Friday, December 26, 2008

Only 364 Shopping Days Until Christmas

It's over. The chaos, the shopping, the fatty foods, the obligitory cheerfulness... Christmas is officially behind us. Ten minutes after those Christmas discount sales end, the Valentine's will be on display, if they aren't already.

This is always a funny day for me. Sorta like a relationship you get all wrapped up in that ends sort of abruptly. Now what? All that build up and I'm left with nothing but a dead tree to show for it.

I'm not a big fan of Valentine's day (whether I'm single or not) so I'm just going to start looking on ahead to next Christmas. I figure maybe if I start now, I won't end up like this year with a naked tree and zippo Christmas spirit. Heck, I've already got the giftwrap and stuff out. I should just go ahead and buy my presents, wrap them, and hide them away with the Christmas decorations. I could probably get a good deal on stuff, too. if only the dead tree could make it to next year. Make that $1 stretch even further. :)

So, are you still feeling the holiday buzz or do you have the post-Christmas hangover?


Anonymous said...
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Problem Child said...

Due to a fabu prezzie from DG, I'm up bright and early to head to the Apple store. Plus, I still have to have the "family Christmas" gathering. So, I wouldn't call it a holiday buzz, but maybe just a continuing vibration...

Liza said...

I still have a couple of more gatherings to attend today and tomorrow, so I have to keep the Christmas spirit a little longer. I am pretty tired right now. I had to drive back to my house last night for work today only to drive back to my dad's after work. At least the drive is under 3 hours. Bonus is I get to see my sister and nieces for the weekend.

Playground Monitor said...

We're done with our celebrating and can now just sit back and play with new "toys." I *might* try to hit some sales today, but then again I *might* not. It's cloudy and rainy and a good day to curl up on the sofa and read or watch my new copy of "Casino Royale" with Daniel Craig. And I can make a latte with my new milk steamer to watch while I read or watch. It's a pretty lazy day here.

Hope Santa was good to everyone.

Sherry Werth said...

I'm tired. We stayed home but that also meant Christmas was at my house so I did all the cooking. I was a little late on buying presents this year so the few days before Christmas were crazy with shopping and wrapping. So I guess I fit into the post Christmas hangover catergory. Thank goodness I don't have to attend several different functions. I couldn't handle it.

Well SP, if you decide to hang on to the tree it will be nice and dead by next October and will make a great Halloween tree. :D

Anonymous said...

Neither actually. But glad it is over. Did enjoy spending time with my new grandbaby and have lots of gift certifs to spend including book ones.

Pat L.

Linda Winstead Jones said...

I'm NOT done. Sunday is our big day. Son number three is on his way, or soon will be, and we're waiting for him to have the big day. Monday, I'll crash. :-) Then comes the chore of putting all the decorations away. I hate that part. I want to push a button and have the decorated tree disappear beneath the floor, only to reappear next year after Thanksgiving, with yet another push of the button. Ah, Christmas dreams.


Angel said...

I'm finally back online. Mediacom's present to us this year was to send out someone stupid enough to turn off the wrong families' services for Christmas and refuse to fix it until 48 hours later, so we spent it without internet and cable. Bah Humbug!

I've pretty much spent most of today in bed with a book. I was tired after all the festivities and figured I deserved a break. :) Tomorrow I'll probably head out for a bit of after Christmas shopping and a movie. Or maybe I'll just hang around the house and play with my new iPhone. Gotta love my husband. When he decides to surprise me, he goes all out. :)


Christine said...

We had a very good Christmas, but I was so tired when my daughter woke me up, I needed toothpicks and a hundred cups of coffee to make it through the unwrapping. I went back to bed at 7AM (does this give you an idea of how early???), and slept till later that morning.

Yesterday was a good and relaxing day. Today we head to Nashville for the Rockettes Christmas show and an overnight.

I'm not through celebrating. We have "orphans" coming over on New Year's Eve to hang out and celebrate and spend the night. We'll be taking down the tree the following weekend. I agree, I wish I could just push a button and make it disappear till next Thanksgiving.

I'm actually quite anxious to get writing more seriously again. At least I have managed a few minutes here and there, but I want real time put into the process. I'm looking forward to school starting and having more than a half an hour or hour to write.

I hope you all have a great weekend.