Friday, January 16, 2009

The Bucket List

I don't have a Bucket List, per se, but I have always kept a goal sheet of things I would like the chance to do in my lifetime. I started it in college and have added and checked off items as I go. So far, I've been able to mark off things like swimming with a dolphin, seeing a musical on Broadway, touring a Scottish castle, getting Lasik vision correction, and hosting a murder party. There are quite a few items still left including getting my SCUBA certification, getting published, touring the White House, seeing the Sistine Chapel and ice skating in Rockafeller Center.

Then there are a couple of items that just stay on the list. Things I just want to do more of all the time. One of those items is to see more concerts. There's just something about seeing a live performance, feeling the energy of the crowd... its nothing like watching it on TV or listening to the CD. There is a short list of people I'd like to see in concert. These aren't just casual whims - these are groups I've followed for years. Worshipped. Adored. Must sees. The list includes R.E.M., Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Duran Duran, Bryan Adams, Metallica, and Simon & Garfunkel.

I've had the good fortune to be able to cross Duran Duran (although when I saw them, John Taylor was not a member, so I may need to see them again) and Bon Jovi off the list. I missed the boat on Simon & Garfunkel when they toured about 5 or 6 years ago. Tickets were ungodly expensive - and rightfully so. Hell will probably freeze over before I get the chance to see them.

That leaves R.E.M., Aerosmith, Bryan Adams and Metallica. R.E.M. was in Atlanta last year on Little Sister's birthday. I missed her birthday the year before to go to Scotland, so my guilt got the best of me. I went to Chuck E. Cheese instead. I'll have to watch for them to tour again soon. Aerosmith isn't touring right now. Metallica isn't coming anywhere close by this year and I refused to camp three days without showering to see them at Bonnaroo, even though its an hour from my house.

Ahh...but that leaves Bryan. My wonderful Bryan who hardly ever tours in the US. I fell in love with him in 1987 (yeah, I was 8) back when he did tour here, but by the time I was old enough, he'd abandoned me for the UK. Oh, he'd do the occasional Madison Square Gardens concert, but a 17 yr old girl in Vegas couldn't get there. Years I've waited! More recently he's started touring more, but still never anywhere near me. This last summer, he was in Memphis and I was tempted, but the schedule didn't work out. (Why did every act I wanted to see tour last summer after I'd already coughed up the change to see Bon Jovi?)

Then on Christmas Day, DB gave me a gift. Well, actually, he flung a page of the newspaper at me across my mom's living room while I napped on the floor and said "here." (That's my baby.) On the page was information about a Bryan Adams concert in Atlanta and Nashville. Jackpot!

After much whining and complaining and coercing, I got tickets and friends to go with me! Tonight, at 8PM EST, I will be ten rows back from the stage watching Bryan Adams play his acoustic guitar and sing to me. Yes, me. And only me, by damn. One more item checked off the list!

Do you have a list of things you want to do in your lifetime? Care to share a few choice items? Any concerts or performances you just have to see before you (or they) get too old to enjoy it?



Maven Linda said...

My only to-do item is "live to be a hundred and thirty." When I check that off . . . well, likely I'll have checked out.

The verification word is "hazoo." No meaning there, but I like it.

M.V.Freeman said...

Have fun at the concert tonight! :)

As for me, I'd like to live in an drafty Irish castle for a year.

As for concerts, nothing comes to mind, but give me time and the caffiene to kick in.

Take picts SP!

Playground Monitor said...

I want to see James Taylor in concert. The last time he was close, we had a conflict we couldn't change.

I don't have a bucket list, but I try to take advantage of travel opportunities when I can (Scotland notwithstanding). Y'all won't leave me behind on the next trip.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a list per se. When I turned 40, I was determined to move out of my apartment and into a home so that my son could have a yard to play. Done! Right now I am hoping to sell my current home & move closer to my sisters by my 48th birthday (May). I do have a showing on my home tomorrow morning, here's hoping it goes well. I did have a good check up yesterday & had lost 7 lbs from last years' visit - yeah! Now if I can continue that and then some this upcoming year. May you have a wonderful time tonight at the concert.

Problem Child said...

I am rather jealous of your chance to see Bryan. Sigh. Wish I could go.

I've seen Areosmith. In 1990. My Uncle (who's only 11 years older than me) sent me money for graduation. The cash arrived two days before tickets went on sale. WhoHoo!

So, when I went to write the Thank You note, I included the info that I'd bought Areosmith tix with the money. My mom was horrified -- one shouldn't spend graduation money on something like that. (Or if you do, you don't tell.) But I knew then (and I've since double checked) that Areosmith tix would be *exactly* what my uncle would want me to buy with graduation money. :-)

Now, the dipwad I took with me to the concert was a total waste of a perfectly good ticket.

Problem Child said...

PM, you were invited, you know :-)

I'll cross my fingers for your home showing robertsonreads. (Because selling this house and moving to a bigger, better one -- preferably one that's not so drafty-- is on my bucket list!)

Playground Monitor said...

Every time I see y'all's pictures, I remember that I was invited and declined because I was trying to be fiscally responsible. I shoulda asked the DH instead of jumping to conclusions cause once it was too late for me to go, he said "Why aren't you going too?"


