Thursday, March 06, 2008

Down on the Farm Part 2

I was awoken yesterday morning with the exclamation, "It's goat day! It's goat day!" Let me just say that these are words I never thought would be part of my life. The things we do for those we love. *shakes head*

So, as most of you know from last week we have 3 new baby goats - Austin, Uniqua, and Tyrone. (We have a Backyardigans theme going - Tasha is Austin's mama.) Baby Girl came home from school on Monday with a calendar that said Wednesday was bring a farm animal to school day. Somehow, I don't think her teacher expected real farm animals to show up :-) But DH graciously agreed to spend the afternoon letting 3 and 6 yr olds manhandle his babies.

Here are some pictures of Sweet Pea and Baby Girl with the goats.

(Pictures Removed)

The kids were the most fascinated with the umbilical cords the little guys are still sporting and the fact that both goats peed on the floor. Considering several of the 3 yr old's are still working on that issue themselves, I had to laugh.

My life has seriously taken a turn I never expected. Somehow, I think their teachers are feeling the same way right about now. The end of the month is bring a bunny to school day. Guess what DH is taking?

Instigator - who promises to blog about something other than farm animals next week.


Wendy said...

Aw, they're so cute! bothr your girls and the little goats. :)

Smarty Pants said...

Well, if you put something like "Bring a bunny to school day" you'd better be expected to get real ones. I'm sure DH has one for each kid in their class.

This will teach them. Next year will be "Draw a picture of a farm animal because a picture won't pee on the floor or eat a kid's shirt day."

Jen said...

I think baby goats are the cutest things ever! And I'm sure the 3-year olds were THRILLED.

Kathy said...

Real goats are better than stuffed ones. Oh, what beautiful darlings you have. And, the kids look happy too.

Ah, memories!

Barbara said...

Live animals just bring out the best in kids. I applaud the teacher who lets this happen.

Adorable pictures!

Problem Child said...

Well, if you put something like "Bring a bunny to school day" you'd better be expected to get real ones. I'm sure DH has one for each kid in their class.

I'm sure Instigator wouldn't mind if the kids took one home. The parents might not be so keen, though.

Instigator said...

Yeah, it is right after Easter. Maybe we'll have Happy Easter presents for each of the kids. Mwahahahahah :-D

Actually, somehow in the course of our visit yesterday, I agreed to take someone's bunny. She's having to get rid of it and since we already have so many... I'm getting as bad as DH about strays


amy*skf said...

I love goats. And I love the Backyardigans theme.

Angel said...

Awww, reminds me of my own days on the farm. Baby goats are the cutest things! And oddly enough, a lot of ours were cuddlers. They don't look it, but they'll let you hold them and lay in your lap.

I also applaud the teacher! And David for being willing to handle it. :)


Playground Monitor said...

Hey... we got over 300 hits on the last goat day. I just hope none of them were from people with unusual sexual habits. I had a bunny in my backyard last summer that kept eating my flowers. I don't suppose you'd like to come catch it? ;-)


Instigator said...

Actually, DH does have a trap so if it appears again let me know. We'd be happy to let it come be a free range bunny at our place (what's one more?)


Anonymous said...

The photos are oh so cute.

Pat L.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that this blog sight is bringing a tear to my eye. Once again, this has to be the best blog sight ever.

I hoped one day that the Old MacInstigator would come to her senses.

My evil plan is working. Instigator is widely accepting poor little orphan animals at will.


catslady said...

I guess being the suburban girl that I am - how come their heads are brown? Is this normal? I swear it looks like a dog's head on a goat's body lol. Or is it just me??

Anonymous said...

Now this is the call Dr. Old MacBirdzilla segment,

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

The brown head with the white body is the standard color for boer goats.

The doe will 85% of the time birth 2 kids. The color pattern generally resembles the sire that bred the female. And by the way, the boer goat is the largest breed of the meat goats.



Anonymous said...

Meat? MEAT? You're going to EAT them??????

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

We typically raise babies for 2 reasons:

1. The children absolutely adore it.
2. The sale of the babies offset farm expenses.

And yes, this breed of goat is for meat production. The quality of the meat is very low in fat (99% free) and very tasty.