Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Guest Blogger Julie Cohen

I feel so popular...we get all the cool kids on our blog. Y'all welcome Julie Cohen and make her feel at home.

Ready to rock?

First, thank you ladies for having me here in the playground, and especially thank you to Problem Child who invited me here to talk about my long-running obsession.

I started my writing career in high school, in chemistry class with my best friend. We wrote a book together about us and the Beatles, circa 1965. She loved George Harrison and I loved Paul McCartney, and I’d write the bits about her and George, and she’d write the bits about Paul and me. We gave Ringo and John to two of our other friends, who weren’t writers but who liked to read. The plot was, I must admit, mostly a vehicle for lots and lots of sex scenes.

The best bit was writing a scene about Kathy and then passing it to her. Second best, but only very narrowly, was reading a scene that Kathy had written about me. The complete joy of giving someone a story from my own head, is still one of the most amazing things about writing for me.

After the Beatles, we wrote a story about us and the Monkees (I had Peter Tork, she had Davy Jones). Then--I’m sorry, but I must admit it, though it betrays our age--us and the New Kids on the Block (I had Joey McIntyre, she had Donnie Wahlberg).

Our writing interests wavered into different channels as we grew up; she wrote about vampires, I wrote about celebrity chefs. The musician-love never died, though: I moved to England and married a guitar-playing Englishman who works for rock stars.

Which made it useful when I had to do research for my latest release, HONEY TRAP.

A couple books before, in SPIRIT WILLING, FLESH WEAK, I’d introduced a character called Max DeMilo. Max was a former rock star, a guy who used to be famous in the 1980s, who was planning a comeback tour. I loved him. He was in his early fifties, he wore lots of silver jewellery and leather, he had long hair and tattoos. Max was so laid-back that he was nearly horizontal. He told long, pointless stories about his crazy life on the road and for the past few years he’d been retired on a farm in Yorkshire, raising llamas. (He always wore his leather trousers and silver jewellery in the fields, whilst mucking out, etc.) I don’t know if it was the llamas or the years on the road, but Max had a sort of skewed wisdom and true kindness that helped heal everyone he was with.

I knew I had to write about him again, and show his comeback tour, which I knew was going to be fraught with peril. For one thing, This Is Spinal Tap is like one of my favourite movies. But the problem was, Max wasn’t hero material: he was too old for my target audience, and I’d also paired him off with someone in the previous book.

So I made up another rock star: Dominick Steele. Max had come out of the other end of fame and fortune with his soul intact; Dominick is his dark shadow. He’s tall, dark, sexy, brooding and immensely talented, the former front man of Dirtysweet, one of the most successful bands in recent years. He’s also an alcoholic who has systematically destroyed everything he’s ever had or cared about.

Oh yeah. This is a hero I can sink my teeth into.

In HONEY TRAP, Max needs a bass player for his tour. He calls Dominick, who has utterly dropped out of the musical world, and pretty much the real world, too, since his wife divorced him and his band broke up. Dom, on the verge of bankruptcy with nothing else to lose, agrees, because this is his last chance. But he instantly regrets his decision when he sees who else is on the tour: Sophie Tennant, the former private detective who broke up his marriage.

I’m not sure why I’m attracted to the darker side of the rock star world: the temptations, the self-abuse, the tortured geniuses. I wouldn’t put up with my husband indulging in any of that crap. But in fantasy, how I love it. It’s Jim Morrison, it’s Stephen Tyler and Joe Perry, it’s Mick Jagger, it’s Jeff Buckley and David Bowie, it’s all those darkly sexy men and their leather trousers.

It is, perhaps, not quite so much Joey McIntyre. But we all grow up, right?

Who’s your favourite bad-boy rock star? And why do you find him so sexy?

Julie's going to give away a copy of HONEY TRAP to one of today's commentors. (Although I think it should be me since I can't believe I just put one of the New Kids on my blog...)
Find Spirit Willing, Flesh Weak here or here and Honey Trap here or here.


Playground Monitor said...

Welcome to the playground, Julie! How's Fecklet doing?

