Monday, September 15, 2008

September Is...

Did you know that September is Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month? This is one of those obscure holidays you rarely ever hear about. I find them fascinating. As a writer, and thus having a vested interest, I dug around for more information.

Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month runs from September 1 to September 30th and was established to promote camaraderie and professionalism among people involved in all aspects of the publishing industry. It is also an attempt to enhance the awareness of the general public concerning the importance of writing and editing. Humorist Lauren Barnett is the originator of this nifty event.

I think this is a cool idea because (1) who wouldn’t want a month dedicated to themselves and (2) its an excuse to give and get presents. :)

Some ideas for the harassed writer:
Office supplies, including pens, pens, and more pens; notebooks; journals, ink cartridges, printer paper, etc.
A meal she didn’t have to cook
Two hours at home with NO CHILDREN (without her having to ask! This is important)
A new craft book
Perform a household chore that she normally takes care of
Girly bath stuff and the uninterrupted time to use it
Chocolate (there can never be enough…)

Some ideas for the harassed editor:
(I’m guessing here, since I don’t have one)
New thesaurus or dictionary
Gift certificate for a nice lunch
Submission of a CLEAN manuscript that has been REVISED
A “thank you for all your hard work” card
Meeting your deadline
Flowers (if they aren’t allergic)
Completely planned (hint: no work for her) Date Night

Actually, most of these ideas would work for either/or. So, how can you be kind to your writer? What would you choose for yourself if you could?

Let’s Celebrate! One lucky commenter will win a free book!!!!



Jane said...

A gift certificate for a massage would be nice.

M.V.Freeman said...

Angel, how neat is that, a month for writers and editors :)

Speaking of, what would I choose for myself:

I'm all for time to write...but you know I am a sucker for office supplies--I think its an addiction

Problem Child said...

Ahem, DG?

Massages and mani-pedis are always at hit with me.

Hmm, I'm betting my editor would like the knowledge that I am actually planning the next book...

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Oh, I told hubby about this. He was not amused. Because I said I have 3 reasons for pampering this month: birthday, anniversary, and Be Kind to Writers and Editors. He gave me a look.

He vacuumed yesterday. Took out the trash, unloaded the dishwasher. Hung up his own pants when they came out of the dryer. Went to the grocery store.

But I am on deadline. This has nothing to do with any of my reasons for being pampered.

My editor would probably like to have my book.....

Smarty Pants said...

I love those random imaginary holidays. I have several of my favorites marked on my calendar. Last Friday was National Chocolate Milkshake day. Wednesday is Apple Dumpling Day. Then, of course, my favorite - Friday is Talk Like a Pirate Day. I'll try not to get Kathy all fired up. :)

If you all want to plan ahead, January 19th is Penguin Awareness Day. That one baffles me.

As for be kind to writers and editors month, I doubt there will be any recognition of it in my house. DB might buy me chinese food one night if I ask nicely. I also don't have an editor, so any gifts I send might be construed as bribes. Not that I'm above bribes...

Playground Monitor said...

I had no clue! But I'll be sure to post this in a prominent place in the house.

Like Mary, I'm a sucker for office supplies. And yes, it's an addiction. I have a bazillion pens yet I picked up more in the goody room at RWA. Parts of my desk look jaundiced from legal pads -- regular size and junior. And I'm hoping Staples has PC's neato planner again this year.

So since I have pens and paper, I'd choose a nice massage and mani-pedi. I can't type with cramped up shoulders and too-long nails.

CrystalGB said...

A day at the spa would be nice.

Crystal Lee said...

Cool news about this holiday.

For my treat - several hours of uninterrupted writing time, an hour of relaxation/meditation in my whirlpool tub surrounded by candlelight, and then a nice romantic dinner. Yes.

Rhonda Nelson said...

A big office with lots of built-ins and windows. :-)

Sherry W. said...

I'm with Rhonda. An office that is totally mine, mine mine. I work in the middle of the house, ugh. My dining room/kitchen and family room are all basically connected. Need I say more?

Instigator said...

I must admit that 'Zilla has been pampering me lately without even knowing about this so I can't complain. I had several hours to myself yesterday to simply veg and read a book. It was heaven.


Lois said...

How about as a writer's present Hugh Jackman* standing at the door (when all hubbies go to work) just wearing a towl, holding lots and lots of chocolate? ;)


*or fill in the name you prefer

Playground Monitor said...

Oh Lois! I love the way you think. Hugh will do nicely. :-)

Jolie said...

I'd like some time to, um, actually write. LOL I really can't complain too much though--hubby's been doing great lately with giving me a few hours here and there to do my own thing. Unfortunately, 'my own thing' lately has been homework. :( I'm also with those who've suggested a massage. That's pretty high on my list, too. :P

Kathy said...

SP said: Then, of course, my favorite - Friday is Talk Like a Pirate Day. I'll try not to get Kathy all fired up. :)

TOO LATE!!! Clear the decks for pleasant action! Arrrrr! 'Swounds and blood and split me skull! I can't wait for Friday. Where lays yer course for Friday's blog, SP?

Oh! now I'm all worked up. But seeing as it's the month to honor writers and editors, I'd like to pay homage and bow humbly afore ye all.

What do I want? Well, #3 can answer that. Please keep him in your prayers. But were I to choose a more personal desire... I'll take Gerard Butler please!!! Oh! I would think I'd died and gone to heaven if Gerry ever played a pirate. :)

Now I must rest. I need to store up all me energies for Friday's blog. :-D

Maureen said...

I think they are all great presents for anyone and I think chocolate is always a great present. Happy Writer and Editor month to all of you.

Darling Geek said...
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catslady said...

How about the editor promises the writer an extension on any deadline and the writer can promise the editor to send one in earlier than deadline.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all you lady writers. I am just a reader of your works. However, I wouldn't mind a manicure and pedicure.

Jen said...

Well, dang! I've missed half the month but at least I've got half the month left. :)))))

Anonymous said...

i like flowers and a gift card

Lois said...

Well, I figure it's a public service that would be provided. . . I mean, all the pictures that people have on the sites and blogs, they are okay, but sometimes, one just simple really needs to see the real thing, with a real towel. It's like the Pyramids or Disney World. ;)