Friday, January 23, 2009

National Compliment Day

I'm all for the celebrating the lesser holidays. Any reason to make cupcakes and irritate my coworkers, really. My work calendar has all sorts of funny little headers marked on it like Chocolate Milkshake Day or International Talk Like a Pirate Day (hold back, Kathy - its not until September). I find it amusing when I'm cleaning my office and a coworker asks me why (because I rarely clean my office) and I tell them its National Clean Off Your Desk Day. They look at me like I'm an idiot.

Anyway, this week, we missed celebrating National Penguin Awareness Day, National Hugging Day and National Celebration of Life Day. I'm sure you all are fully aware of penguins and I'm not very touchy feely, so we'll just skip on to today's holiday - National Compliment Day.

I guess to celebrate, I should pay you all a compliment! I think our blog readers are some of the smartest, funniest and most wonderful blog readers around. :)

Myself, I'm too self conscious to take compliments well. At least when it comes to my appearance. You can tell me I'm brilliant or funny all day and I'll just nod and thank you, but tell me I look thinner or you like my hair and I start to squirm. I think its in a lot of people's nature to be modest and find some way to deflect it instead of accepting it. If someone compliments my dress, I feel the need to tell them its old or I got it for $10 at Ross instead of just saying "thank you." I'm too cynical, I think. My one co-worker showers me with compliments, but he's usually trying to grease me up for something, so I can't trust anything he says.

So, now its your turn to compliment me! Just kidding. Unless you want to. :) How about we share stories instead? What was the best compliment you've ever received? Ever gotten a weird compliment? I get those a lot. Are you a fan of any other random holidays? I know I'm always up for celebrating strawberry shortcake day. :)

I hope you all celebrate by complimenting everyone you see today on something. Nothing brightens a woman's day like telling her you like her shoes or her blouse.

P.S. The Playfriends are participating in an online auction to aid a homeless teen and her mom. You can get more info about the auction here and see what we've donated here.


Playground Monitor said...

The DH had been on a business trip once and as we were driving home from the airport he was telling me about a woman he saw at the airport. "She was ugly," he said. "So ugly she made you look like Miss America."

Then he realized what he'd said, and 35 years later I still remind him of it from time to time.

Best compliment? Probably the day the other four Playfriends asked me to be a part of their website venture.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

ROFL, PM!!!!

Best compliment. I was ten, skinny as a rail, and gawky. I had a friend who was a year older and was developing, um, faster -- and she liked to rub my nose in it because boys paid attention to her.

Her 18 yr old sister had a military boyfriend. He was very cute to my 10 yr old brain.

One day he was visiting his girlfriend, and we're all watching tv -- and he looks over at me and says, very thoughtfully, "You know, you're gonna be one hot chick when you grow up." That was the only time he ever said anything to me, but I never forgot it.

SP, you're one hot chick. Don't forget it. :)

Anonymous said...

My compliment is to you Playfriends for making this blog interesting, entertaining and making me really think. I enjoy coming here to see what's new, learning about writers I've never heard of, ie, Julia Harper & Christie Craig (who's book I am now reading & throughly enjoying), and get to read their publications. Keep it up ladies. Recent comment was this week when I wore a nice sweater in the color of fushia with some nice slacks. I wish everyone a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Problem Child said...

I responded to one an email someone sent to enter the contest this month. I got an email back almost immediately, and she told me I'd made her day with a response. That made *my* day. I mean, what better compliment than to hear that a simple email from you made someone's day?

I agree our blog readers are the smartest, funniest, and most wonderful. I'll add that they all look much younger than their years and have beautiful hair.

Kathy said...

You know I was getting the pirate jargon ready... Crusty barnacles!

Compliment Day. How cool is that? Best compliment would have to be recently when SP asked if I'd lost weight and everyone told me how good I looked in that jewel toned green shirt. That really made my day!!

PM, I know someone else who got a similar remark. She and her hubby were watching the Miss America pageant and commenting on contestants. When she shot down a woman he pointed out as being a sure winner, he told her "Well, you're no Miss America." And this said after they'd only being married for 6 months. He hasn't lived it down since. LOL!

Darling Geek said...

I believe the strangest compliment I ever received was when, after being introduced to him, a stranger told me that I spoke very good English.

Christine said...

First, my compliments to you all. I enjoy readng the blog and it helps me get through the tougher days. Thanks for letting me play here!! I feel less isolated as a result.

Best compliment: it came from a dear friend's mom. I had told her about studying for the SATs on my own -- long story, but I had quit HS due to being on my own early and nothing came about the normal way -- I'd gotten the study book right after I got married to my DH. I took a test once a week (the first score was horrible), and then I'd do the lessons and retest every week until the actual SATs occured. I managed to get an 1180 (I think -- it's been years) and that was good enough to get into University and pursue my studies along with my GED (also did that on my own). Anyway, I never really thought much of it till I told the story to my friend's mom, and she said, "wow, that's amazing that you did that on your own discipline. What a hard worker you are."

I was stunned. It never occured to me to think that was amazing. My own mother would never compliment me or encourage my endeavors. I'd just learned to put my shoulders up under any boulder and push till I got to the top of the mountain.

Anyway, it was nice to hear someone say that to me. I've never reached any destination by following a straight line, but I usually get there by digging in. I hope the writing yields similar results for me one day!

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Christine, with that attitude, the writing will yield similar results. :) Attitude is all, especially when the going gets tough. You'll get there. :)

Christine said...

Thanks Lynn! I hope your writing is going well, too. I know you'll get it out in the published world soon.

I just finished my third draft of the third MS. I had sent the first 55 pages including the synopsis to the GH competition and have worked hard to tweak it and actually finish it. It still needs work (I cut over 10,000 words--who knew I'd need to ADD words??) but for now it's percolating. I need to start something new!

Angel said...

Christine, that's a wonderful story! Congratulations on all your hard work. Lynn's right, with that attitude you will be published! I can't wait to meet you.

What wonderful compliments on Friday! I'm posting late because I spent Friday trying to catch up on work. I've been juggling clients, sick kids, and doctor appointments all week. I could have used a compliment yesterday. :(

But reading these today has been mood-boosting! And I have to agree with the other Playfriends. Our readers are the best! I have enjoyed getting to know y'all through your comments (wish more of you lurkers would come out! We don't bite!). And I always feel comfortable when I post here. Thanks!

Now back to more work. I'm almost caught up enough to be able to spend tomorrow doing revisions instead. Yay!


Lynn Raye Harris said...

Thanks, Christine! Actually, I did sell my book. :) It's coming out in August from Harlequin Presents. Book #2 is almost finished too.... :)

Congrats on getting that GH entry done and in! That's an accomplishment for sure. :)

Hugs on all the juggling, Angel!

Christine said...

Angel, you are a good mom! To juggle kids, appointments and squeeze in writing is hard job. Pat yourself on the back!!

Congrats on the first book... I knew it was published, but didn't know about book two, Lynn. Awesome news!

I will be at the HOD meeting on the 14th. I can't wait. I'm finally free of flying/driving up to DC for my daughter's orthodontia so I can go to more chapter meetings.