As the Playfriends will acknowledge, I am SO out of my element with rock stars -- good or bad. While they were in the audience of Bon Jovi's concert, I was home emailing with my sister about the possibility of getting tickets to see Barry Manilow if we decide to go to Vegas for our 2008 girl's trip. I can see you all shaking your heads and mouthing the word "pathetic" to each other. ::shrug::

I sort of missed the 80's. I was raising kids and the decade is a blur of school supplies and Sesame Street, Little League and lunch boxes.

Minna said...

I was never the one to hang posters of rock stars on my walls, even though I do like pop and rock. And as there were some who used more make-up than I ever have, ir was a bit hard to find them sexy.

Julie Cohen said...

Hey PA! Thanks for the welcome! It's really nice to be here, thank you for having me.

And I LOVE Barry Manilow. I saw him years ago at Wembley Stadium. I don't find him attractive, but Copacabana is one of the best songs ever.

Julie Cohen said...

(Sorry for pause, while I went and talked about sex on BBC Radio Scotland. What a nice thing to do on a Wednesday morning.)

Hi Minna! Thanks for commenting. Actually I quite like a good man in makeup, myself. One of my favourite films is The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

But thank goodness we've all got different tastes or else poor Barry Manilow would be lonely. ;-)

Biddy said...

Well Dominick is MINE!! MINE I TELL YOU!! Sorry got carried away there... ;-)
Well I go for the shorter balder more country type of bloke. And once Mr Kenny Chesney comes to realise we are meant to be together the world will be a better place.
That said I was convinced I was going to marry John Taylor from Duran Duran when I was younger.

Cat Marsters/Kate Johnson said...

Ooh, a Jim Morrison picture always brightens the day.

As for my favourite bad-boy I can't actually think of one. All my posters are of James Marsters as Spike (who was sort of impersonating a rockstar: does he count? He can sing!).

When I go to gigs it's to see Crowded House, or Bryan Adams, or The Feeling. I'm just so cool I can't stand it.

Anyway. I loved Honey Trap, and Dom. What is it about musicians? Well, they're very good with their hands...

KansasSue said...

Welcome, Julie. Love me some rock stars. Telling my age, my first rock crush was Lek from Herman's Hermits - tall men with glasses sent me than and continue to send me now.

As far as bad boys go, I'm a Rod Stewart girl. His songs were naughty, naughty, naughty and his voice was so gravelly and sexy. I kind of forgot all about him until he put out the first songbook CD, and I swooned all over again. Naughty had turned to stable and longing for permanence, but the sexy voice was still there.

Then there's Conway Twitty. He also sang songs about naughty things and when I hear that that low thing he did with his voice, my toes curl right up.

Problem Child said...

Still not fully recovered from posting a New Kid on my blog. Sigh... Did y'all know NKOTB had reunited for a tour?

Sting is my man. I've even taken up yoga just in case he wants me! (And I'm suffering from it this morning. Yoga, that is.)

Jon Bon Bovi is still yummy...

Smarty Pants said...

Welcome, Julie! Great topic. I've always had a thing for musicians. I, too, had NKOTB posters on my wall, straight from the pages of Tiger Beat. My friend has just paid $300 to see them in Atlanta with VIP passes to go backstage. I told her she needs to get Jonathan's autograph for me.

I'm not sure I really like the bad boys, though. Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Duran Duran, Aerosmith... maybe they've just all mellowed with age, but they never struck me as bad. Maybe just a little randy. :)

Biddy - I'm glad you've fallen for Dominic because you can't possibly marry John Taylor. I'm marrying John Taylor. I just need to tell him that.

Kate! Glad you could pop in. (I 'met' Kate forever ago on the eHarlequin 20-something boards I mentioned in my post about Nalini, oddly enough.) I'm so jealous, Bryan Adams is my favorite and he almost never tours in the US. When he does, he steers clear of the south. Sigh... I've tried to explain to DB that when Bryan shows up on the doorstep and announces its time for me to have his love child, I will comply. He responded by deleting his concert at Slane Castle off the DVR.

Liza said...

I loved(and still do) Jon Bon Jovi. Funny enough, I loved Justin Timberlake when he was with NSYNC(my nieces loved them and the Backstreet Boys), and he is even hotter now.

Julie Cohen said...

