Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Random words

Well, I turned in book #2, which will (hopefully) be a Spring/Summer 09 UK release. Now, I’m waiting to hear back from my lovely editor on whether or not she likes the changes (no, my friends, revisions aren’t just for first books…).
So, I’ve been running around, trying to catch up on the forty thousand things that got left undone while I was in my writing hole. While I was doing all these things, I’d think of something and say “wow, that’ll make a great blog for Tuesday.”

Alas, now that it’s time for me to write that blog, all of those cool ideas have fled for the beach. Yes, more organized people would have written down those great ideas when they arrived (or at the very least, used that digital recorder DG bought for me. Hmm, wonder where it went…). But I didn’t.

So now I’m watching Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares on BBC America (nothing else is on) waiting for inspiration. Or blog fodder, at least.

Nada. Law and Order is on now, and I’m still blog-less. It’s a bit frustrating.

Smarty Pants says that after she’s been around us, she runs out of words and can’t talk to people. I think I run out of words after I finish a book. Hence the blog blank.

Oh, I know. Since I’m out of words, why don’t you give me some? What’s your favorite word? It can be your favorite for any reason—the way it sounds, the way it’s spelled, the memory attached to it. It doesn’t have to be big and fancy… And listing random words are much easier than stringing them together into books or blog posts, right?

A couple of my favorite words — mellifluous (I like the way it sounds), flippant (because I often am), and asinine (because so many things are).

Okay, what are your words?


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Playground Monitor said...

I like paucity and plethora. I had a physiology professor who used those all the time. Sounds much more educated than saying a lack of or a bunch of.

I also like serendipity and onomatopoeia.

Great topic, by the way. Maybe I'll figure out a blog topic by next Wednesday.


Julie Cohen said...


(Dit dee, di-di dee.)

What can I say...I watched the Muppets too many times.

birdzilla said...

First thing that popped into my head....Joey the Ambulance

Named by my 2 little evil minions. My friend and I haved used him several times.

Maven Beverly Barton said...

I love the word ephemeral. I discovered this word when I was in 7th grade and tried to use it as often as possible because I loved the way it sounded. And in case you don't know what it means, I'll save you the trouble of looking it up in the dictionary. I means lasting one day only or lasting a very short time. BTW, as a teenager, I wrote a poem about ephemeral love.

Anonymous said...

Some of my favorite words...frigging or crap. Also, I like to work inexpensive as opposed to the word cheap, just sounds better to me. Birdzilla...don't understand Joey the ambulance????

Smarty Pants said...

Favorite words...


Apparently, I'm also fond of the word "that" as I seem to throw it in where it doesn't belong and spend a lot of my revisions removing it.

Sherry W. said...

Discombobulated. It describes my life most of the time. I think meditation or medication should be my future favorite word. :D

I love all these new words you guys are posting. They're going in my word file.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Synecdoche. I'll never get to use it in a book, but I love it. Synecdoche (sih-NECK-duh-key) is part of metaphor -- when you describe a character by a specific trait, for instance, like "Here comes ol' Blue Eyes," that's synecdoche.

Or, as my family refers to one of my sisters-in -law, the Crypt Keeper. :) My mom will routinely call and say, "Well, heard from your brother and the Crypt Keeper yesterday." Yeah, weird family. *g*

Darling Geek said...


You might not have heard of it yet, but it is catching on even outside the geek circle. I can't say that I actually use it, but I love that it's poking right in the eye of TV censorship rules and revealing how incredibly stupid they are. Then again, I'm just snooty like that.

Instigator said...

Robertson, that's what Zilla calls his friend who usually takes him to the emergency room for stitches, x-rays or any other treatment necessary for the latest calamity he's found himself in...


At the moment sleep’s my favorite word. Wish I could get some more.


Maven Linda said...

Favorite words:


Words like that make my heart happy. Can't explain it. To me, they all have something to do with light -- even Excalibur. I can just see the sunlight glistening on the blade, and the way the metal glows . . . And there's another favorite word: glow. My words aren't necessarily what one would consider sophisticated or obscure, but they all shine for me.

Problem Child said...

Love synecdoche! Fun to say (and even funnier to mispronounce. My students never believed that was actually how it was pronounced).

For short, yet wonderful, words I like bliss.

Problem Child said...

Silly DG, frak is for geeks.

Kathy said...

DG, I can proudly say, I know the word 'frak'. :)


#3 and I have a game we play about words that stems from his childhood. He always tries to one-up me and now usually does. LOL.

Darling Geek said...

ahem... clicky

(OK. So my defensive of something being non-geeky is a hyperlink.)

I also think "Kimberly" is a fairly awesome word.

Problem Child said...

Just cause Geeks of America set out to make something mainstream, that doesn't make it any less geeky.

Aww, you're sweet. Still a geek, but a sweet one. ('Course it helps I think geeks are sexy...)

KansasSue said...

Being a child of Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes, I still love any change to say sufferin' succotash.

Also crappity smack (in place of the big word nice girls like me never, ever say.) ;) I even have a crappity smack rubber bracelet which I hold near and dear to my heart...and oft time wear to work...just because I can and they don't know what my arm is teling them.

KansasSue said...

Hit the post instead of preview...again.

It should read 'chance' to say....not change. Also all the misspelled words.....in my head they were correct. My fingers (at the keyboard since 5:30 this morning) are starting a strike. It isn't my fault - blame the digits.

Crystal Lee said...


Just a few of my favorite things -with their essence, we can reach beyond ourselves.

Kathy said...

This isn't my favorite word but its a new one I recently learned.


The hip term for 'Butt In Front'. LOL!

Jolie said...

My favorite word(s) of the moment are 'mother lovin''. I say it so much my 4 year old has even picked it up. :( (I'm such a bad mom.)

As far as others, I have way to many to even try to narrow it down. LOL