Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not Ready

Where ever you go these days people are talking about Christmas...and how they aren't ready. And I'm no exception. The holiday season came early this year - cut short by a late Thanksgiving. And I'm feeling it!

I can't believe that Christmas is 1 week away. I'm not finished with my shopping. There are a few people I have no clue what to get. Nothing has been wrapped.

Today I have 2 school parties, probably one trip to the doctor, I'm certain my boss would like for me to do some actual work today and my line edits arrived by Fed Ex yesterday. I'm working on a new story...I love the planning stages but it requires brain power I'm not sure I have right now.

And while our Christmas tree is up - and has been for about two weeks - it isn't decorated. Not even a strand of lights. Between Christmas programs, Christmas parties and a day of shopping the first week was out. And this week Zilla has been sick as a dog. I think this weekend we're going to have to breakdown and decorate even if all he does is watch from the couch.

The bottom line is I'm not ready. And I'm not sure I ever will be. I'm just plowing through my to do list the best I can...the things on the bottom might get neglected. Christmas is coming whether I finish them or not and I'm going to enjoy the day with my family no matter what.

Are you ready?



Problem Child said...

~crawls out from under her book~

What is this "Christmas" thing of which you speak? Oh. Ack.

~looks around at what needs to be done~


Angel said...

I've got all my Christmas shopping done and the presents wrapped. I have family coming in on Sunday, and I'm totally not ready for that. Christmas party today for Little Man,another tomorrow for Drama Queen. Then they're out of school until Jan. 6. That's what I'm REALLY not ready for. :)


Smarty Pants said...

I think the shopping is done. No decorating. Might try to get a tree today if it isn't raining. At this point, I say, why bother?

(Channelling my inner Scrooge)

Playground Monitor said...

I'm ready. Don't hate me.

Off to have fun!

Rhonda Nelson said...

I'm sort of ready. It's all the little things that keep cropping up that's gettin me...

Anonymous said...

Decorations are ready. I just need to purchase several gifts (gift cards), pick up some potato salad at Wally World and I'm done.

Liza said...

I have my tree up, with lights, but that is all I'm doing. I still have almost all of my gifts to wrap. I also still need to buy my dad's last gift and get my brother something(probably a pre-paid visa or mastercard).

PM's Mother said...'s how you get it done...set priorities. Some things just don't need to be done. You don't have to decorate to the nines and you don't have to bake umpty different kinds of cookies and cakes. You don't even have to cook Christmas dinner...that's what Publix Deli is for. Relax...enjoy the season. Who knows, five years from now no one will remember the difference and you may have set a new trend. There, now, feel better?

Sherry Werth said...

No, I'm not ready. Decorations are up but the house isn't cleaned. A few presents are bought but none are wrapped. A whirlwind all day shopping trip to H'ville on Sat. for things I can't get around home.
I will probably still be picking up odds and ends until they push me out the door of the stores! And all holidays are always at my house which means I do all the cooking. Aah, the joy of it all. :D

Lynn Raye Harris said...

I decorated. I still have shopping to do. Someone on one of my loops gave at Heifer International in her agent and editor's names. They get an email telling them about the donation. What do y'all think of that one? I thought it was cool, but my agent sent me a very pretty gift and I'd hate to return the gesture with a flock of geese. Hmm.

Christmas cards go out today!

Linda Winstead Jones said...

I got about half (maybe a little more) my decorations out and decided that was enough. I'm waiting for a package to arrive in the mail, and then the present thing is taken care of. Our first Christmas celebration is this Saturday.

What always gets me is the little things. Stockings, should I make another batch of cookies?, oh, wait, I need extra pigs in a blanket, oops, I forgot the caffeine free soda for the folks who don't do caffeine (though I don't understand them AT ALL). I try to do it all, but I always hit that point where if it's not done it's not going to get done, and I decide we can live with things as they are.

Yes, it snuck up on me this year. Just like 2009 is doing.


Christine said...

It is coming very fast and I am kind of ready, kind of not. I find myself throwing together goodie gifts in hastily stamped bags to bring to daughter's school. And then I realize, shoot, I have to shower and help her carry all this cr** into the office and I can't go in jammies. Plus, I spent all day Wednesday at the orthopedist with her cause she broke her hand and needed a splint etc., and that ate up the writing and wrapping time. Today was already booked for a shopping trip to Trader JOe's in Nashville, so goodies are again kinda on hold. And now, I have a party for dear hubby's office friends to throw on Sat. and I haven't got the food yet (not the big stuff) and the house is covered in goodie dust. Oh well.

Tree is decorated, cards went out (cause I did and had change of address put in them -- two birds in one stone TG!), all presents but dh's bottle of good scotch are purchased (I am a little freaked out by the bars on the ABC windows... so weird to me... feel like I am a criminal going inside instead of a shopper), and house is cosy enough for us. But it does feel like it just crept up very fast!

Christmas Eve I have two people coming over and we're potlucking. I have an easy Christmas day with no major cooking or guests. We open presents early, eat sweet rolls, hang out and then head to the movies in the afternoon. I usually do leftovers of the night before or appies as it is just we three.

So we're "done" enough.

The only thing suffering is my writing. I try to do at least an hour a day but between ortho and TJ"s in Nashville, W/Th didn't work out.

And tomorrow I have to go to Costco AND school is out early! I might get one hour in the morning.

But at the end, it always works out and I always have a great break with the family. This year it is in our new home with new friends and neighbors.

Jane said...

I'm not ready. I haven't bought any presents. I think I'll have to get gift cards again.

catslady said...

My tree is up and decorated and I did my cards today but I still have gifts to buy and nothing is wrapped and none of the other decorations or lights are up yet (sigh).