Friday, March 14, 2008

SP and PC Do : Yoga

PC and I both started out the New Year with a desire to be better to our bodies and therefore, take some fitness classes. We opted to start out with yoga. I’d done yoga before and always found it relaxing, even if it was tough at times. The classes I took before were part of a gym membership, so this time, we found a place that just does yoga.

So we went to the first class and liked it enough to buy a 5 class discount pass. There were various classes with different teachers, so we decided to try a couple different ones out. PC decided she liked Marcy. (Just as a note, as a former dancer, PC is attracted to instructors who punish her. Me, not so much.) Anyway, Marcy looks about 22, although she mentioned having a kid graduating college, so she must be in her 40s. She’s tiny, blonde, very cute. You almost like her. Then class starts.

She always starts off with easy stuff – classic beginner poses like these -

Downward Dog

Triangle Pose

For a beginner, these are hard enough. Sometimes they feel good at first, then you hold it for 10 slow, even breaths and its no longer fun. The teachers “adjust” you to get you in the right position, usually making me pray not to tip over and take PC out like a domino. One instructor (just happened to be a guy that day) patted her sides to get her to tense up the muscles and from my position on my head, I could've swore he smacked her on the hind end. This, of course, launched me into a massive giggle fit, which is a yoga no-no. As is talking. PC and I have some issues with these rules. We’ve managed to get by with eye rolls and muttering the occasional “you’ve got to be kidding me.”

This usually comes around the time that Marcy steps it up to harder stuff like this –

Side Plank. This pose gets even worse, but I’ll spare you the modification. My knee goes down every time. The problem with this pose it that you have already been up on your arms in various poses for quite a while, so by then, you’re shaking like a leaf and about to face plant into the concrete floor.

The Plow Pose. In class, I could’ve swore she said "cloud," but this is what the website called it. I probably misheard her because all the blood trapped in my head was flooding my ears.

Monkey Pose, otherwise known as the fricking splits! She asked all of us if we’d done this in class yet this year. I announced that I hadn’t done the splits since birth. Little did we know that this was just a warmup for doing splits up against the wall.

Shoulder Stand. I know this was pretty for people watching all of us try to do this.

I have this rule about my butt going over my head. The shoulder stand was bad enough, but then she wanted us to do an actual handstand. Despite attempting this pose up against a wall for support, I still must protest. I am not 7, therefore handstands, splits, and cartwheels are out of my league. Can we just go back to child’s pose?

So, PC and I have completed our 5 class pass. She was eyeing the 10 class pass, so I think there may be more headstands in my future. Think I could talk her into belly dancing classes instead?

All I know is one thing - the day she asks us to do this one, I quit.

The Firefly Pose (sounds pretty, right??)

Anything you could do in the glory days of your youth that would warrant a trip to the ER or the orthopedic surgeon if you tried it now?


PS. Today is the One Year Anniversary of Beyond Her Book - Barbara Vey's blog on Publisher's Weekly. Come join the party!


Instigator said...

Uh, yeah. I used to dance. Tap, jazz, ballet for over 12 years. There's not a snowball's chance in hell that you could get me up on pointe these days.

I want to take bellydancing. DH would love that :-)


Playground Monitor said...

I have already been to the orthopedic surgeon this year, thank you very much. And I have to go back in two weeks and then face physical therapy.

That is NOT basic yoga. Well... maybe the child's pose and downward dog. But those ass over teakettle poses are not basic.

I bought a Latin Fitness Dance video this week and once I'm released by the doc, I can make a fool of myself in the privacy of my own home.


David Williams said...

Yes, yoga relaxes our body, though its sometimes tough enough. If we get used to yoga, then there is nothing else which can beat us. The Triagle Pose, Side Plank, etc.. are quite simple and one can perform them in their best way.

Barbara Vey said...

I took a Zumba class with my DIL and thought I'd die. I called it Lunge Hell.

Thanks for mentioning my Anniversary. I can't believe it's been a year and you guys knew me way back when I was just a cub reporter. ::g::

Rhonda Nelson said...

Yoga's not for me, but I would sure love to watch the two of you do it. :-) Can I bring popcorn and a drink?

Angel said...

I agree with Marilyn. That isn't basic yoga. Give me a video anytime... I'd rather do it at home and not feel fat and awkward. But it is awesome for your core strength.

I used to could do all kinds of tricks on the trampoline as a teenager. Now I get on with my kids and there is all kinds of embarrassing flopping. I just pray no one in the neighborhood cares enough to watch my backyard!

Happy Anniversary to Barbara!


Jen said...

You lost me at downward dog!

Lynn Raye Harris said...

I used to do splits, backbends, and cartwheels. I imagine any one of those would put my butt in the clinic these days.

I thought yoga would be cool to try, but anyone who makes me try to do a handstand has got to be out of her frickin' head. I may work up to the splits again someday. But handstands? I'm not 15!

