Friday, February 08, 2008

A Quickie Before Bed

No, you dirty minded people. A quick blog post - it's 10:30 and I don't have a blog written yet. I usually write it the day before, faithfully. Tonight, I went to yoga with PC and closed down the Starbucks, so here I am, blog topic free, and wanting to go to bed. But I can't until this is written.

Now that my completed manuscript is out into the world, I should be working on the next one. Alas, aside from a random book idea that popped into my head (for a new story, of course) my brain is elsewhere. I've thrown myself head first into planning my mother's 50th birthday party. We're doing a sock hop, complete with jukeboxes and poodle skirts. So what, its in October? At least it isn't as pathetic as my perpetual wedding planning (I'm not engaged) which I've also been doing the last two days. I'm sick. I like planning parties. If I could make any money at it, I'd do it for a living.

Anyway, I've gotten myself immersed in the details of this 50's sock hop. I've got the music, the invitations, the menu, the centerpieces...every detail mapped out from the retro candy station to the drive-in photo op. I won't bore you with all of it, because there's a ton of it, but just know I've taken it practically to the level of some people's weddings. Yeah, its 8 months away and just a birthday party. Whatever. Every birthday party need a 100 slide powerpoint presentation with baby pictures and 50's trivia.

Some people scrub showers when they don't want to write. Alas, I cannot be bothered to do something as productive as clean - I plan parties. I'm sick that way. So what do you do when you don't want to something you know you should (write, work, etc.)?


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Problem Child said...

I go to yoga and Starbucks with SP...

And if you're so gung ho to plan stuff, I have the perfect position in our Chapter for you.

Playground Monitor said...

Lately I've been making the thrift store folks very happy by cleaning out closets. I also brought home 2 boxes of 1950's and 1960's era glassware that came from my MIL's house. I've been researching it online to see if there's any value. If the weather was warmer, I could weed flower beds. Excuses? I got a million of them. Oh... and the new season of Survivor started tonight. :-)


Jen said...

SP, I'm so jealous you have those skills -- and your mother's party sounds stupendous!! Here, I'll tell you like I tell myself -- you've got to take a little break between books, recharge the batteries, let the previous book settle before leaping into the next. (Okay, so maybe it's bs but I tell myself that.)

Maven LJ said...

I would force myself to write in order to avoid planning an elaborate party, does that count? :-)

When I'm really stuck, I organize a closet or a drawer. Maybe I move things around in the garage. I'll pull weeds or plant flowers, but not when it's cold. Just a couple of weeks ago I had a moment of frustration and I cleaned out the silverware drawer at a furious speed. Yes, it did make me feel better. My house would be in much better shape if I got frustrated more often.


Lynn Raye Harris said...

OMG, PC, I thought the same thing! It's like a cloud parted and a ray of light shone down and angels sang. :)

I decorate -- or redecorate -- when I'm avoiding writing. Of course this involves going shopping, usually at antique stores where I can't afford much, but I love to look anyway. :) My favorite antique store lets me do layaway. I'm in perpetual debt to that woman. :)

I wish I had those party skills. I think up some neat themed parties I'd like to host, but I get lost before I ever get started. The work, the work. And then I go to a fabulous party, like the Southern ball last weekend, and I think I could never organize something that cool. :) Hmm, maybe I need to hire SP..... :)

Instigator said...

That's what I'm thinking! How are you at planning little girl's birthday parties? :-)

We all know I clean the bathroom when I get stuck. DH wishes I'd get stuck more often so that maybe I'd move out of that room and start tackling another - like reorganizing my office.


Angel said...

Um, I never avoid writing. I have no idea what you people are talking about.... ;)

I usually avoid things by piddling. You know, doing all these little things that amount to nothing so that I don't have to face the big job that needs to be done. And shopping is always a favorite time waster of mine...


Mark said...

cool idea for a party.. just remember that for someone who is turning 50, sock hops were not their generation..but its very cool and everyone loves Grease and will expect it to be like that and will have a great time.

p.s. What a great concept for a book! the party planner with the party-from-hell

Smarty Pants said...

PC...don't get any ideas. I'm doing the retreat, isn't that enough? The luncheon isn't my idea of fun party planning.

And yes, if anyone wants me to help with their parties, I'm good with that. Thowing parties at someone else's house is even better.

One the 50s party is behind me, I'll start working on the 80s flashback party for my...sigh...30th birthday.

hhickam said...

I lurk on the Writing Playground! No, actually, procrastination on writing is officially not allowed. I have so decreed. Why? Because writing is what you do. It is who you are. Stop denying the obvious and get thee behind that keyboard and keep writing. Remember, the greatest joy to a writer is not the writing but going back and reading what we've written! So you can't have the greatest joy without the first step. And, if there's likely going to be magic in your work, it will probably come out in the rewrite, not the first time through. So write even when you're sure it's bad. It can always be fixed and that's fun to do.

And will you be published if you haven't already? Yes. If you will get through this novel and then the next. Trust me.


Playground Monitor said...

For sure the magic is in the rewrite. Or in my case it's the third or fourth rewrite. My first drafts are full of was, that, misplaced modifiers, repetitive words and phrases, not enough dialogue tags and even blanks where I can't think of the right word and just put ___find the right word ____. In other words, my first drafts are a MESS.


Anonymous said...

I'm a planner too. Just a different breed. I plan to clean the house - I plan to write today - I plan to exercise.... I must be a procrastinating planner. But after reading Mr. Hickman's comment I did sit up a little straighter in my chair and re-think my plans for the day.
Sherry W.

hhickam said...

Sherry - you make me happy except you misspelled my name. Hickam, like the Air Force Base in Hawaii. Yes, I'm sensitive about it, I swan.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Hickam,
Ooops! Sorry about that. And me of all people to do that! No one spells my first or last name right so I understand. But I promise to make it up to you by buying your new book tomorrow. Red Helmet sounds great!
Sherry Werth (or as most people spell it: Sheri Worth)

hhickam said...

Your response was truly werthwhile, Sherry! :)


MsHellion said...

I nap. Extensively. I also read writing books, convinced I should learn some new quicker trick than BICHOK.

catslady said...

I get on the computer or read. I'm a great procrastinator.

How nice for your mother, what a nice daughter!

No one ever spells my first name right - jeanne - they always want that extra i. My maiden name was horrible to spell so I used to get them both wrong and pronounced wrong too. Luckily I married someone with an easier last name.

Shari C said...

I go for a nice long walk and by the time I return I hope I have forgotten what work I wanted to do at home...ha,ha.

misty wright said...

I'm with Playground Monitor on this one. I have millions of things to keep from writing. LOL. But I'm one of those really off people who love cleaning and NEED everything to be in its place and LOVE to decorate. Its a sickness. I love to shop as well and many more things. LOL.