Friday, February 29, 2008

A Day Four Years in the Making

It’s February 29th! All over the world, people that have been cheated out of gifts for birthdays and anniversaries that fall on this day by cheap relatives are rejoicing with their hands outstretched.

I toyed with the idea of prodding DB into eloping today, just for giggles, but I changed my mind. For one, he told me his mother would kill us. And two, yes, he mentioned only having to buy me something for our anniversary every four years. Eloping today is apparently out. Besides, he's not getting off that easily. There will be much wedding-type festivities and rejoycing when the time comes.

Aside from all that, it’s Friday, which is enough reason to celebrate all on its own. I have plenty to do other than my actual job. Looking at my Circle of 5 stuff has brought to my attention that tomorrow is March 1st. Crap. Why did this have to be the shortest month? Well, I’m just going to have to live with the fact that the soonest my book will hit the post office is Monday (and that is being generous - it needs a two more scenes and typo read over at the very least). Argh. Better to send a good book slower than a bad book quickly.

So what exactly have I been doing if not working on it or any of my other books? I’ve gotten sidetracked on an online class I’m taking. It’s been productive, but not on this specific project. It ends today, technically, since I’m up to date with all the assignments. Then I can pop a couple short stories into the mail and hope for the cash to follow. Then, I'm back to work on my other 3 projects.

Wonder if I can manage to print out my 350+ page manuscript at work without anyone noticing...? Either way, back to work for me.

So, what’s one thing you wish you only had to do once every 4 years?


BTW – Today is the last day to enter the Darkness and Light contest! Enter ASAP!

Circle of 5 Status:
1 Agent Query Still Pending, 3 Rejected (Got another agent rejection. Woo hoo. Apparently I write sucky queries. They don't even like the sound of it, much less the actual writing... )
2 Agent Partials Still Pending
1 Agent Full to be Sent out March 1st (uh, is that tomorrow? Hmm…)
1 Publisher Query Pending
2 Contest Entries Submitted to Lauries
3 Short Stories & 5 Short Features Submitted to Trues, 1 Short Story Sale!


Playground Monitor said...

...what’s one thing you wish you only had to do once every 4 years?

Pelvic exams and mammograms.


Problem Child said...

Easy question:


Angel said...

Yep. Definitely both of those.

How about exercise? :)


Barbara Vey said...

I agree with the first 3 and I'll add going to the dentist.

Jen said...

I'll take PM and PC's answers, thank you. I actually like the exercise. ;)

Instigator said...

I'll take all the answers and add go to work. If I could get paid for showing up one day every four years... :-D

And you better not elope (at least not without inviting us to the festivities!)


Lynn Raye Harris said...

Doctor appointments of any description. :)

Smarty Pants said...

Well, we can scratch off the publisher query. I got a read receipt that they opened my query at 2:20 and I got the form rejection at 2:23. Impressive.

(Looks like this topic isn't nearly as exciting as goats. :P )

Instigator said...

Sorry about the rejection!

Instigator - trust me, everything is more exciting than goats :-)