Hmmm...Biddy, do you think you're a little bit possessive of my hero Dominick? ;-)

One day you WILL get The Chesney. I have faith.

Angel said...

Well, I'm only marginally above PM on the rock knowledge monitor. What I know I've learned from the Playfriends and hubby. And lots of VH1 Greatest Songs of....

Bon Jovi is a must. Of course. We are obsessed with him here at the Playground. Hmmm... I'll have to think beyond that. Give me a bit.

The books sound great!!!! Can't wait to try one.


Julie Cohen said...

Cat/Kate, I'm glad you liked Honey Trap. I agree, it's partly because musicians are good with their hands. That certainly works with my husband. ;-)

See, you'll probably hate me but I always thought Spike resembled Billy Idol, who is totally a rock star.

Instigator said...

Welcome, Julie! We're glad you came out to play today :-)

I'm a Bon Jovi girl! Although, I also loved Van Halen, Guns N Roses and Metallica growing up. Hmm, I'm not quite sure what it says about me that I have now switched to a country girl. Give me Keith Urban, Tim McGraw or James Otto (I love that man's voice!) and I'm a happy camper.

Instigator - who will admit to seeing NKOTB in concert when I was mumble, mumble, mumble.

Julie Cohen said...

Hi Kansassue! I don't know what Lek looks like but I'm with you on the tall men with glasses. Seen Jarvis Cocker lately? Mmmmmmm...

I also love Rod, though more when he was young, because I am all about spandex etc. He has a voice to die for.

I don't really know country music so I'm not so up on Conway Twitty but I will listen with a new ear now.

Julie Cohen said...

Problem Child/Kim, thank you for sacrificing yourself to post Joey! :-P

Sting is quite amazingly sexy, though I'd never choose him myself, possibly because he strikes me as too earnest. But he is lovely to look at... as is John Bon Jovi, a very popular choice I see!

MaryF said...

Hello Julie,
I loved what you wrote about! You asked about many of bad boy rock stars...hmmm, well, where do I start?
Here are three (I could name more)
Yes, Gene Simmons from KISS..ultimately bad. But older. Still who doesn't like a guy in make-up from time to time (*snicker*)
Shaun Morgan of Seether, those piercings are cool and so is the attitude.
Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails...gotta love his wildness.

Who would think I'd have a taste for the wild side? LOL

What is the most bizarre experience you've had dealing with the rock world? (I'm also terribly curious)

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Hi, Julie! Well, this one stumps me because I'm not into rock bad boys much these days. Jon Bon Jovi, of course, but he's not all that bad really.

When I was a teen in the 80s, I had posters of Billy Squier, among others. I find David Cook to be quite adorable, but I don't think he's bad.

You'd never guess I was the girl who went to all kinds of concerts back then: BOC, Ozzy, Nazareth, Rick Springfield, Billy Squier, Loverboy, etc. I'm sure there are more, but I've blocked them out. *g*

birdzilla said...

Hello Julie

I usually do not post on these here subjects, but oh well...

Got to say Miranda Lambert, Gretchen Wilson, and Jennifer Nettles.

Also, I have always been a fan of the voice of Foghorn Leghorn.
For you PM...
"I write the songs that make the young hens sing, I write the songs with ideas of thighs and chicken wings...

Julie Cohen said...

Smarty Pants, you are a woman of very good taste. I hope your friend has a great time seeing NKOTB and gets you the autograph!

I think Aerosmith were bad boys back in the 70s when they all had serious drug habits and were singing about having sex with groupies. Joe Perry. Now there's a star. Mmmmmm.

How are you going to handle being married to John Taylor AND having Bryan Adams's love child, though?

B.H. Dark said...

Liza, I do understand the Bon Jovi, but I just do not get Justin Timberlake. He looks to me like any vaguely thuggish teenager hanging around the mall. Maybe that is the appeal. Can someone explain this?

Julie Cohen said...

Angel, I do believe that VH1 should be marketed as an educational channel.

And you're another Bon Jovi fan...the man must be getting a big head. ;-)

(Blogger word verification hates me, by the way, I have to post everything twice!!)

Julie Cohen said...

