Monday, March 10, 2008

To Sleep or Not To Sleep...

I'm blogging this morning about the only thing on my mind: Sleep (or lack thereof).

I'm exhausted, and not looking forward to the day of juggling ahead of me. I've already been tired a lot lately, and I was looking forward to the weekend to catch up on some precious zzz's.

Friday night I stayed up late to write. Worthy cause, and I figured I could make up for the lack of sleep on Sunday. But Friday night it snowed and I was awake at 6am, worrying about the roads and the fate of our local RWA meeting (I'm on the board). We finally decided to cancel. That night the hubby wanted me to watch a movie with him, one we couldn't see until our children were in bed, so it was late to bed that night too.

No problem. Sunday is usually a good sleep day, the one day of the week I can fit in a nap. But the time changed and my children got up early. I dragged myself, very grumpily, out of bed and made muffins. Then proceeded to spend the morning cleaning and clearing. Right about nap time, the hubby decides to go into town. Uh oh, no one to run interference and sure enough, the children made noise all afternoon. No nap.

Okay, I'll go to bed early. And I did—9:30. Only to have the hubby come to bed too. Oh, alright... Finally, everyone leaves me alone so I can sleep. Until 4am. I hear the youngest crying in his room. Finally get him settled again, get me settled again. No sleep. The brain won't shut down. Takes over an hour to drift off. I jerk awake to find the oldest standing near my bed. She had a bad dream. Comfort dispensed, I glance at the clock. 5:50. Great. I lay there, determined to get just a little more sleep, but no dice. The alarm finally forces me from my warm cocoon at 6:30am.

Now I'm tired, grouchy, tired, and wishing I could make my house empty for about 3 hours so I could get some much-needed, good-mood inducing SLEEP!!!



Jen said...

So sorry, Angel. That's a bad feeling to start the day exhausted and know you have no choice but to drag through it exhausted. Hugs.

Playground Monitor said...

The time change has done me in too. I meant to take a nap yesterday -- and I had the house to myself -- but it never happened. Then I woke up about 4 AM with my foot hurting, and it wasn't where they operated. It was my last two toes. I think I the compression bandage must have shifted during the night and was pinching those toes.

I realize daylight savings time is a great energy saver, but the changeover leaves me feeling energy-less for a day or two.

Hope you get that nap soon, Angel.


Smarty Pants said...

I could not fall asleep last night. I only got about 6 hours and its killing me. I wish we'd just stay on daylight savings. Ugh.

Instigator said...

I did take a nap yesterday and then couldn't go to sleep last night. I finally dozed off about 12:30 (which my body thought was 11:30...not so bad). The problem is that somehow my alarm clock was the only clock in the entire house not to get changed. The girls were 30 minutes late for school and I just now got to work. Doh.
Although, on the bright side I'm not nearly as tired as I expected :-)


Mark said...

Lack of sleep is so frustrating, it make s me cranky and I have zero energy all day. I remember the days when I could party till 3am and go to school and not be bothered by it...sigh, no more.

Take heart though, in a precious few years you will be sleeping soundly but it will be just the two of you in an empty house and you will look bck on these days with fondness and miss when they woke you up at 3am because of bad dreams. Enjoy it while you have it!

Rhonda Nelson said...

I took a 3 hour nap after church yesterdy, then stayed up until 3:45writing. For some reason, this is beginning to work for me. I tried going to bed, but no luck. I might have logged in a couple of hours, but now I'm up again. Will probably nap this afternoon...

Playground Monitor said...

miss when they woke you up at 3am because of bad dreams

I can assure you I've never missed this part. *g*

Kathy said...

Hang in there, Angel!

I'm feeling groggy too. It usually takes me a week to get my internal clock in sync with the time change.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning (I think)

Sleep is over rated.sorry if I ruffled anyone's feathers

Sunday morning I was making pancakes for the 2 heathens at 0630. With the 2 wild children souped up on maple syrup, it was time for laundry, dishes, and house cleaning. One good thing though, all the housework was done BEFORE 0800 IN THE MORNING.

Bike riding next followed with feeding our surrogate children we keep in the pasture. (Easy everyone, I fully mean the farm animals).

Angel, next time you need a break, just send your 2 adorable ones to my house (bus is great....just kidding). Maybe the 4 of them can entertain each other.

Time to continue chores. Everyone take care.