Thursday, January 29, 2009

If It Walks Like a Duck

No, I am not talking about farm animals today. We do not have a new duck in the fold...I'M the only thing around her waddling at the moment.

I started this year with new resolve: start an exercise program, lose some weight, get healthier. If pressed, the Playfriends would probably admit that I tend to get a little...obsessive when I have a new goal in front of me. I'm not the most patient person on this planet and if I'm gonna do something I want some results for the efforts NOW!

I'm rather proud of myself that several weeks into this new routine I'm going strong. I've missed a couple of my gym days - for very good reasons - but I immediately got right back at it as soon as I could. Perhaps the 'right back at it' is where I went wrong. Or maybe it was buying that wii fit... Either way, I'm paying the price for my enthusiasm right now.

I can't walk. Well...I can but I make this really weird face that Zilla is delighting in imitating, groan like a dying frog and try not to move the muscles in my calves any more than absolutely necessary. And I want to point out right here and now - I have no idea what I did!

Monday I did an hour and 15 minutes on my wii fit. And I really enjoyed it! It was fun and I felt fantastic when I was done. I sat down in bed and pulled open my laptop...15 minutes later I got up to do something and nearly fell to my knees. The pain might not have been so bad if I'd expected it but my calves didn't burn once during my workout!

Tuesday, after spending the day walking on eggshells, I decided a very short workout to stretch the muscles a bit might be a good idea. Got on the wii fit, felt great. 15 minutes after I'd finished the pain was even worse than before.

Wednesday was a gym day and I didn't want to skip it completely so I went and did a circuit weight class. There are only a couple leg machines and they don't work your calves so I figured I was okay...until the instructor told us to do 10 minutes on the treadmill at the end of the class. By then I was stretched out and warmed up and didn't feel bad so I did it. I thought I was going to die by the time the ten minutes was over. is another gym day. I usually spend an hour there walking on the treadmill and doing the weight machines. I really hate to miss the day but I'm not sure my calves can take it. Yes, I do realize all of my pain is self inflicted...I just can't seem to stop. On the bright side, I'm losing weight. Although, my ass had better start to look amazing PDQ or I'm going to get really upset.

Do you have any funny workout stories to share? Ever push yourself too far and pay the price?



Anonymous said...

God Bless you. Are you taking any Advil or Tylenol? Couldn't hurt with those sore muscles. No, my problem would be that I need to exercise more. I do get a good workout here at the school with the walking that I do. On an average day I can rack up to 3.5 miles. And at home instead of using the upstairs bathroom, I hike up & down the stairs to the other bathroom. Good luck with your aches and pains and try not to push your body so much until it recovers.

Smarty Pants said...

Last night was the first time I've worked out on the Wii Fit and actually "felt the burn." I warmed up with advanced step, ran for 3 minutes, did 6 minutes of hula hooping, 6 minutes of advanced boxing, then ran for another 3 minutes. Did some yoga cool down after that.

My calves are killing me. I think its the running thing. I have to say this though - I scored higher on running in place than I actually did running around my living room. What's up with that? And the hula hooping made my lower back tight. I guess my lower back needs the help.

I'm considering joining the new YMCA gym they opened. I get a good corporate discount.

Instigator said...

Yeah...I think running in place for 13 minutes on accident is what did me in. My calves are actually feeling much better this morning so my trip to the gym looks good although, I'll probably cut back on my treadmill time anyways. :-)


Smarty Pants said...

Get on the recumbent bike instead. That works your quads more than your calves.

Problem Child said...

Good for you getting into shape. I'm still trying to work on the "make it a habit" thing. But I did do 30 mins of Free Step on the Wii Fit last night with 2-lb weights in my hands for curls (multi-tasking :-))

Just don't push yourself too hard. Damage is hard to undo -- trust me on this...

Angel said...

Right now I'm struggling with the results thing. I'm also an "I want to see results now" person and nothing I've done in the past 4 months has resulted in anything but lower blood pressure. Sorry, that wasn't quite what I was looking for.

Part of the problem is I can't seem to get everything together. I'll do great with exercise, not so good with eating. Or the opposite, not exercise all week, but eat really healthy. If I could just get everything to click together, maybe I'd lose a few pounds...


Liza said...

I hurt my foot on either the treadmill or the elipical machine on Monday and haven't really been back. It's the foot I had surgery on in the fall, so I'm really not sure what I did. I've done really well, up to this week with the gym, but I really have to work on the eatting healthier.

Maybe I can do something on my Wii Fit so I don't totally miss out on my workout.

Maven Linda said...

Drink water after working out. Lots of it. It really helps keep the soreness to a minimum. And getting a good long drink at the fountain just won't do the job. Drink at least three extra glasses of water during the day afterward.

Kathy said...

Maven Linda is right. Water is key! You have no idea how dehydrated your body gets when you exercise. Drink more, Instigator. ;)

I really made no decision to work out consistently but I should. The problem is, when I exercise I'm more hungry. Ironic, isn't it?

Lynn Raye Harris said...

You have to take these things slowly. My workouts are going pretty good lately. I go for distance on the treadmill, so when I hit 2 miles, I'm done. If I'm really tired, I'll go for time -- as in I must do at least 20 minutes.

Have you thought about measuring yourself? Sometimes the noticeable progress is in inches lost, not pounds. The pounds will catch up, but the inches can often keep you motivated, especially when you realize something fits better even if your scale weight hasn't changed.

Yeah, I think the running in place did it to you guys. :(

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Oh, and Angel, lower blood pressure is a wonderful accomplishment!!!

Jen said...

Half-marathon. 13.1 miles. Felt great when I finished. got on the Marta train to get to my car and when I started to get up could barely stand. Had the motherlode of shin splints. Ice packs and ibuprofen.

And I second Maven Linda -- lots and lots of water. Exercise produces lactic acid in your muscles and you need to flush it out with water -- it not only hydrates you but by flushing out the lactic acid reduces how sore you are later.

Misty Wright said...

My hat is off to all of you. I can't seem to keep at it anything. The Gym doesn't appeal to me. LOL. I so need it to, but for some reason I can't seem to make myself go. I know I would feel better and rest better. It would lower my stress and I'd feel great, but there is that whole going thing again. Hmmm. Thoughts, anyone?