Er...wait, sorry, Blogger really does hate me. The comment from B. H. Dark was actually me, Julie, posting by mistake under my pen name. Ignore the man in the moustache.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Julie,
Well bring on Toby Keith, yowsar! And no shame PM, I saw Barry at an outdoor concert here in Birmingham many a year ago and loved it.

PM's Mother said...

I grew up during the Big Band era. You kids really missed the good music (if you call "Rock" music.) Now as far as poster boys go...I'll take Tony Bennett, even if he did leave his heart in San Francisco!

Birdzilla, I like your sense of humor!

Smarty Pants said...

I can't explain the Timberlake phenomenon. I always thought he was kinda scrawny and looked like a sheep.

As for balancing John and Bryan, well, what a problem to have... (they are always on tour, you know)

B.H. Dark said...

Instigator, yay! I totally love Eddie Van Halen. I want to bring him home and feed him. I also love Slash from G 'n' R though that may have more to do with his chest than any desire to feed him. Metallica, I'm afraid, are not attractive at all (alas) but I do like their music.

Funny that you've switched to country. Maybe you're feeling it's more authentic these days than pop and rock? My musical tastes have changed over the years too, though I've always had a talent for choosing to love songs that my husband thinks are tacky as hell. I listen to 80s radio on the Mac and wind him up. (He's a bit of a music snob.)

Julie Cohen said...

Argh! Sorry, B.H. Dark was me again. Grrrr!!!

Julie Cohen said...

Maryf, I like the way you think. Piercings and Trent Reznor. Good, good, good. Mmmm.

What's the most bizarre experience I've had dealing with the rock world? Well my husband has lots of them because he works in the music biz and so he meets lots of people. For example he used to work for the Pretenders and Chrissie Hynde is a very strict vegetarian. He wasn't allowed to wear a belt and he had to sneak around if he wanted to eat a hamburger.

I do soundtracks for all my books, and I think the coolest thing has been when my husband has met one of the artists who's on my soundtrack. He tells them that they helped inspire his wife's novel. He did this the other day when he met Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy so I am waiting for that particular book to come out so I can send him a copy.

This is very exciting for me.

Another bizarre experience was when I was backstage at Glastonbury Festival and my husband had to physically restrain me from touching Damon Albarn's butt. (Damon Albarn= Blur and Gorillaz)

Rebekah E. said...

I would also have to say James Marsters. Unforunitely I am only going by looks because you can't get his cds anymore. I don't even remember the name of his band. He does look alot like billy idol who I also thought was cute when I was little.

Kathy said...

Welcome, Julie!

Ah, JT is the thing! He's got the moves and the voice to soothe the beastie.

Billie Idol!! Righteous!!

Bryan Adams. Stringy hair but the he's got THE voice!

I had pictures of Micheal Jackson and Donnie Osmond on my walls in the 70's. I absolutely love guys that can sing and bust a move! :-)

Keith Urban is HOT! Em&em, 50 Cent, bad boys but oh! what poets! But I digress, we are talking about rock bands, aren't we? LOL.

Scott Stapp! What a BAD, BAD boy but the leather pants, the tall, dark and handsome... the voice, the passion... Yeah, baby. Loved Stuart Townsend's take on bad boy rocker vampire in Queen Of The Damned!

Julie, have you written in other genres? And what do you think about the dark allure of vampires and rock?

Sherry W. said...

Hi Julie! I love rock music. Always have and always will. It drives my 17 yr old daughter nuts. She thinks I should stick to the classics or switch to country. Not happening. I like the old songs but love the new stuff.
Kevin Miller. That's my secret (well not anymore) crush. He was the former drummer for Fuel but is now with Tantric. Lord can that hunk of a man play some drums!
And I've always had a thing for Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. Curly hair and all. I don't know how bad they are but who cares!
I like connecting to music when thinking about a story. But sometimes it's a good thing just to listen to their sexy voices and NOT see their pictures. I love Hinder and Default but their voice doesn't actually fit my minds picture of what they should look like. (LOL)
Oh and I love Bryan Adams too! Saw him in concert back in his day. It was great. He sure knew how to wear a plain white t-shirt and jeans!

Playground Monitor said...

Ohmygosh, I'm laughing so hard picturing Foghorn singing his own version of Barry Manilow.

