Sunday, February 10, 2008

Overnight Getaway

Ten Things I Learned During My Weekend Trip to Atlanta for a Bob Mayer workshop:

1. Bob Mayer doesn't look anything like a Green Beret. And having sold over 30 books sounds like a hell of a career to me, no matter what he says.

L to R: Lynn Harris, Misty Wright, Angel, Bob, and Problem Child.

2. Hybrid cars sound like they aren't even running sometimes.

3. If you put 3 women in front of a dessert counter like this, they'll come home with a trunk full of styrofoam food containers. I even brought home cookies for my kids that were bigger than their heads!

Dessert counter @ Marietta Diner

4. Write the D*mn Book!

5. Don't give up on your dream! What you put out into the universe is what you will receive.

6. Laughter and conversation with good friends is one of life's most enjoyable experiences (and the dessert wasn't bad either).

Here's PC and I with Lynn and author Jennifer LaBrecque.

7. We can still make roundabout jokes when we miss a turn. And they're still funny. But back mountain roads aren't for everyone.

8. Antagonist is a debatable term when it comes to non-suspense romance writing.

9. The unconscious mind is a great thing. Because even if I don't see my "motif", other people will.

10. When the hell do I have time to do all the stuff he said to do?!? Obviously he doesn't have children, housekeeping, laundry, other people expecting him to feed them, a job outside of writing, parent-teacher conferences....

Hmmm.... not sure how much I learned, but I had a great time. Unfortunately, I must now return to real life and learn to write the d*mn book despite children, hubby, laundry... :)



Jen said...

Angel, I'm faced with writing the d*mn book myself. ;) And I missed th motif bit -- yet another bathroom foray.

Problem Child said...

HTG, I am 4 pounds heavier today than I was Friday. Damn cheesecake...

But I'm stoked and ready to work!

Playground Monitor said...

I saw someone once with a "Write the D*amn Book" t-shirt and wanted to rip it off her back and burn it. I know I should do it and can't figure out why I don't except maybe large doses of fear. I'm not sure having a former Green Beret preaching it wouldn't scare the story right out of me. *g*

Glad y'all had fun and learned a lot. We missed you Saturday. The meeting was way shorter and quieter than usual.

ducks and runs

Lynn Raye Harris said...

That was so much fun, y'all! And yeah, the dessert was over the top. Hubby took one bite of the Tiramisu cake I brought home and his jaw went slack. He said it was almost better than sex. LOL!

A minor correction: back mountain roads IN THE DARK aren't for everyone. :) Whew, we'd still be out there with me trying to see where the road is -- if I hadn't driven off the side by now. ===:0

Now I'm off to write the d*mn book. I hope. :)

Playground Monitor said...

BTW, what does HTG mean?

Problem Child said...

"Honest to G*d" or "Hand to G*d"

Rhonda Nelson said...

Whah! I wish I would have had time to go, too! Sounds like ya'll had a great time!

Instigator said...

We missed you this weekend! I'm glad y'all had a good time though. I can't wait to read your notes :-)


misty wright said...

HAHAHA! Love it. :D Motif. LOL. Still laughing at that one. I had a blast and it was great to spend time with everyone.

I came away with some new looks on the way I do things. Now to write the D*mn book. Hmmmm...I know we talked about this one. I'm working on it. :)

When is the next trip? LOL. :D