Friday, September 05, 2008

Held Hostage!

The other day I was messing around on myspace. I do this in the evenings when I'm home alone because the site is blocked at work. I've found it's an interesting way to dig up people you've lost track of. I've managed to find my best friend from high school, two half-siblings from my ever productive father, and tons of writer friends. It also kills a good bit of time if you're avoiding something, as I almost always am.

(As an aside - the Playground, along with several of us listed individually, are on myspace and want to be your friends! I think if you try hard enough, you can also find us on facebook or linkedin. I have profiles everywhere that I can't keep up with...)

Anyway, I was hopping around and popped onto the page for fellow author Nalini Singh. I've known her since back before I even joined RWA and would post on the 20-somethings loop of the eHarlequin boards. As one of the few published authors, she was always very helpful to us struggling newbies. She even mailed me items from Japan to put together a basket for our HOD Readers Luncheon in 2005. She's done great things since then and we had her here back when her book Caressed by Ice came out a year ago.

When I visited her site the other day, she was running a promotional contest for her new release, Hostage to Pleasure, Book 5 in the Psy-Changling Series. It's out now, so pick up a copy. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to enter the contest, so today I'm doing a little plug for her new book. The question posed is:

What fictional hero (from books, tv, movies, etc.) would you most like to hold hostage? And, if not the same answer, who would you like to be held hostage by??

It was an intriguing question, so I thought I'd post it today and see what you all think. I would have to say that if someone had to be chained to the wall and tortured with pleasure, it would most certainly have to involve Johnny Depp. I'm sorry. I am not subject to changing my mind very often. It was JD long before I was on the Playground (think 21 Jump Street when I was 8) and isn't likely to change unless he does something offensive enough to make me dislike him. Although, I have to say I'd also be tempted to kidnap James McAvoy of late. Or Michael Vartan. Maybe I can just keep them all in my basement. :)

What about you? Who do you want to hold hostage?

PS. Don't forget I'm running for Region 3 Director! You have until the end of the month to vote, but don't wait.


Problem Child said...

I've gotten quite addicted to Facebook. I've found friends I went to high school and college with and it's so easy to keep up with them now. I'm not so good at MySpace--I thought you were going to come over here and sort me out one night, SP.

Hmm, held hostage? Sting, easy.

Kathy said...

Hmmmm... Since you already have Johnny (one of my favs) I'll have to strike the irons around Gerard Butler. I could make him sing to me and seduce me with his Scottish brogue. Ah, yes. Yes! YES!

Anonymous said...

I'll check you out on both Facebook & Myspace. Who would I hold hostage, hmmm??? Ok, how about House, love those eyes. Or McDreamy or McSteamy, oh wow! Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend everyone.

Angel said...

I'm afraid the only thing the House guy might do is lash you with his sarcasm, eyes or no. :)

If I were the one being held hostage, Oded Fehr, easy! He can... oopps, better keep it G rated.

If I could take a hostage? Johnny Depp (hey, this is a fantasy, so I can have him too), or Bon Jovi. Yum.


Sherry W. said...

Oh, I'm such a hero slut. Last week I would have wanted to be held hostage by Dr. Desire (Whispers in the Dark - Kira Sinclair). This week I want to be held hostage by Mick Chivers (The Hell Raiser - Rhonda Nelson). And next week I'm sure that will change by whoever I 'pick up'. :D

I have a MySpace site but not a Facebook. Yet.

Jen said...

Well, I'm going to have to think a bit...decisions, decisions, decisions.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Easy. My current hero, Alejandro. I know him inside and out, and I'd deal with those alpha tendencies you can bet! Any of my heroes, in fact. I love them all.

Now, if I have to move outside my own head, hmm. Hugh Jackman (did I beat Marilyn to it? Or will she beat me up when she gets here?). David Beckham, in his Giorgio Armanis of course. I'm sure there are more, but I really can't concentrate... Wonder why? ;)

Playground Monitor said...

I oversleep and lose Hugh by five minutes. Drat!

Verification wordd is huydom -- Hughdom? Doesn't that mean he should be mine?

Playground Monitor said...

Oh... I have a MySpace page but I never do much with it. And I haven't even tried Facebook. I guess it would be good for finding people from high school -- IF I gave a rat's patootie about finding them. I already keep up with the ones that matter. Same for college. The university recently put up an alumni website and in playing around on that I discovered both my college roommates are dead. That's a sobering thought.

Since Lynn snatched Hugh from under my nose, maybe I'll just take Nacho Figueras -- the Argentinian polo player who's the model for Ralph Lauren Polo Black. Yum-oh!

Instigator said...

Hmm, Raoul Bova would be a nice choice. I'd take Timothy Olyphant any day too.


Instigator said...

Thanks, Sherry! I'm glad you liked Chris :-)


Jane said...

I wouldn't mind being held hostage by Batman, but only if he's portrayed by Christian Bale.

Nalini Singh said...

You're all giving me ideas... *grin*

Thanks for posting about the contest, Smarty Pants!

Liza said...

I love finding friends on Facebook. I've found friends from both high school and college, plus I'm able to keep up with my family better with facebook.

I would have to pick Roarke from the In Death series to hold hostage...I would want to be held hostage by McDreamy!

MaryF said...

Jeffrey Dean Morgan....le sigh.

Anonymous said...

George Clooney
Michael Weatherly
John Stamos
Gerard Butler

Pat L.