Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Three Things

So, in staring at the blank screen of my computer trying to come up with a topic for my blog today I realized something. I can basically break my life down into three topics of conversation that keep reoccurring: illness (mine, the girls, the animals), Animals (goats, cats, dogs, chickens) and family (Zilla, the girls, the Playfriends). This flash of insight came while I quickly ran through and discarded several topics all centering around these three things.

This makes my life seem very boring. And perhaps it's the pounding headache and experience of trying to hack up a lung that's affecting my general optimism...but I'm not exactly happy about that.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I have a fantastic life. I'm living my dream - difficult as it might be sometimes, but everything worth having is worth working hard for. I have a fantastic husband, 2 amazing children, amazing friends and on occasion I get to feed a baby goat a bottle of milk. No one is deathly ill. No one is unhappy. No one spends the day crying - although I really do need to break Baby Girl of her nasty habit of whining. In my head I realize that boring is GOOD. Boring means everything is going fine.

And I suppose I do have my writing to escape to when I need adventure and pulse pounding moments. And books, there are always books to read if I feel the need to slip into someone else's pretend world for awhile.

So, I'm going to take some Tylenol, head to bed and be thankful for my boring life (and lack of interesting blog topic. You knew I'd get to that, right?). While I do that, why don't you tell me what three topics your life would boil down to?


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Maven Linda said...

Instigator, that's so easy! My three topics would boil down to: illness, animals (!) and family. Boring is great. I pray for boring days. But because my three topics are the same as yours, I almost never get a boring day. My large extended family seems to live on the fringe of nut-hood, lurching from crisis to crisis and it's almost never a NORMAL crisis. No, it's usually something brought on by the fact that they live in the Kingdom of Nut. Something is always going on with the animals. As of yesterday, we're trying to save a newborn calf and raise it by bottle because Mama Cow is apparently schizophrenic and hears voices; she won't let anyone near the calf, has tried to attack two sport utility vehicles, but won't let the calf nurse, either. Mama Cow is currently secured in the barn while we try to save her baby.

Boring. I really need some boring.

PM's Mother said...

What a coincidence! I ran into a friend at the grocery store yesterday and our conversation ended with her saying, "I like boring." Both of us agreed that when nothing was happening life was great. That means no one in the family is ill, friends are all OK and there is no crisis looming over us.

I suppose my topics of conversation would be the same as yours except for the animals.

housemouse88 said...

Having thought for a while on my three things. I would have to say my hubby, animals, and my computer. The reason I say my computer, it is my lifeline to the outside world. I could watch TV but I'm just not interested anymore. My hubby calls the computer, "THE DEVIL", because I'm always on it. I have really got into reading other peoples blogs, finding new releases, learning about authors, the publishing industry, etc. I just can't seem to help myself. Wait til the weather actually changes, then people won't hear from me because I'll be up to my elbows in flowers and gardening. I'm glad my life is boring.

Have a great day.

Problem Child said...

I'm a fan of boring -- if nothing is actively on fire, I consider that a good day.

Hmm. Thanks to DG's allergies, I don't have an "animal" category. I think my three categories would be "job," "family," and "problems I create for myself (because nothing is on fire at the moment)."

verif: probe. An actual word!

Instigator said...

Thanks guys :-)

Housemouse, My DH would agree with yours. I'm tied to my computer all day at work and come home to flip the laptop on as soon as I get the chance. I've tried to shut it off more lately. We'll see how long that lasts. I heart my computer because my friends live inside it - both real and imagined.


Kathy said...

Three topics?

My children, their well-being, and chaos. All intertwine into this huge entity of despair and ecstatic euphoria. I never know which one I'm going to get from one day to the next. :( Be glad for boring right now, Instigator. When children grow older the worries get more intense.

As far as animals go, I've got a zoo of my own, a more domesticated version, but a zoo all the same. ;)

I hope you can save the little heffer, Linda!

Christine said...

My 3 Topics:
Illness--as of now I am dealing with a kid who was up all night with food poisoning/on the hour barfing... thrills... or a reaction to antibiotic... and she spewed all over the bathroom I had just cleaned yesterday. Wow, what a mess.

Family: avoiding the awful ones in my own extended family and actively involved with my little group here... DH and Darling Daughter ... driving is my second job where she is concerned.

Friends: Missing the ones I had back in VA, especially my two critique buddies; enjoying the new ones I've made here; and working on keeping it easy

Boring isn't really how I'd explain it when things aren't going nuts. I'd kinda call it, smooth and easy.

I long for smooth--

Smarty Pants said...

I guess I'm pretty much all about:

Friends & Family - My friends are my family. I see them more than anyone else aside from DB, since he lives with me and all. My computer obsession ties in with this since I use it to keep up with my people.

Work - Be it the day job, the writing, the HOD support, the website stuff... work. Lots of work.

And lately, I'm distrubed to say it - Exercise. I'm becoming a gym rat. Hopefully, I will soon have the body of a gym rat, too.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... i wouldn't consider your life boring. anything involving animals has got to be hectic.

my repeating topics would be hubby, scuba diving, and Fred (our black lab) we consider him to be out pet rock. he's an old fella and i think he's beginning to be a bit senile. can't leave him alone in the house for too long or else we come back to chaos. *sigh*

Playground Monitor said...

I guess I'm like the old MCI long distance program -- Friends and Family. I dunno what the third is. More friends maybe??

And yeah, boring is good. Real good.

Smarty Pants said...

Isn't there a way for life not to be boring, but not filled with drama, either? I'd like a little good excitement.

Playground Monitor said...

I'd like a little good excitement.

You mean like the meth bust in the motel room next to ours? It was a meth bust, but none of us were hauled off in a squad car.

Smarty Pants said...

No, I think the meth bust, although an amusing story to tell, falls firmly in the 'drama' category.

Problem Child said...

I wouldn't call it drama in a bad way... we just have really interesting adventures!

How about we all aim for adventures instead of high drama? It will keep us from falling into the pit of boring monotony, yet out of the crazy bin...

catslady said...

Lol routine does have something to say for itself - days that don't get started normally always throw me off.

Three things - Animals, family and computer/books :)

Anonymous said...

My three things would be family, work and selling my home. Actually, I need 1 addition - health. And sister, I like boring, to me that means everything is be bopping right along.
I hope you feel better soon.