Now that I've thought about it, I was a huge James Taylor fan in college. Still am for that matter. And every darn time he's been in concert anywhere close, we've had a conflict. One of these days I'll get to hear him sing "Carolina in My Mind" live.

Wow! What a turn-out we've had here. We may have to hire a traffic cop to keep things moving smoothly. :-)

Cat Marsters/Kate Johnson said...

See, you'll probably hate me but I always thought Spike resembled Billy Idol, who is totally a rock star.

Quoth Buffy: "Actually, Billy Idol stole his look from... never mind." They definitely channelled him for Spike's Once More With Feeling song.

Rebekah E, his band was Ghost of the Robot, but he's done some solo stuff since. I mean, not that I went to any of his concerts or anything. I certainly didn't pass out, and you can't prove I did.

MaryF said...

Julie, you are hilarious!
I'd have been miffed if my husband had restrained me from touching the rear of someone like Damon Albarn. ;)

Thanks for sharing some of your (and your husband's) experiences, I could listen all day.

To bad you can't market the sound track with the book, that would rock. (Don't you think it would make the reading of the book more interesting?)

I really like the pen name, B.H. Dark, its very gothic. :)

Cat Marsters/Kate Johnson said...

Smarty Pants! I thought your photo looked familiar. My mother absolutely adores Bryan Adams, and he tours the UK quite often (sorry!). We generally keep our eyes open for the smaller venues though, he does a lot of massive arenas and they're quite tiresome.

Julie Cohen said...

You guys are too fast for me! I'm trying to comment in between looking after my baby boy but obviously you are all too hyped up about rock stars for me to keep up. :-D So I'm going to reply to several at once to try to be quicker.

Hi Lynn! I used to love Billy Squier too! I still love to listen to his music while I'm writing--"My Kind of Lover" and "Stroke Me" (of course). You are so cool with all those concerts you went to. Now Ozzy...he's a bad boy for sure.

Hey Birdzilla (love the name and pic)! I don't know some of the singers you're talking about, but I think Gretchen Wilson is beautiful. LOL at the bird Barry Manilow! I will be humming that for the rest of the day...

Anonymous, good to find another Barry fan. Toby Keith...not so much for me, but I see the appeal of the hat.

Julie Cohen said...

PM's mother--Tony Bennett! Yes! Not exactly a bad boy of rock, but the man had somethin'.

LOL Smarty Pants, you are right on with the sheep. And you're right, with these rock stars always on tour, you can probably manage to balance a few at the same time.

Rebekah and Kate/Cat, that is really funny about Spike and Billy Idol! The resemblance is quite strong.

Julie Cohen said...

Hi Kathy! You are so cool. You've got me Googling Scott Stapp and though he's not quite my type (I like 'em skinnier) I can definitely see the appeal.

Julie, have you written in other genres? And what do you think about the dark allure of vampires and rock?

Thank you for asking, Kathy! I write sexy romantic comedies for Headline's Little Black Dress imprint, but I've also written contemporary category romance for M&B Modern Heat, which have been published in the USA as Harlequin Presents.

And, as you can see from my alter-ego posting on Blogger, I'm half of B. H. Dark, who writes erotic science fiction romantic comedy for Samhain.

I'm not a big paranormal reader, but I can recommend my friend Kathy Love's vampires, especially her Impaler books about a vampire rock band in New Orleans. I Want You To Want Me is out now. I love her heroes, they are really hot and also undead.

I'm totally glomming Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series right now. I've just started the last book.

Julie Cohen said...

I love rock bands and vampires together though. It's a perfect fit: dark, hedonistic, talented, sleep during the day, very very very sexy...

I always thought that Michael Hutchence of INXS would have made a very good vampire. Maybe he is, somewhere.

Liza said...

I think it might be how Justin dances and looks in his suits that makes him sexy to me.

traveler said...

Thanks for your wonderful post today. I think that your sense of humor is what keeps me going on days like this. It is uplifting and a joy. My favorite star is not a bad boy nor a real rock star but to me he is everything that is remarkable and unique. Whenever I see or hear Leonard Cohen I am in rapture. He was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame so I think that he rates highly especially with me and many other out there who value his lyrics and unique voice.

