Luncheon! Check out the details at .



Kathy said...

We're all excited to see what you come up with for our luncheon attendees, Angel. ;) You sure know how to take one for the team!

My office? Well, I share it with the family so there is no controlling what comes in and goes out. But... in an ideal world, it probably wouldn't bother me too much if my office was in disorder. I've learned to tune stuff like clutter out. LOL!!

word verif: tiver
(tiver me shimbers!)

housemouse88 said...

I 100% understand about the clutter. I have a little case of OCD and can't let anything get out of order. I go through my house twice a year and if it has been worn or used in a year. It is either donated or trashed depending on how good of condition it's in. If I could only get my hubby to do this outside. I would be a happy camper. LOL Have a great day.

Problem Child said...

At least there's a good cause to your clutter. What's my excuse? ;-)

And I'm sure I owe you stuff for baskets...I just can't remember what it is...

Instigator said...

Clutter? What clutter? My one and only super power is my ability to be blind to clutter. It drives Zilla crazy but piles of stuff everywhere just don't bother me. As long as I have a clear space to do what I need I'm peachy.


Playground Monitor said...

I can tune it out pretty quickly unless it's the pile of notes for a project I need to work on but can't until I finish revising this book.

I'll admit it's easier to control things with just two of us in the house. But I remember when I used to get luncheon stuff and would have boxes stacked in every corner. But as PC said, there was a good cause for the clutter.

Smarty Pants said...

At least you know, come May, the clutter will leave. Mine has taken a permenant residence.

Anonymous said...

I can tune it out if need be. And in your case it's for a good cause.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Clutter drives me crazy -- and yet I can tune it out for stretches of time. In an ideal world, my entire house would be organized logically, with everything available at my fingertips. And yet, I have things crammed into closets and drawers, etc. It's awful. Maybe one day, I'll fix it. Or not. :)

Angel said...

sorry I've been absent today. Little Man is bad off with Scarlett Fever. He's pretty clingy at the moment.

I really don't mind the stuff. As I mentioned, I'll be able to make lots of great prizes. I just wish I could come up with a better way of organizing it until I start assembling.

I'm the type to put up with clutter for so long, then it has to go!

M.V.Freeman said...

Clutter, if there is a reason for it, I'm ok with it. For example--your collecting for the luncheon.

Now, if its just there to be there...that drives me nuts. I have to organize a bit before I can really spend any signifcant time writing. (which lately has been laughable)

Hugs on the sick little one that's tough. Hang in there!