Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The World's Best Mom

And no, it’s not me. Pigs aren’t airborne yet. I’m giving props to my mom today.

(A little background—Mom isn’t living in town right now. She moved back to Tennessee several months ago to help care for my grandmother who’s having some health issues. Hopefully, she’ll be able to move back sometime this summer.)

So we got back Friday night from the whirlwind trip to Scotland on the world’s worst travel itinerary. Despite my plans to work on my book while I was gone, I didn’t accomplish much due to, well, due to lots of stuff. Saturday morning, Mom calls to check in and I bemoan my lack of progress and worry out loud about how I’m ever going to get this book finished with AC home all this week for Spring Break. She commiserates, but she’s not much help from four hours away.

A couple of hours later, she calls back and tells me if I’ll meet her half-way, she’ll take AC to Tennessee for the week.

The whole week.

Leaving me the week to work on these revisions.


See why I’m not the world’s best mom? I packed AC’s bags and headed to Chattanooga. Now I have the whole house to myself while DG’s at work and I should be accomplishing tons.

I should be, at least.

Unfortunately, being gone last week meant a ton of stuff landed on my To Do list for Monday and between the phone and the emails, not much got accomplished book-wise.

So if I’m AWOL most of today and the rest of the week, you’ll know why. It’s because I’m trying to make the most of the time I have to get this book done. If I’m going to suffer the Mom-Guilt of shipping my kid off with just a cheery wave, I should get a decent page count out of it, right?

So three cheers for my mom. You rock, Mom. Try not to spoil AC too much. After last week with her other grandparents and a week with you, I’d hate to have to beat her when she gets home.

Who’s your hero this week? Anyone deliver exactly what you needed?



Playground Monitor said...

No heroes yet, but the week is young.


Jen said...

Your Mom does rock, PM! Write on!

Barbara said...

Being a mom (and a grandma) myself, I would do almost anything to be able to spend a whole week with my grandkids without their parents around.

Your mom is one smart cookie!!

Now get to work! :)

Rhonda Nelson said...

This week I would have to say my dh is my hero. He's barely had a day off in months and when he does, he's working on stuff here. I imagine he'd really like a break--a single day to just "be"--and yet he never complains.

Instigator said...

I'm with PM, no heros yet but there's time. I have both of the girls at the office with me today. I'm actually looking forward to it - they specifically asked to come to the office this week :-).


Lynn Raye Harris said...

That would be my hubby, and for ridiculously simple reasons. :) He helped me put together new patio furniture on Sunday, and then we arranged it on our screened in patio. It took some doing because the patio is kind of small.

Then, last night, he not only hung curtains in the bathroom, he removed a towel bar, spackled the holes, and put up a wrought iron candle holder. It's not a lot, but believe me, it can take me weeks to get him that motivated for house projects. I'm so happy I'm going to push my luck and try for a new towel bar. And maybe a couple new light fixtures. :)

Angel said...

Currently, I'm the hero around here. :) I'm taking my kids to Florida for 4 days to see the grandparents. But one day they'll be old enough to ship them down there for two weeks every summer! :)


PC's Mom said...

My hero is my sister who is juggling her schedule so that I can have AC here this week.

Thank you LA.

misty wright said...

No heroes yet.

I would love to have someone take the kids for a week. You would see me leave town in a cloud of dust. LOL. Either to the beach or mountains I would go and write like crazy.

Here's to your mom PC. Give her a big hug when you see her. ;) Now get to work!