Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Random Tuesday Ramblings -- and a SQUEE!!

I have a book to write and I’m so behind on Christmas preparations it’s not even funny. Coherent, logical, interesting blog posts may be more than I can manage at the moment. Bear with me.

COUNSELOR SHELLEY UPDATE: You may remember this blog post, and my total amusement at Counselor Shelley’s decision to repeat dorm life after the age of 30. We were taking bets on how long she’d last. Well, if you put your money on one term or less, you’re a winner! I gotta give her props, though. She survived middle of the night fire alarms (where she had to go outside in the hurricanes), the college-kid parties, RAs who didn’t appreciate the fact that she had a good ten years on them and therefore wasn’t going to obey their silly edicts (like evacuating the building for the third friggin’ time that night to go stand in the rain), a mold problem that had her running dehumidifiers 24/7, and living with thin, perky people who still run up the steps. However, the cockroach infestation did her in. The proverbial straw, so to speak. (Not that I blame her. Roaches would send me over the edge as well.) Counselor Shelley is no longer a dorm dweller.

(But otherwise, she’s doing very well. Good grades, good research, and the respect of her professors. PhD, here she comes!)

PC’s NaNo UPDATE: I suck. That’s about all there is to say. Okay, so maybe not completely, as I did get some words on paper, but it wasn’t nearly as much as I’d hoped for. Darn people who insist on being fed… My status meter now shows progress on the book as a whole. I’ve got to get this thing finished.

SQUEE MOMENT: The Secret Mistress Arrangement is on sale now on the Mills and Boon website!! It’s real!! It’s official!! It’s time for lots of exclamation points!! Look over there in the sidebar – I have a cute little widget where you can read the first chapter. This is very exciting, and a real time-suck as I spend too much time on Amazon UK looking at my ranking on the Pre-Order lists.
(I’ll be on sale in the US in a couple of more months, and we’ll have a release party on the blog in April.)


PS: AmyS is the winner from Maven LJ's blog. Send your smail mail to smartypants@writingplayground.com to claim your prize. Remember, you have seven days to claim or we have to give the prize to someone else!

PPS: KimmyL – today is your last chance to contact me to claim your prize from Christie Craig. We’ll have to pick another winner if I don’t hear from you! (problemchild@writingplayground.com)


Playground Monitor said...

Duh! I didn't realize I could read the first chapter via the widget. Color me slow. I'll be reading it as soon as I publish this comment.

At least Shelley gave it the old college try (pun intended). Cockroaches would do it for me too.

You do not suck. Look in the mirror and repeat that a dozen times daily.

Crystal Lee said...

No, you do not suck. You'll get where you need to be. Just take a deep cleansing breath and move on.

Cool about the first chapter being available! I'll get to that after I finish my deep cleansing breath.

Sorry about the cockroaches. Nasty critters.

Smarty Pants said...

What kind of dorm was she living in?? My dorm didn't have bugs or mold or anything like that. It had annoying teenaged boys who set off the fire alarm at 2AM in snowstorms, but that was the bulk of my problems.

I actually really liked living in a dorm. Now, I probably wouldn't be as thrilled doing it now, but at the time, it was great. If I had to go back now for some reason, I would only go to a school with 25+ housing for grad students.

Christine said...

I could NEVER live in a dorm. I went to college as an adult, married lady and that was painful enough. Being treated as if I was 18, not 23 and married with responsibilities was ridiculous. I've either lived on my own or with my guy. I admire anyone who could put up with the dorm life after the age of 20.

Congrats on the Squee moment. When I come up for air, I am reading your first chapter. How very very exciting for you!!

And ANY pages written are good. That does NOT suck. I am managing a few pages a day with my 1 hour per day goal during the holiday season (yeah, those pesky people who want to eat are word drains, eh?).

Lynn Raye Harris said...

OMG, cockroaches would *definitely* do it for me. I'm flashing back to the GINORMOUS cockroaches that bubbled from the storm drains in Hawaii at night. Oh how I hated that, especially since there was one of those drains in my yard.

Hugs on the writing. Me too is about all I can say to that. Deadline looming and characters refusing to be interesting. :(

Kathy said...

I'm back!!

Hugs, PC! You're doing fine. Keep your eye on the prize and all that. ;)

Cockroaches. Blech! You know I always wondered if they tried to crawl in your ears as you slept. ;D

Anonymous said...

No roaches of any kind! Continue to believe in yourself - you will achieve. And to live in a dorm - kinda did that until I was 18 - 3 sisters you know (and 3 brothers). I believe that is the reason that I live alone now and absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!
word verification - bleetier*&^%$

Instigator said...

I would have killed for pictures of Counselor Shelley in the dorm. I know she's glad to be outta there now though and the cockroaches would have been the straw on my camel too.

You don't suck! You're almost done with your words. That is a good thing.

And I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of your book.