PM's Mother said...

Hi, Julie

Tony Bennett...the man still has something. He can sing to me anytime!

petite said...

Welcome, Julie. Lovely to have you hear. Your humorous post has me loving it. My favorite and best ever rock star who always was the ultimate is Ted Nugent. Still is appealing to me. Thanks for this great time today.

Julie Cohen said...

Sherry, you keep on doing your own music thing, don't listen to your daughter!! I am going to have to google Kevin Miller. I like drummers.

PM, James Taylor is a great musician, but not beautiful, really, do you think? I saw him years ago and loved it.

Maybe we should get Jon Bon Jovi as our traffic cop. ;-)

I'd have been miffed if my husband had restrained me from touching the rear of someone like Damon Albarn. ;)
Maryf, afterwards we had words. ;-)

I would love to market my sound tracks with my books. But of course there's that pesky copyright thing. Plus I fear some people would think I was even weirder than I am. I do have some soundtracks listed on my website, but I haven't done that for a few books now. That could be fun to do.

Julie Cohen said...

Wow every time I turn around you guys post! Liza and PM's mother and Petite and Traveler, I'll be back later to respond properly; I've got a writers' meeting and then a (ahem) quick visit to the pub.

Will be back later! Rock on till I get back!! :-D

Jane said...

Hi Julie,
Liam Gallagher of Oasis used to be my
favorite bad boy rocker. When they first came out, I thought he was very cute and their songs were catchy. Then I realized he was such a big jerk and he became less attractive real quick. Liam is known for spitting on stage and other annoying antics. I just heard on the news that he and his brother got attacked on stage. I have to look for the video on the internet.

Angel said...

Wow! This is a popular subject.

My sister told me that Sherrilyn Kenyon posted soundtracks for her Dark Hunters books, some of the songs being written and performed by her brother. When we went to the Acheron signing in Nashville, we got to hear them play. Hard rock, definitely. Even though I wasn't familiar with the songs, I really enjoyed it!


Angel said...

BTW, even though I think I was the only Playfriend who enjoyed it, we got to see Daughtry when we went to the Bon Jovi concert. I'm a big fan of him too.


Susan said...

That is one of my favorite pictures of Jim Morrison! Roger Daltrey of The Who and Lindsey Buckingham are two of my favorite bad-boy rock stars. The movie Tommy is one good reason.

birdzilla said...

Hi again Julie

Sorry but had to give PM an encore...

Well you came and you gave without layin'
But I sent you away, oh chicky
Well, you clucked at me and started me struttn'
And I need you today, oh chicky

Perched on the edge of the henhouse
Waddled away when love was mine
Caught up in a tree of uphill climbin'
The clucks are in my mind
And nothing is rhymin', oh chicky time Julie open invitations to the pub

Playground Monitor said...

Is there a CD of this? Foghorn Does Manilow: The early years

And yeah, Julie, JT isn't much to look at, but that mellow voice of his is music for the soul.

annie said...

Hi Julie,
Wonderful blog today. I do have a thing for Neil Young and his band. His sound and lyrics always make me ponder things since they are so profound.

Kathy said...

Julie! How could I forget Michael Hutchence? Love him!! He was The ONE. I remember watching him sing in INXS's first ever video and knew he would make it big.

"Slide over here and give me a moment. Your moves are so raw. I've got to let you know...I've got to let you know. You're one of my kind."

(sigh) Excellent choice for a sexy vamp! He sang with such passion.

How do you like crossing genres?

Do you work on more than one book at a time?

And aren't the B-52's the greatest? They would make cool vamps.

Wendy said...

Hi, Julie!

Uhm, well I wasn't exactly born while all these bands were popular but I've listened to a few The Doors songs and they're pretty good. :)

Julie Cohen said...

Back from my meeting and the pub, to find more messages! You guys are awesome.

Liza, I must admit I've never seen Justin Timberlake move. I've only seen photos. Maybe I need to watch more MTV. (Actually, I definitely need to watch more MTV.)

PM's mother, Tony Bennett isn't exactly rock 'n' roll but he has got it.

Hey, Petite. Ted Nugent is definitely a Bad Boy Rocker. That hair!

ruth said...