There was an article in the NYT this week about pushups and how they are the one thing that is a measure of your fitness throughout your life. Pushups I can do. I'll stick with those. :) Jack LaLanne is 93 and does his pushups on three chairs -- so he can go lower. ==:0

Smarty Pants said...

Lynn, if that's true, I'm in trouble. I've never been able to do real pushups. There's on a thin layer of muscle over my ribcage that allows me to move my arms. Not enough to push up and down. I can only do girlie ones with my knees down. Can't do pullups either. That's why I laughed when the Navy kept trying to recruit me. It was like...have you SEEN me? If you tell me to drop and give you 50, you'll keep me busy until boot camp ENDS...

Anonymous said...

During my school days my favorite part of PE was the obstacle course. I loved climbing the rope ladders, running through the tires, jumping hurdles, etc. I could probably still do it (maybe not the hurdle part) but I don't think the time keeper and the paramedic would want to hang around that long.
Sherry W.

Kathy said...

What about the Praying Mantis, the Screeching Cat, the Windmill, the Mockingbird? LOL. (Let's make-up more.) I never could figure out why they call that move Downward Facing Dog. Does a dog do that?

I'd rather do Pilates, it's the best of Yoga and strength training combined.

Navy drill instructors, SP? Drop and give me 20. I can just imagine the eye roll that follows.

Smarty Pants said...

I'm pretty sure I'd eye-roll myself into permenant KP duty. Anyone need some potatoes peeled?

Lynn Raye Harris said...

I couldn't do pushups until I was 32. :) There's hope for you yet, SP. It's a matter of strength training and conditioning. I took a train trip from Germany to Italy by myself, to meet up with the hubby who was in Italy on a temporary assignment. I couldn't lift my suitcase over my head to put it in the rack. I was so embarrassed and I swore I would fix that. I did. :)

Granted, I've gained twenty pounds since moving to AL, and I need to shed it, but I can still lift a suitcase over my head and I can still do a few pushups. Muscle memory is a beautiful thing. :)

Anonymous said...

Howdy All

Boy, I do not know where to begin with this one.....

Now before all of you say it......Instigator----Belly Dancing (good idea)

Angel----Yep, neighbors are video taping the trampoline :)

On a more level note, I know someone (names kept secret) who is beginnning to do the at home video excercises. The little ones know not to dare enter the room when the door is closed with (nameless aain) in there. We are all trying to lend support.

On a more serious note, excerise of any kind is always great for you. Simple walks, yard work, yoga, even farm animal work (sorry had to do it) keeps you active.

To the whole playground gang, keep up the good work and continue to support each other.


Kathy said...

Love the farmer's plug, Birdzilla!

Yep, exercise is good for what ails ya. I've got to start walking again. PM and I must make a pact when she's got the a-ok!

Angel said...

When I do the at-home videos, my kids are right there with me. Especially the 3 year old. They love my walking video.

But Bellydancing (which I love) is only done with no one around. Not even children. Too embarrassing. Now if I had a stomach like the lady in the video...


birdzilla said...

This is only a test. Please ignore this message.

birdzilla said...

Still Testing

Kathy said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry, anything that has me mimicking(sp) Hindu worship poses to gods that I dont support is out! But I have heard that pilates is much better for you, with the core muscle training and all! But kudos on actually doing the whole butt-in-the-air-thing in a public about eye rolls and muttering-HA! I would have been rolling on the floor laughing so hard that they asked me to leave!!! I also heard water arobics is good...the added benefit being most of your body is hidden!!! >:)
Sheryl M.

Problem Child said...

SP and I are quite the comedy duo at yoga class. We are *so* going to get our butts kicked out one day.

That plow pose nearly killed me. Not during, but after. Marcy kept saying "You may feel some brightness along your spine." I finally had to ask if "brightness" meant "eye-watering pain."

I'm starting to really like it though. If SP and I can ever actually get our schedules together to go every week, then I might begin to feel like less of a total klutz.

Kira, Lynn, feel free to join us any time. The more the funnier. Of course, we reward our hard yoga work with fattening lattes at Starbucks right after.

(For a good laugh, though, y'all should have seen us "Sweating to the Oldies.")

Homer Hickam said...

Linda's taking yoga at the Y. Jake Gyllenhaal's dad is into it big time. I think I would be bored but then I always think I'll be bored at any kind of structured exercise class since Jackie Sorensen stopped teaching aerobics! Oh, I was into aerobic dancing big time, I swan, twenty years ago. But then they went to step (hated it), then kick boxing (tolerated it), then pilates (yawn), now yoga (OK, get a class up, fill it with young Japanese and Chinese women and I'll think about it - oops, got caught day dreaming there). So I guess I'll stick with jogging (slogging) around the 'hood, light stretching, and... I really should take up swimming again.


Jen said...

Ofcourse yoga relaxes our body, but sometimes its tough. If we are used to yoga, then it is too good for us. The Triagle Pose, Side Plank, etc.. are quite simple and one can perform them anywhere.