Monday, September 22, 2008

Growing Up

Drama Queen, who is now 8, finally developed an interest in having her ears pierced. The prospect of pain certainly did not thrill her, and kept her from following through on any errant thought about it before. Like me, she has a very low tolerance for pain. (PS. We don’t call her Drama Queen for nothing)

Anyway, when she brought this up to her Daddy and I, the good ol’ hubby promptly chimed in with, “Yeah, maybe your Mommy can get hers done at the same time. You’d like another earring in your ear, wouldn’t you?”

Great. After that, there was no way I could tell DQ that I didn’t exactly relish the idea of having a needle stuck through my ear again. When I had my ears pierced as a child, I had some problems with one of them and had to have it redone. And it looked like now I’d be getting a double pierce.

We chose a Claire’s Boutique at the nearby mall. My mother-in-law was nice enough to join us to take pictures and decided to put a third hole in her right ear to complete this bonding experience.


I got elected to go first (lucky me!). It wasn’t so bad. More burning and pressure than actual pain. My mil went next. Then it was time for Drama Queen to climb up in the chair. They did both her ears at once, because we were honestly afraid she would get one done and refuse to go through with the other one.

Long story short (too late!), she barely even cried. Tears welled and spilled over a bit and she started talking really fast, but no dramatic swoon, no hollering, no crying from here to eternity. I was quite surprised. And proud. She hasn’t fussed about them hurting or bothering her while she sleeps, which has also surprised me. Quite frankly, mine are driving me crazy.


So, do you have your ears pierced? Double? Any extras we should know about? Secret hankering for a nose ring or tattoo? Come on, spill it… but keep it G-rated, okay? :)



Playground Monitor said...

I've had pierced ears for 36 years now. Just the single piercing. No hankering to pierce anything else or to get a tattoo either. I guess I'll just be "simply" adorned. I love the little sparkly earrings. When I had mine done, the only thing they'd put in initially were gold studs. And for the most part that's all I ever wear because the gold keeps my ears from getting sore.


M.V.Freeman said...

Beautiful errings! And I am proud of DQ! (I was 13 when I got my first piercing and sadly, It was not so smooth...but that's another story).

But, I have double piercings in my ears, and at one time triple--but it was too much effort to keep the third one open. (Yes, I admit I am lazy)

I must say I don't have the overwhelming urge to have a piercing anywhere else (I like looking at it on others--LOL), but now a tattoo, that's something else....

PM's Mother said...

Like daughter, like mother. PM convinved me to get my ears pierced about 30+ years ago when I was visiting her in Huntsville. I had it done at a department store there and small world that it is the gentleman who pierced my ears in Alabama was the same kindly soul who had pierced PM's ears in North Carolina several years earlier. Also like PM my first ear jewelry was the small gold studs. That's what I usually wear, but on special occasions I change to pearl studs or my favorite emerald cut garnet earrings. I'm careful about the quality and I have not had problems with allergies or infections.

Linda Winstead Jones said...

My ears were pierced long ago. Thirty years, maybe more. One piercing in each ear, and though I occasionally think of having one more hole in one ear, I just haven't done it. Maybe one day.

I have absolutely no desire to get any more than that, and don't want any tattoes. A couple of years ago my middle son and his wife offered to get me a tattoo for my fiftieth birthday. I thought about it for a few days (to the DH's dismay :-)) and in the end decided to pass. The reason? I have a closet full of clothes I bought on impulse that I now wonder what I was thinking. Some things that I once thought were dazzling are now tacky. What if I did the same thing with a tattoo? Marvelous today, horrifying in two years. Not worth the risk. :-)


Smarty Pants said...

My ear piercing story is a long saga. I think I got them done the first time when I was 10 at an indoor swap meet. I know. They gave me some trouble after a few weeks and I had to take them out. They closed up in 2 seconds. I went back to have them redone at Claire's a year later. They managed not to get it into the already existing holes, but just a milimeter away, so now I have double holes right on top of each other, one which is open, one which is closed.

In 6th grade, my BFF and I decided we should get a second hole, but only in our right ear. Later it closed. In 8th or 9th grade, a friend was in cosmetology school and they'd taught them to pierce. She brought the gun to the bowling alley and gave me and my friend a second hole in both ears. Once again, the first closed hole was missed. I don't know why this is so hard.

So technically, I have 7 holes, only 4 of which work. I leave studs in the top so they don't close. I heal too quickly to leave them out.

Ears are it for me, though. I considered piercing my tongue in college, but chickened and got a tattoo instead. As for more tattoos, well, I can be talked into anything, sadly.

Liza said...

I was made to get my ears pierced when I was 9 because my sister and cousin were finally getting their pierced at 13(rule was you had to be 13). My grandmother decided we would just all get it done at the same time. I've always had trouble with infections, so I can't even wear earrings. I did get second holes in college, and they never gave me any trouble, but I finally stopped wearing any earrings in them and I think they have closed up now. I also got a tattoo in college, but only the one.

I was with my middle niece when she decided to get her ears pierced. She was about 8 and was so brave. She squeezed my hands so hard, I really though she might break a finger. Her eyes got so big, but she never cried. BTW, she too is a drama queen, so we went to Claire's since they could do both ears at the same time.