Hi Julie! Your blog never cease to amaze and captivate me. As far as rock stars are concerned, I was always captivated by Van Morrison. His voice and songs were sensitive and well written.

Julie Cohen said...

Hi Jane! My husband just showed me the video of Liam Gallagher being attacked on stage. I can't condone that obviously but I agree that his personality is somewhat less than attractive. I like a bad boy with some honour...if that's not a contradiction in terms...

Angel, that's really cool that Sherrilyn Kenyon's brother is involved in his own way with her world. I like that story because it sounds like a good relationship.

I'd never heard of Daughtry before. Again, not my type, but I can see the attraction.

Susan--yeah! The Who and Fleetwood Mac. Great taste in music, woman!

Julie Cohen said...

Birdzilla, if you are going to sing Barry Manilow covers about chickens, you can come to the pub with me any time at all.

Dare you to do Copacabana...

Julie Cohen said...

Annie, Neil Young is my husband's favourite musician EVER. He just thinks Neil is a god. And you know, I was never a big fan until our son was born, and my husband used to put on Harvest and just hold our son and sing it to him. Every song, from beginning to end.

Now I am a fan.

Julie Cohen said...

Kathy, I know, Michael Hutchence and that song are just perfect vampires!

How do you like crossing genres?

I loved writing the erotic sci-fi (with my friend Kathy Love as B. H. Dark), because I could let my imagination run wild, and also use language I wasn't really allowed to do in category romance! For me, every book is about pushing my own limits in skill and content, but writing something completely out there was lots of fun. The switch from category to single title has been really fun too. A little scary, but a big exploration.

Do you work on more than one book at a time?

Not really, if I can help it. Of course the books always overlap; I usually get edits for Book A when I'm about a third of the way finished with Book B. But I'm a pantser rather than a plotter and I find my process requires me to eat, sleep and breathe the book I'm writing. I couldn't do two at a time. I admire people who can.

And yes you're right, the B-52s would be awesome vampires! They would be very funny.

Julie Cohen said...

Wendy...yup, The Doors are pretty good. ;-)

Hey Ruth, Van Morrison is very talented. he sexy? Or is it the talent that's sexy? Everyone has different tastes...

birdzilla said...

Just for you Julie (by the way, you better respond tomorrow as well)

Her name was henrietta, she was a showchick
With yellow feathers on her breast and a comb cut down to there
She would strut and do the cha-cha
And while she tried to be a state fair prize chick, Foghorn always tended bar
Across a crowded barnyard, they pecked from 8 till 4
They were young and they had each other
Who could ask for more?

At the farma, farmyarda
The hottest spot north of Mud Tavern
At the farma, farmyarda
plummage and cackles were always the fashion
At the farma....they fell in love

Angel said...

Yay, Birdzilla! You rock!!!


Lynn Raye Harris said...

I couldn't help but check in again -- it's Birdzilla and the lyrics! Instigator, how do you keep a straight face?! ROFL!!!!

Oh, Angel, I love Daughtry. I could listen to his album over and over. Indeed, I have. While writing! I love that angsty edge to his songs. Really works for writing a Presents. *g* I'd have been on the edge of my seat if I'd been with you at that concert! I know all the words, baybee. ;)

Instigator said...

It's hard but somehow I manage :-)
I will say that life is rarely dull at my house. And I wouldn't change a moment of it - except for maybe the surprise animals. (Zilla is my DH for anyone who didn't know).


Jan Jones said...

Well now, how much time have you got?

Robert Plant, Neil Young, Dylan, Rod Stewart, David Bowie, Jon Bon Jovi...

I think currently it's Chad Kroeger. His voice is just so, sooooooo sexy.

Nell said...

Julie, you know my heart belongs to Bryan Adams but bad boys I always liked included Phil Lynnot and Axle Rose and Steve Tyler.

Julie Cohen said...

Good morning!

Birdzilla...are you sure you're not the spirit of Barry Manilow transferred to a chicken!??!!?


Thank you for the giggle this morning!

Instigator, your house must be lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

Too funny!!!!!!!!!! You crack me up.

Shawn Michel de Montaigne said...

What a great blog this is! I'm impressed by the participation here.

Be back soon to read more!