Thursday, December 04, 2008


Well, Thanksgiving is over and the Christmas season has official begun - I don't care that Walmart has been playing carols since Halloween the season is just now starting! I know Smarty Pants has already mentioned that she has most of her shopping completed and even wrapped (I'll pause here for everyone to shoot her dirty looks).

I, on the other hand, have next to nothing done. I'm not behind though. I prefer to think of it as utilizing my need for deadlines in order to maximize productivity. I do have some things done. The problem is the list left to do is rather long and the days are already slipping past.

Between the end of school, 2 nights of Christmas programs, several parties, shopping, wrapping, baking goodies for the family, working, writing... I get dizzy just thinking about it. The next three weeks are going to fly past. Before we know it 2008 will be gone and 2009 will be here. Where did the year go?

I have several goals for the month but front and center is finishing the rough draft for my latest book. I'd like to do it by the end of next week so that I can cross at least one thing off my list early. What's on your must finish list before the end of the year?


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P.P.S. I've just discovered facebook this week and I'd love to have more friends. I'm listed as Kira Sinclair.


Angel said...

I drug out all my Christmas decorations yesterday and started getting the house prettied up. It isn't taking as long as I thought, but I still have the outside to do this weekend. My list isn't as bad as it could be, but the next 2 weekends are packed.

I have most of my Christmas shopping done. Just a few more things to do. Mostly the men... why are they so darn hard to buy for?


Problem Child said...

Finish book is topping my to do list at the moment.

I still have a ton of shopping to do -- and I even tried to start early! Decorating? Hah! I might leave that entirely to DG and AC this year (I just won't watch.) And the calender is backing up, and and and...


Smarty Pants said...

Right now, my goal is to make it through December. If I write, ok. If I don't, ok.

I may not decorate much this year. Feeling very Scrooge-like this time around. My chronic cough isn't helping either. DB insists on a tree, so I guess I'll give in there. I put up a wreath and some lighted trees on the porch and that's all that's happening there.

birdzilla said...

My goal is to convert the entire house into a jungle (so the monkeys will have somewhere to play out of the cold).

Instigator said...

Ugh, I didn't even add decorating to the list. Sigh.

Zilla, you are taking your life into your own hands right now :-)


amy*skf said...

Okay, I love birdzilla's goal. My goal is to remember to love people and not get freaked out by buying presents.

I want to bake cookies with my just turned 3 granddaughter. I want to make sure I give a small something to my wonderful neighbors.

I want to remain calm and happy--joyous even.

p.s. I have one goal accomplished before 2009--I sent out a partial to an agent. Yay.

Problem Child said...

You have grandkids, amy*skf? You don't look old enough for that!

And congrats on the partial!

Anonymous said...

Well, my tree is up along with my outside decorations (2 4' trees on the porch along with my wreath). I have a few decorations in each room - done. We are wrapping up another semester here at the school so this and next week will be really busy. I need to do a little Christmas shopping, make dressing for our school party and get rid of this sinus headache that I have. And thanks so much for the gift package from Christie Craig - yeah - happy dance going on!!
word verification - whoneave - funny.

Christie Craig said...

My must do list?

Oh, goodness, I don't know where to begin. Considering I have one book due Feb. 1st and one due March 1st, I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off with its tail feathers on fire.

But I'm still having fun.

I also just wanted to say a big thank you to all you gals for inviting me to blog. I love connecting with fellow writers and readers.

So thank you. And have a great holiday guys!!


Liza said...

Kira, I'll look for your on facebook later today.

I've finished most of my shopping, but have wrapped nothing. I hate wrapping gifts, so I take one day and do it all. I took off work next Friday to finish up my shopping and wrap gifts. I still have to put up my tree this weekend.

Rhonda Nelson said...

I am *so* not ready for Christmas. I have a grand total of 2 presents bought and no time to go shopping before the end of next week. The tree is up, but the wreath fell down off the door last night and I'm waiting to see if any of the other people who live here will actually put it back. Doubtful, but... :-)

PM's Mother said...

Gift wrapping solved! Put everything in those cute gift bags. All you need is some colorful tissue paper and the gift bags -- no tape, no ribbon and no bows. Many of the gift bags come with tags attached. Dollar Tree has cute ones and they are not very expensive.

Playground Monitor said...

Don't get my mother started on Dollar Tree. ::grin::

I did a little cyber-shopping the other night and knocked about 7-8 gifts off the list. I've been researching others and believe I've found the best bargains and will order those soon.

The tree is up -- the DH and #2 son put it up while I was writing at Barnes and Noble last Saturday with Angel. On Sunday we put up the outside stuff (wreath over the porch and two lighted reindeer new to the mix this year, and I got my little bit of inside decorating done (decoration on the foyer table and something on the dining room table). On Monday I woke up sick, so the ornaments are still in the boxes in the den. I'm feeling MUCH better today but do not plan to go out in this nasty rainy weather. Maybe I can start hanging ornaments on the tree. That's pretty tame activity. Once that's done, I believe I'm done decorating.

I need to get back to the book, but with my head so congested, I can't think. My sister and I are meeting in Atlanta in two weeks. It's out 2008 "Girls' Trip" plus a bit of research since my book is set in Atlanta. We'd started planning a trip to San Antonio for November and then cancelled. Then I did NaNoWriMo and my sister helped with some Atlanta locations, and finally suggested we meet in Atlanta. It's karma, I tell you.

Back to the sofa. Don't want to get any worse. And yeah, Amy doesn't look old enough to be a grandma. Speaking of which, I still have to shop for BabyGrand. I have some ideas but am having trouble finding them even online. :-(

Lynn Raye Harris said...

We put the tree up two nights ago and decorated it last night. I'm amazed, in truth. Hubby never gets motivated so early. But he knew it was important to me because it's the first time in years we've had our own tree. Somehow it just worked out that way that we haven't put up a tree for a long time -- and every year I'd say I wanted one next year. Next year would come, and there'd be something going on -- a new kitten (what a nightmare a kitten and a tree would be), going away for the holiday, etc.

No excuses this time. So it's done. But now there's other stuff to do. A deadline around the corner. Proofs to read. Parties to attend, etc. December needs to be twice as long...

Sherry Werth said...

I am not ready for Christmas. I've bought 3 presents so far. We have some of the outside decorations up but nothing on the inside. We got the stuff down from the attic and it's still in boxes on the garage floor. I PLAN to get most of the decorations up this weekend and some of the shopping done on Sat. We'll see.

Did someone mention a monkey??

Instigator said...

Sherry!! Shhhhh. :-)

And we've already had our Bah Humbug experience for the year. My parent's decorations were stolen out of their yard the other night - 3 days after they'd put them up. These were brand new this year to. Not much the police can do.


Christine said...

We always decorate Saturday after Thanksgiving. I'd already sent off the Golden Heart entry -- major goal accomplished--so free to enjoy guests and decorating. I don't have editors or agents demanding me to work for them, so my dear family doesn't understand postponing shopping etc. But I have committed a minimum of an hour a day to write (or more) and the rest to hunting down the final presents. We have the usual recitals, goodies, unexpected guests coming over and more. My biggest hurdle was Christmas cards. I had decided to combine change of address as well as greetings into one swoop. To make life easier, I uploaded my pictures to paid extra for two day delivery of cards digitally signed, and now I just have to send the dang things out. That's my big chore done. TG