Problem Child said...

I have two holes in the left and three in the right. I want another in the right, though.

My upper holes are sensitive, but the lower ones used to have safety pins, paperclips, etc in them--hey it was the 80s!

Rhonda Nelson said...

I've got double piercings in my ears and actually did the 2nd holes myself. (Which would explain why they are uneven. :-)

Angel, when I took my little Drama Queen to get her ears done, we did the shoot-them-at-the-same-time approach as well, for the very same reason.

SP, getting that gun in the right position isn't the easiest thing to do. I worked in the jewelry dept. at our local Wal-Mart many, many moons ago during the Christmas season and actually missed someone's ENTIRE ear. Hey, I'm not proud. (And in my defense I tried to tell my boss that I didn't want to pierce ears.)

Sherry W. said...

That was sweet and DQ is a little cutie!
I have one hole in each ear and getting that was an experience not to be repeated. My cousin decided I needed my ears piereced when I was 13 and had these self piercing earrings. One end has a sharp point so you just clip them on and leave them there. Needless to say, it was very uncomfortable and infection is sure to follow. It did and with no thanks to her, I still have an ear.
No tats for me. I have an aversion to seeing a needle come at me. If the desire to have one gets so strong I will just go to the toy section at WalMart and get the ones you can wash off later. :D

Lynn Raye Harris said...

LOL, LJ! I like your reasoning about the tattoo.

I got my ears pierced when I was 16. It was fine, but it's the healing that hurts. Sleeping with those studs, turning them, etc. I won't ever get another hole. Nevah evah.

No urges to pierce another part of body ever. Tattoo? Hmm, I have thought of it. But I hate pain. And then, like LJ, what if I wake up one day and decide it's tacky and now I'm stuck with it?

Anonymous said...

You both are very lovely. I have double piercings in my ears and have no desire to for more piercings anywhere, thank you very much. No tattoos either!
Rhonda, you have me rolling on the floor! But I agree with you, I would NEVER agree to pierce someone's ears - can you say blood? No how, no way.

Darling Geek said...

Oh Great. Now AC is going to asking, isn't she?

Angel said...

Well, Darling Geek, DQ did mention that she's now the only girl Playkid who hasn't had her ears pierced... ;)

She did ask Little Man was he going to pierce his ears (before I could think to stop her) and he thankfully replied no. Whew! That was a close one.


Christie Craig said...

Great blog.

I got my ears done in Venezuela about 25 years ago. It involved a piece of ice, a cork, and a needle. Yes, I did both ears.

Congrats on your bonding experience.

Christie Craig

Instigator said...

I got my first holes when I was seven or so. My sister and mother (her second holes) got theirs done at the same time. When DH gave me diamond studs for Christmas one year while we were dating I had the 2nd holes put in.

We had the girl's ears pierced when they were both 6 months old. I took them on the same day they got their 6 month shots and got all of the pinching over with at once. Neither one of them bothered them (although Sweet Pea did manage to get a screwback earring out when she was about 1. Never figured out how she managed that one).

I had a brief vision of getting my belly button pierced when I was younger - even bought the ring - but changed my mind when I realized how they did it. I am getting a tattoo though to remember my first sale. However, I'm getting it on the small of my back so I can cover it up and/or forget about it whenever I want.


Crystal Lee said...

Years ago I went to one of those little boutiques to get holes 3 and 4. OMG! Let me just tell you how pleasant it is when the gun gets stuck in your ear! I was glued to the chair, trying not to show how bad it really did hurt. A bit of bungling, to say the least. I had crumpled cartilage working its way out of a couple of the more wounded holes for awhile. Yummy!

Kathy said...

What cute pictures! You've got me wanting to get another hole in my left ear.

I got my ears pierced when I was 12. Then when I was 15, I pierced my left ear again (wanted to look like a gypsy). Mom told me the next morning, when I proudly showed off my handy work, to take the earring out. But when I turned 16, I pierced it again myself. (All you have to do is squeeze your ear for a good bit and poke a pointed earring through.)

I got the right one pierced so I could wear diamond studs in my ears too, Instigator. Now Angel has been wanting to get the third hole. Hmmm. Just might do it so I could still have that gypsy look. ;)

Kathy said...

Uh, that should be Angel has ME wanting to get that third hole pierced. (Fancy fingers!)

catslady said...

I was in my early 20's and never had any problems but my drama queen daughter wanted them and she had this habit of fainting so I kept saying no. When I was at girl scout camp with her younger sister, her dad took her behind my back grrrr. She could get him to do anything! It did work out and I think she knew she couldn't complain to me lol. We went through me refusing to let her have a tattoo until she was out of my house - of course she did lol. Oh and she got another hole later that turned into this large lump that she had to have taken care of so no more ear piercings I'm thinking.

Avery Beck said...

Good call on getting both ears done at once--when I was five, I *did* refuse to get the second one pierced, so I walked around with one pierced ear for a couple of weeks, LOL. Got them double pierced at 13. I don't remember that hurting at all.

Jane said...

I have a total of five ear piercings. I don't have any tattoos and probably never will. I don't think I can handle the pain.