Monday, December 29, 2008

Playing Catch Up

The past two days, I’ve been trying to catch up from Christmas and the accelerated pace of the holidays. Unfortunately, I’d rather be curled up in the bed with a good book. Did I mention I’m in the middle of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series… Lovin’ ‘em. And I have spent some quality time with my new iPhone.

Anyway, I finally told myself on Sunday that there was no more time to waste laying around. I had to start taking down the Christmas decorations and making some sense of the disaster area our house had become. Besides, if I wanted to finish some of those projects I’d like to work on before the kids go back to school, I’d better move it.

Well, I’ve made a little progress. The tree is down and tomorrow I’ll start packing up the rest of the decorations. I motivated the kids to clean their rooms and put away the dishes in the dishwasher so I can clean tomorrow. I also did a boatload of laundry today and some general cleaning. You can now walk in the house without stepping on toys or various items the kids have dropped where they stood. :) Oh well. Martha Stewart, I ain’t.

If only I could fight this general malaise I’ve had hanging over me all month. Inertia at its finest. I have no desire to accomplish much or even start it, though once I do I’m usually good. Jeesh! What’s wrong with me?

Anyway, enough of my psychological hiccups. Have you got your decorations down yet? What will your first New Year’s project be?


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Playground Monitor said...

Decorations down? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Maybe next weekend. It took me long enough to get them up and get in the Christmas spirit, I want to enjoy it a while longer.

Aside from un-decking the halls, I need to finish my book. I also need to clean out the closet in my office. It's a catch-all mess. And I need to start planning for the trip the DH and I are taking at the end of January. I'll have to make a packing list, get the neighbor's kids to get our mail, cancel our newspaper for that week. I need to call the doctor's office and make an appointment for my overdue annual physical. I need to diet and exercise.

I'm tired just thinking about it all.

Smarty Pants said...

I haven't done a thing. Honestly. We put up our tree so late, it seemed a shame to take it down right away. Later this week, I think. I have this week off to ponder my options...

And yeah, I'm awake at 3:30 AM.

Linda Winstead Jones said...

Ha. We just finished up last night. Yesterday I had all my kids and grandkids here and in the afternoon all my family for dirty santa and too much food. It was an all day affair, lots of fun and general madness. I want a day to recover before I start taking things down, but I am ready. I might put up a few things everyday, and then on New Years Day finish up.


Problem Child said...

Way to make me feel lazy, Angel.

I'll think about taking down what few decorations I put up over the weekend. Unless the tree just gets too dead...then I'll be forced to do something.

Instigator said...

Well, considering Sweet Pea is sick...I'm not thinking about much else at the moment. Besides, I'm with SP, it took us so long to get the tree decorated and the rest of the decorations up...they haven't been there long enough. I have to wait for the epiphany anyway :-)


Liza said...

I'll take my little tree down tonight. My brother will be at my house on Thursday, so I have to go into cleaning mode after work tonight and tomorrow night. I have plans with my friends on Wednesday night, so I only have a few hours to get my house in order. I really just need to put away all the clean clothes, throw out some clutter(my living room looks horrible) and vacuum.

Rhonda Nelson said...

All my Christmas stuff is down. Did all that Saturday morning. When it's over it's over and I'm ready to put my house back to rights. :-)

Stephanie said...

Wow!! I am very impressed at how much you all have already gotten done. All of Christmas is still up at my house. I plan to take it down on New Year's Day with the help of my mom. Until then I plan to just laze about.

Growing up we usually waited until New Year's Day to take everything down, I guess it is true that I am becoming more like my mother as I get older. lol

Darling Geek said...

The decorations don't come down until January 6th!

Sherry Werth said...

When I got home on Friday afternoon all the decorations had been taken down and put up. Hubby and daughter did it all while I was at work..but darn it...I wasn't ready! I wanted a few more days of Christmas cheer but on the upside I didn't have to help do any of it. : D

With that out of the way I have time to focus on cleaning and decluttering my house. I'm a certified pack rat. And that will be one of my new projects for close my eyes and throw stuff away!

Playground Monitor said...

I've made some progress today. All the gifts we received have been put away. I've tried to write and got maybe 3 sentences on paper. It just wasn't happening.

I also took a look at the "Romancing the Stone" DVD I got for Christmas. It has the special features with deleted scenes and behind the scenes info from the actors. Very interesting.

Angel said...

Well, I got some dishes and cleaning done today, that's about it. One reason I need to get everything cleaned up is because we're having a party here New Year's Eve, so I wanted it cleaned up by then. We'll see. I'm not making great progress.

Congratulations, Sherry! Even if you weren't ready, count your blessings. Last year, I asked my husband to take down the lights on the front porch. He did. In May.


Christine said...

We're hauling Christmas decor down on Saturday... blah. The presents still linger about the main room. But that's okay, they'll all be out of the way soon enough. We have people over on NYE so won't worry about anymore till then.

Still writing... not where I want to be, but at least it's more than I've done in the past during the holidays.

I want to finish the revision (for the gazzillionth time) by mid-January. Then I'm doing major cleaning and scrapbooking for one week. Yeah!