Thursday, February 21, 2008

Where am I?

What day is this? My internal clock has been off for over a week. Last week I spent 5 days in bed with the flu - in between taking care of Baby Girl and DH who also had the flu. Then of course Monday was a holiday. We all probaby needed that extra day to rest and really get our strength back but it has totally screwed my sense of equilibrium. I've been a day off all week. I completely forgot it was my day to blog until about three seconds ago (hence the...less than deep post).

At the moment I'm also trying to plan the next school holiday - Spring break. Only this year Easter falls at the end of it and our school gave the girls that next Monday off too. So I'm trying to decide what to do with my children for 8 days.

2 of the days they'll probably be at the office with me (or with my mom if they don't decide to go somewhere). 1 day they'll be with my in-laws. Thursday, Friday & Saturday I want to try and do something fun with them. Something fun that doesn't cost a lot of money.

There are a few big cities that are only a couple hours away. They have museums, aquariums and zoos. I know the girls would enjoy going but.... right now I just can't get excited. 4 hours of driving followed by hours of trying to keep them from breaking priceless objects just isn't my idea of fun.

The problem is I know if I don't plan something now I'll end up waiting to the last minute and then decide it's easier just to stay home. That won't be fun for anyone. Anyone have some great ideas for filling the days with a 6 and 3 yr old?


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Problem Child said...

Chattanooga. Really cool aquarium, children's museum, Rock City, Ruby Falls, Incline Railroad.

Lots of family fun, not too far away, and not terribly expensive.

(Can you tell we're planning a weekend up there soon? :-))

Rhonda Nelson said...

PC, you read my mind. The Choo-Choo is fabulous. Lots of little things to do at the hotel which the girls will love--plus, they eat from at the restaurant. Free transporation. My family loves it. The one thing we haven't done that's on our list is the steamboat dinner cruise.

Feel better, Instigator!

Angel said...

I'm trying to plan sitting for the kids while I'm at work that week. I would usually already have done it by now, but with two parties on the horizon, I've been a little distracted.

And the aquarium at Chattanooga is actually good for a day trip, if you don't want to stay overnight. Hmmm.... now you've got me planning too.


Jen said...

Instigator, hope everyone is well! Hey, if you don't want the car time how about some fun stuff around there? We used to pack sandwiches and go to the park with a big playground.

Barbara Vey said...

I'll get my grandkids for an overnight (they haven't been here in almost 2 years), so we'll be heading for the library (duh), an ice cream parlor, the beach (of Lake Michigan, freezing, but they love watching the waves), and the Betty Brinn Children's Museum(lots of hand on stuff).

They'll be pooped by bedtime (me too probably).

Since I don't know anything in your area, I can't help that way. Sorry.

Smarty Pants said...

I'm sure you could kill a few days in Chattanooga. I think the little Debbie factory is there too, so you could go watch them make oatmeal cream pies. :)

You could also go to Gatlinburg. They seem to have a lot going. You could rent a cabin or just stay at the Day's Inn or whatever. Even if you don't bother with Dollywood (one day, I am going to go there, just so I can say I have) there are museums (not the fancy kind), an aquarium, mini golf, etc. I bet the girls would love to see the Dixie Stampede - you get to eat with your hands and watch horses.

Playground Monitor said...

If they haven't been to the stuff in Huntsville, there's Early Works, Constitution Hall Village and Burritt on the Mountain. Oh and the old train depot too.

The weather that time of year is fickle. If it's warm enough, Jen's suggestion of a big playground is good. Or is there a park with a duck pond? My kids always loved to feed the ducks. Check what might be happening at Point Mallard too. And the Botannical Garden is fun too.

I haven't been to Sci-Quest so I'm not sure if the 3-year-old would enjoy that yet.

In Birmingham there's the McWane Science Center (again, not sure about the 3 yr old) and the Birmingham Zoo.

Nashville is only 2 hours north so try googling "kids fun in nashville" and see what pops up.

Good luck. I remember those days well. My boys loved to fish so we'd go to the creek and picnic, weather permitting. When they got to their teens, the DH would take them off for the week and they'd rent a cabin at Wheeler State Park, hire a boat and spend the week fishing and eating hot dogs and hamburgers. And mom got a week of quiet.