Good luck on the home showing robertsonreads! Keeping my frozen fingers crossed for you.

Kathy said...

Oh, there are too many to mention here. Be serenaded by Gerard Butler sans mask. Sail with Captain Jack Sparrow on the waves of.... (fill in the blank- ;). Sell a book. Finish this book and 60 more, all of which become best sellers. Leave my mark on humanity. Discover the cure for ignorance. Uncover the newest historical discovery while embarking on an archeological endeavor with none other than my newest fav, Simon Baker.

Hmmm... sadly none of these seem doable. Humph! Maybe that's where I'm going wrong.

Kathy said...

Oh, and I'm so envious. I adore Bryan Adams. 'Everything I do' gives me goose bumps every time. Enjoy and tell him how much I love his music. Just shout it out above the crowd. I'm sure he'll hear you. ;)

word verif: fetal
(Ah yes, I'd like to curl up into the fetal position today.)

Smarty Pants said...

Kathy, part of the joy for me is actually getting to check off items. You may want to add a few things on there that won't require the help of your fairy godmother...

Kathy said...

Dreaming keeps you young and gives you something to live for. ;)

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Hmm, I don't have a list necessarily (though I like Linda's one item a lot). I've done some cool things, many of them before hitting 40.

(Kathy, I'm ROFLing about finding the cure to ignorance!!)

I am *always* up for an adventure. So long as it's not something impossible for me (sky-diving, ahem), I'll think about it and probably go along.

I too love concerts. But usually symphony concerts these days. I saw my share of rock n roll concerts as a teen. Hey, I even saw Rick Springfield! (Anyone remember him?) Hubby doesn't like rock concerts; he'd rather listen to the music on his iPod. We did go to a Willie Nelson concert last year. I'm not a huge country fan, but I went because a) the adventure of it, b) the man is a legend, c) I'll try nearly anything once.

I missed BB King when he came to the VBC, though I did see Dianne Reeves at the Princess in Decatur. In Hawaii, I saw Burt Bacharach -- that was cool. Also saw Lang Lang, the pianist, and Renee Fleming. Awesome.

You know, I could probably get the hubby to a Bryan Adams concert. But he'd have to come to the VBC, because the man won't go to Atlanta for a concert. Hope you have a great time!!!!

Angel said...

The Bon Jovi concert was AWESOME! Definitely a bucket list experience. Personally mine would include goals like establishing a publishing career, travelling to certain places I've always wanted to see (can you say London/Ireland 2013?), and the more ephemeral "Be the Best Mother I can be".


Playground Monitor said...

Good luck on the cure for ignorance. Ron White always says, "You can't fix stupid."

I saw Duke Ellington perform when I was in college. Saw Liberace at the VBC (actually, it was the VBCC back then) back in the 70's. Took the boys to a Beach Boys concert in the 80's and saw Kenny Rogers at a small nightclub here in town when he was between success.

I've also seen Johnny Cash, Dottie West, Peter Noone (Herman of Herman's Hermits), Paul Anka, Frankie Avalon and some others perform as "THe Boys of Summer," JoDee Messina, Joe Diffie, Eddie Rabbitt and Helen Reddy at business seminars the DH and I used to attend. In college, it was groups like the Grass Roots, Iron Butterfly (yes, I heard them do Inna Gadda Da Vida), the Fifth Dimension and Linda Ronstadt. Also saw Pat Paulsen (of Smothers Brothers fame) and James Dickey (of Deliverance fame) speak at my university.

Man, this is turning out to be a stroll down memory lane.

Virginia said...

I don't have a bucket list. I just take one day at a time and take life as it comes.

Angel said...

Virginia, that's the cutest little icon!


Kylie said...

I can't say concerts are on my wish list, but I do have a few. Skydiving, scuba diving, cave exploring, white water rafting, hang gliding....

The only ones checked off so far are cave exploring and white water rafting. And the problem with waiting too long is that fears can start to set in, LOL.

My most serious desire is to travel the world, see all the places I've only read about. My dh is up for all the tropical beaches, LOL, but when it comes to castles and culture I need a new companion!

For example, while in Paris (which he hated) I spent five hours at the Louvre. He was long suffering but pretty good about it. But at the end he said, "I don't see what's so great about this place. Most of the statues had the heads broken off." LOL. Nah, culture so isn't his thing!

Liza said...

Hope you have a blast at the concert tonight! I really want to see Billy Joel and Elton John when they come back to Nashville this year. I missed out on the ticket prices last night, but I'm sure they are out of this world.

Christine said...

My BF used to live in the same apartment complex as Bryan Adams --in the early 80s in Vancouver. She and I used to hope for a glimpse of him. She succeeded. I did not.

I think he has an amazing voice. Bon Jovi--ditto--what a cutie pie to boot.

I don't have a bucket list. I think I do pretty well with tame adventures. I have no desire to skydive or bungee jump or rock climb. I do desire to see France again, travel to Italy, head back to Broadway and see a bunch of shows, and more.

Personally, I'd like to get rid of the spare tire I grew around my belly this year, work out more, sell a book (or more), accomplish more in less time, learn to sing (sometimes I take a singing lesson from my daughter is she can't go--it's fun!), get a moped and save money on gas, let go of worry and doubt, and remember this is a one-way ticket so I better enjoy the journey.